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SKIYAKI “Bitfan” has reopened the official fan club of Shinshu Ishiwata, an actor who is active mainly on stage!

[SKIYAKI] “Bitfan” has reopened the official fan club of Shinshu Ishiwata, an actor who is active mainly on stage!

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Press release: June 1, 2024
“Bitfan” has reopened the official fan club of Masanori Ishiwata, an actor who is active mainly on stage!
SKIYAKI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomohiro Kokubo, hereinafter “SKIYAKI”), which creates a platform that connects creators and fans, will become the official fan club of Shinshu Ishiwata on Saturday, June 1, 2024. “Let’s
smile” (URL: has been opened.

Masanori Ishiwata is an actor affiliated with Timely Office who mainly works on stage. Musical “The Prince of Tennis” 2nd season (7th Seigaku Takeshi Momoshiro) Musical “AOHARU-Tetsudo” (Tohoku
Shinkansen/Hanzomon Line) Stage MESSIAH Messiah (Honami Hare) Stage “SK∞ SK Eight”
He has played a wide range of roles in numerous works such as “The Stage” (playing the role of Tadashi Kikuchi), and his presence has become indispensable.

In addition to his excellent performance as the lead role of Yagoro Kuchiki Mototsuna in the stage play “Ami no Umi – Becoming a Drop of Tenka Serenity” currently being performed, he has already been confirmed to appear in the next production and onwards. In addition to playing the role of Yoshitaka Waya in the song picture scroll “Hikaru no Go” that will be performed in July, he is also scheduled to have a double lead role in the 7th anniversary performance of “Poem Club” in October.

This time, we have reopened the official fan club of Masanori Ishiwata. The fan club offers a variety of members-only content, including galleries and movies that can only be enjoyed here, live streaming, advance ticket sales, and birthday cards.
Please check the URL below for details.

[Official fan club details]
■Site name
Masanori Ishiwata official fan club “Let’s smile”


■Monthly membership fee
Basic plan: 550 yen (tax included)
Premium plan: 1,100 yen (tax included)
*For payment, you can use “docomo, au, SoftBank mobile company payment agency services,” “credit card payment,” and “pay later.”

■Fan club content
*Available content varies depending on the plan.
Please check the URL for details.

[SKIYAKI Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: SKIYAKI Co., Ltd.
Location: Humax Shibuya Building 3F, 1-14-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Tomohiro Kokubo, Representative Director
Capital: 31 million yen
Business content: Platform business

In order to connect creators and fans around the world, SKIYAKI has created the “Bitfan
We develop and provide fan platforms centered on “Pro” and “Bitfan.”

[All-in-one fan platform “Bitfan”]
“Bitfan” is a platform that supports a new era of fan business, where anyone can use the services necessary for creator activities for free. We provide all-in-one functions necessary for future creator activities such as official site, fan club, EC store, ticket sales, live streaming, group chat, etc. By realizing global support such as multilingual translation, multi-currency payments, and overseas remittances, in November 2020, we were awarded the 3rd annual award for innovative and excellent services.
Japan Service Award
Received the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award. Bitfan’s brand message is “What we can do for our fans.” We support the activities of all creators through the power of technology.

Fan club function:
Store function:
Ticket function:
Live streaming function:
Scratch function:
Video talk function:
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