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Home » Style Act Co., Ltd. Home Surfing June 2024 edition of “Oki-style profitable apartment rankings” by metropolitan area that shows apartments that are easy to maintain their asset value

Style Act Co., Ltd. Home Surfing June 2024 edition of “Oki-style profitable apartment rankings” by metropolitan area that shows apartments that are easy to maintain their asset value

Style Act Co., Ltd.
[Residence Surfing] “Oki style high probability of making a profit condominium ranking” by metropolitan area that shows condominiums that are easy to maintain their asset quality” June 2024 edition released ……
Style Act Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuto Oki), which develops its business using real estate big data, has created an index called “Oki Style Probability of Profitability”, which shows the probability of maintaining asset quality among condominiums in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We have published the June 2024 edition of the top condominium rankings by area on Sumai Surfin (, which we operate.
Due to the recent rise in condominium prices, an increasing number of consumers are placing importance on asset quality when considering purchasing. Based on these social trends and consumer needs, “Sumai Surfing” ranks condominiums in the Tokyo metropolitan area in descending order of “Probability of Profitability” and publishes them every month, with the aim of supporting the selection of condominiums with an emphasis on asset quality. I am. The target properties are condominiums currently on sale or scheduled for sale in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and this release only announces the top-ranked “Standard (*)” and “Kasekatsu (*)” properties in nine areas.
The information published in June covers properties that have been sold or scheduled to be sold as of May 9, 2024.
The relevant properties this time are as follows. The properties ranked 1st and below in each area will be published on “Sumai Surfing”.
* Properties eligible for the standard are condominiums that have a large number of 3LDK or 4LDK floor plans, and properties eligible for home hunting are those that have a large number of 1LDK or 2LDK floor plans.
Indicates an apartment.
[Image 1:×821.png ]
[Image 2:×813.png ]
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■About “Oki style profit probability”
The percentage of unrealized gains on past properties is calculated for each category, and the figures for each category to which the property belongs are averaged.
The categories are divided into walking distance, within 5 minutes, within 10 minutes, etc.
Target categories consist of location (administrative district, station, walking distance), property attributes (total number of units, number of floors, area range, price range), etc.
This result validation is proven below. The higher the probability of making a profit, the higher the price as the item becomes used. (Graph) Used price rise/fall rate by profit probability
[Image 3:×2540.png ]
≪Home Surfing Site Overview≫
[Image 4:×751.png ]
A free membership second opinion site for condominiums that “enriches your life with analytical information.”
The information you want to know when buying or selling a condominium can be visualized, and those considering buying or selling can obtain real estate information that was difficult to know.
It has a wealth of content such as appraised prices and market price information for condominiums, member property evaluations, developer evaluations, and condominium buyers’ experiences.
Contains 2.07 million condominium appraisals, 130,000 new condominium price lists, and price forecasts for all newly built properties over the past two years. The number of members is approximately 300,000 (as of November 2023).
It is operated by Style Act Co., Ltd., one of the industry’s largest real estate big data companies, which investigates and analyzes over 100 million pieces of real estate information annually.
■ Purpose of home surfing: ■ How to use Sumai Surfin Trotter:
■ How to assess the price of a new condominium:
-Company Profile-
Company name: Style Act Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Yuujin Oki
Head office location: AMINAKA Ginza Building, 5-9-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone number: 03-5537-6333 (main)
Established: November 1998
Capital: 50 million yen
Number of employees: 50 people
Business content: Consulting and research, IT-related operations, real estate brokerage, real estate rental management
Main services: Combining tax management, including “Tower Apartment Tax Savings”          Consulting on real estate investment methods
Condominium free membership information site “House Surfing” (300,000 members)          Rent assessment service “Style Rent”
Consulting and research services for corporations and individuals regarding residential real estate
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