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Home » Google Business Profile “Chat function (message)” ends at the end of July: Word of releases the latest “Google Maps/MEO” information report May 2024 version

Google Business Profile “Chat function (message)” ends at the end of July: Word of releases the latest “Google Maps/MEO” information report May 2024 version

mov Co., Ltd.
Google Business Profile “Chat function (message)” ends at the end of July: Word of releases the latest “Google Maps/MEO” information report [May 2024 version]
It’s also full of must-see information for local SEO managers, such as “There are many reports of business information outages, so be careful with non-store type businesses”!
mov Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Makoto Watanabe, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as mov), which operates the AI ​​store support SaaS “Word of”, provides updated information on Google Maps, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), We have released “Google Maps MEO Summary [May 2024 Edition]” which summarizes the latest news such as word-of-mouth marketing know-how.
[Image 1:×540.png] View the report in detail (free) ■ MEO topics for May 2024
MEO-related services such as Google Maps, Google Business Profile, and Google Search are constantly being updated. provides a monthly report summarizing the latest information for free.
In the May 2024 edition of the report,
Google Business Profile “Chat feature (message)” will end at the end of July Google Business Profile now allows you to set PayPay as payment method Be careful with “non-store type” businesses as reports of business information outages are occurring one after another.
We are covering news such as:
[Image 2:×540.png ]
[Image 3:×540.png ]
[Image 4:×540.png ]
This report also includes:
Latest information on Google-provided tools such as Google Business Profile Latest information on other map apps and review sites
Google Business Profile Answer your questions!
We provide a wealth of information such as:
Please use this material for Google Business Profile operation, MEO, and word-of-mouth measures!
View the report in detail (free) *You can also download it from the attached file of the press release (only for media users).
*“MEO” here refers to measures to maximize customer attraction via Google by increasing the number of searches for store information on Google Maps and Google Search, and by increasing store visit behavior. ■ What is “” that turns review sites into “more” sales?
[Image 5:×1906.png ] is a “collective management tool” for review sites that converts domestic and international review sites into “more” sales. Store information on map apps such as Google Maps, gourmet sites, and review sites can be organized and updated all at once, reducing the number of man-hours required to update and correct store information. In addition, we can use AI to analyze customer reviews and provide support for replying to reviews, helping to improve stores using review information and increasing the number of customers attracted from Google Maps and review sites.
In addition, we collaborate with sites that are effective for inbound demand, making it possible to take MEO measures for inbound tourists, such as preparing store information in multiple languages ​​and analyzing customer reviews by language.
It is widely used regardless of industry, including restaurants, commercial facilities, and retail stores, as well as collaboration with local governments.
[Three points of introducing review com]
-Part 1- Cooperation with 19 sites! Centrally manage store
information, menus, products, and posts
Updating your store’s information on map apps such as Google Maps and various review sites is a very difficult task. works with 19 sites, which is the number one site in Japan (according to MOV research), and when you update a store’s business hours, menu information, etc. as master data, the store information on each site is automatically updated all at once. You can update it with In addition, you can distribute customer attraction measures such as distributing coupons and announcing sales on review sites, map apps, and SNS all at once, so you can create measures that will make customers want to visit your store, such as announcing sales, events, campaigns, and distributing flyer data from flyer apps. can be delivered all at once.
-Part 2- Centrally manage reviews! AI supports analysis and reply You can centrally manage restaurant reviews that are scattered across various review sites. You can also aggregate and manage survey results collected by using the survey function of or by conducting them yourself.
We conduct store improvements based on customer feedback by performing AI analysis on aggregated reviews, analyzing recent trends such as the number of reviews and ★s, and digging deeper into each prefecture and franchisee. can.
 Also, AI supports replying to reviews that are often difficult to understand, enabling smooth communication with customers when responding to reviews.
-Part 3- We also support inbound tourists! MEO measures utilizing the latest information and know-how is the only tool in Japan that allows you to centrally manage and operate Google Maps and popular reviews, which are important for inbound tourism measures. By preparing information in multiple languages, collecting reviews in foreign languages, and analyzing “voices of foreign visitors to Japan,” it is possible to implement MEO measures for inbound tourists.
In addition, mov, which provides, operates one of Japan’s largest comprehensive inbound media outlets, “Visit Labo,” and supports MEO measures by leveraging its wealth of knowledge and know-how.
See more details on 【Company Profile】
Company name: mov Co., Ltd.
Location: 4F Building, 3-17-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Makoto Watanabe
Established: September 2015
URL: Business details:
Operation of AI store support SaaS “”
URL: Operation of business news media “Word of Mouth Lab” focusing on MEO and word of mouth marketing
URL: Operation of “Word of Mouth Academy”, a membership site where you can learn about the operation and know-how of a word of mouth site
URL: Operation of the industry’s largest inbound business media “Visit Lab”
URL: Operation of “Visit”, a information request site
specializing in inbound tourism measures

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