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Home » Ange web shop FÖRNE × kukka ja puu collaboration 2nd edition! Introducing a kids’ prep hanger that makes get ting ready every morning smoother.

Ange web shop FÖRNE × kukka ja puu collaboration 2nd edition! Introducing a kids’ prep hanger that makes get ting ready every morning smoother.

[Ange web shop] FÖRNE × kukka ja puu collaboration 2nd edition! Introducing a kids’ prep hanger that makes getting ready every morning smoother.

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Press release: May 31, 2024
FÖRNE × kukka ja puu collaboration part 2! Introducing a kids’ prep hanger that makes getting ready every morning smoother.
*Special project to commemorate FÖRNE’s 5th anniversary! The “Preparation Hanger” created through a brand collaboration with Kukkayapoo will be released on Friday, May 31st. A collection of moms’ voices that give form to the “wish we had”. *
Selecture Co., Ltd., which operates the e-commerce site “Ange Web Shop”, will launch the original brand * kukka ja on Friday, May 31st. “*FÖRNE × kukka ja puu preparation hanger*” is now available from puu*.

A collaboration project between product brand *FÖRNE* and kukka ja puu. A special product has been completed to commemorate the 5th
anniversary of FÖRNE’s site opening.
* ■Collaboration between two kids brands *
Mayo Iba, who is also active as a graphic designer, serves as the brand director for FÖRNE*. *
We are a design educational goods brand that develops many products for kindergarten and nursery school age groups based on the concept of “always special.”

This is the second collaboration with kids brand kukka ja puu. The first edition will be in 2023, and to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of Angers web shop, a limited edition design of FÖRNE’s popular product “Educational Poster” will be created.
The first collaboration between FÖRNE x kukka ja puu, the educational poster “Planet”
In this collaboration project, we will be releasing a “*Getting ready hanger*” that will make it easier for kids to get ready.
We collected the real voices of mothers and gave form to “I wish there was something like this.”
* ■Mornings that tend to be hectic * * Make preparations smooth* Jackets, blouses, and bottoms. Also hats, bags, and socks.
A “getting ready hanger” allows you to keep all the items you need to get your child ready in one place.

*You can prepare what to wear and bring without hesitation*, so you can avoid hectic mornings! It is also a great item that reduces the number of things you are looking for or forgetting.
The key point is that it will be easier for children to prepare on their own without mom’s help.
* The feeling of “I want to do it myself!” will naturally arise * Support is also available ◎
* ■Make mom’s voice a reality. Careful design *
A “preparation hanger” that attaches to your kids’ hanger.
A functional storage item that integrates a hanger for tops, a hook, a pocket, and a bottom hanger.
The * hook * on the front is a place to hang small items such as hats and school bags.
There is also a mesh pocket divided into two parts, which can be used to store small items such as name tags, handkerchiefs, tissues, etc.

The *wide pocket* below the mesh pocket can be used to store socks, tights, leggings, etc.
Hang pants or skirts for going to kindergarten on the *bottom hanger* at the bottom. You can also adjust the spacing by sliding the pinch part.

Additionally, there is a *loop* on the back, so you can hang another hanger on it. Tops such as blouses can be hung separately.
* ■ * * Coloring that blends in with your room*
Many kids’ items have pops of color that can make them stand out in the room. “I want to be particular about the interior of my child’s room.” In keeping with the feelings of moms like this, our prep hangers are finished in *simple coloring*.
*Light gray* blends in well with rooms with bright wallpaper. *Charcoal Gray* has a chic and mature color.

The brand logo is a double name of “FÖRNE” and “kukka ja puu”. It has a special design that can only be found in collaboration items. * ■ * * Gently supporting children’s growth*
It’s been a while since the new school year started, and the children are getting used to their new environment.
You can further support your child’s budding self-confidence by giving them the experience of being able to dress themselves.
This collaboration project is the embodiment of these moms’ thoughts. The preparation hanger is sold exclusively on FÖRNE’s official page and Angers web shop.
Both will go on sale from Friday, May 31st.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see special products created through special projects.

* -Product Overview- FÖRNE × kukka ja puu preparation hanger* ¥3,300 (tax included) / 2 colors in total

* ■kukka ja puu*
Angers web shop
original brand. “Kukkayapu” This word, which sounds like a spell, is Finnish and means “kukka = flower” and “Puu = tree.” “I want our products to grow quickly and vigorously, like flowers and trees.” That feeling is reflected in the brand name. *What is Selecture Co., Ltd.*
We are developing an online shop business centered on “Ange web shop.” We are strengthening the development of OEM products, from interior goods to kitchen, fashion, and baby and kids items.
In an environment where the demand for online shopping is increasing and the number of competing sites is increasing, we will continue to develop products that fit modern lifestyles and aim to acquire more customers.

Forne is a design educational goods brand directed by graphic designer Mayo Iba with the concept of “always special.” We create original products that are fun and joyful for both adults and children, and that are a part of everyday life. We leverage the power of design to deliver goods, ideas, and thoughts to everyone who wants to cherish the irreplaceable time they spend with their children.
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