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au PAY Hometown Tax, a campaign where you can get up to 3% points back only on the au Money Activity Plan

au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd.
au PAY Hometown Tax, a campaign where you can get up to 3% points back only on the au Money Activity Plan
~Up to 19% point reduction in total with ongoing campaigns and benefits~ ……
From June 1st to June 30th, 2024, KDDI, au Commerce & Life, and au Financial Services will allow customers enrolled in the au Money Activity Plan to use their au PAY card for au PAY Hometown Tax (Note 1). If you use the service and donate 10,000 yen or more, we will hold an “au Mane Katsu Plan member-only campaign (hereinafter referred to as this campaign)” in which you will receive up to 3% of the donation amount in Ponta points.
Combined with ongoing campaigns and benefits, you can get a total of up to 16% points back, and on Santaro Day (3rd, 13th, and 23rd of every month), you can get up to 19% points back. au Manage Plan subscriber-only campaign
[Image 1:×307.png ]
In addition, in preparation for the summer and Obon holidays, we have released a “Summer Leisure/Outing Special”, which is a collection of return gifts such as leisure experiences and recommended travel tickets, on au PAY Hometown Tax. You can enjoy summer outings using the hometown tax donation system. Summer leisure/outing special feature ( About the au Manage Plan subscriber-only campaign
1. Benefit summary: For customers who are subscribed to the au Money Activity Plan, if you enter during the campaign period, select “au PAY Card” as your payment method, and donate 10,000 yen or more with au PAY hometown tax, you will receive an au PAY card. Up to 3% of Ponta points will be returned to the donation amount.
[Table 3:] For other details and entry, please see here
( 2.
Implementation period: June 1st to June 30th, 2024 3. Breakdown of maximum 19% return
[Table 4:] About summer leisure/outing special feature
We have released the “Summer Leisure/Outing Special” page, which summarizes return gifts such as leisure experiences and travel tickets. We have listed return gifts that will allow you to enjoy summer outings, such as leisure experiences such as diving and camping, as well as day and overnight tickets, travel tickets, and facility tickets.
[Image 2:×240.jpg] ・Example of return gift
[Image 3:×310.jpg]            -Stay at an inn in Kirishima City with a Relux travel coupon (equivalent to 10,000 yen) –
[Image 4:×323.jpg] -Cashigaki/Taketomi 2 Island Tour (2
people)- &Product_div=bel
[Image 5:×500.jpg] -Hoshinoya Fuji Hometown Tax Lodging Gift Certificate-
[Image 6:×323.jpg] -Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum Admission Ticket Set of 3- KDDI, au Commerce & Life, and au Financial Services will work on regional co-creation with local governments nationwide through the hometown tax donation project. (Reference) ■ Features of “au PAY Hometown Tax” au PAY Hometown Tax is a hometown tax donation site where you can choose from a wide range of seasonal return gifts from over 1,600 (Note 2) attractive local governments. Even first-time customers can use the service with peace of mind, as it provides a one-stop service for everything from application to donation to payment and management. In addition, you can use Ponta points and au Easy Payment to pay for donations, and you can also save money by using the “Value Point Exchange” that increases your points by up to 1.5 times. *Value points exchange: Up to 1.5x points for au Smart Pass Premium members who made purchases of 1,000 yen or more in the previous month, 1.2x points for those with no purchase history, and 1.1x points for non-au Smart Pass Premium members. For more
information, please check here
( ■About au Manekatsu Plan “au Manekatsu Plan” is an au smartphone rate plan that offers discounts on the use of au’s financial services (au PAY Card, au PAY, au Jibun Bank, au Kabucom Securities) . Benefits of using the service include reward points for communication charges and daily shopping, preferential interest rates on yen savings deposits, and reward points for investing in investment trusts through credit card payments. We support customers who want to start “monetary activities” to build assets such as. By entering the estimated usage amount for each service, you can simulate how much you will save with the benefits. ■Features of “au PAY Card”
[Image 7:×267.png ]
The au PAY Card and au PAY Gold Card (Note 3) can be used for a wide range of purposes such as daily shopping and paying utility bills, and you will receive 1 point for every 100 yen spent using the card. . Ponta points accumulated through usage can be used to charge your au PAY balance or apply to your credit card bill. Additionally, when you use the au PAY Gold Card to pay for communication charges for au’s smartphone rate plan “au Manekatsu Plan,” provided by KDDI, we offer the benefit of an additional point return rate. This credit card pursues benefits for customers from both a financial perspective. (Note 1) Hometown tax is a system in which when you donate to a local government you want to support, the amount exceeding 2,000 yen is deducted from your income tax or resident tax. (Note 2) As of May 31, 2024. (Note 3) There is no annual fee for the au PAY Card. Please check here ( for details. The au PAY Gold Card has an annual fee of 11,000 yen. *All amounts listed include tax unless otherwise stated.

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