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Home » The Orchard Japan Mac Jack + Kopetetsu (from Umeda Cipher)’s first collaborative song will be on FM Osaka’s June POWER PLAY! A lively and lively microphone relay by six people of the same age group from the Kansai region!

The Orchard Japan Mac Jack + Kopetetsu (from Umeda Cipher)’s first collaborative song will be on FM Osaka’s June POWER PLAY! A lively and lively microphone relay by six people of the same age group from the Kansai region!

The Orchard Japan
Mac Jack + Kopetetsu (from Umeda Cipher)’s first collaboration song will be on FM Osaka’s June POWER PLAY! A lively and lively microphone relay by six people of the same age group from the Kansai region! Mac Jack’s new song “Atty! Atty! (Netsu! Netsu!) feat. KOPERU & teppei (from Umeda Cipher)” is now available!
MacJack, a reggae group based in Kobe, invited My Men’s Kopetetsu (KOPERU & teppei) from Umeda Cypher, and released a new song “Atty! Atty! (Netsu! Netsu!) feat. KOPERU & teppei (from Umeda Cipher)” on a reggae riddim yesterday. Distribution started on Friday, May 31st. The song, which has been selected to be featured on FM Osaka’s June POWER PLAY, was born in January of this year when MacJack appeared as a guest on FM Osaka’s late-night program “Umeda Cipher Audee Connect,” where Kopetetsu is the MC.
Mac Jack and Umeda Cipher often appear together at events, etc., and they felt the same vibe as Kopetetsu, especially since they are of the same age. As a result of the lively late-night vibes through the 4th game (loud battle, delicious stick eating battle, in-station hide-and-seek battle, and baseball board battle), Mac Jack CHAI (Chai) uttered “Ati! Ati! (It’s so hot!)” ” became a buzzword during the program, and based on this word, it was decided that a song would be produced at 4 a.m. after the program ended.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] “Men who are connected to each other, Atty!Atty!, who transcends genres with or without it” (C) KOPERU
Mac Jack & Kopetetsu from Umeda Cipher
Kobe x Osaka, Reggae x Hip Hop
Ati! Ati! by six people of the same generation in Kansai! Unit explosion! ! ■Mac Jack Profile
Commonly known as the Kobe vibe idiots. All former baseball players. Shocked by the reggae music they heard in the baseball club’s dormitory, they formed the group after graduation, and later moved to Jamaica. Switching the bat he used to swing to death in high school to a microphone, he aims to live at Koshien Stadium, where his dreams were once shattered!
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] (Photo L→R)
・ALI: Irregular southpaw on the left. POW!POW!
・M.C.L (Mitchell): Bearded leader a.k.a Vibes Gorilla “Uho!” ・CHAI: Mr. Atiati, special skill is video editing
・JAGA-C: It’s dangerous! That’s crazy! Realistic! a.k.a. Tetsuro Jagawa ■Umeda Cipher Profile
A collective that grew out of participants in a cypher (an impromptu rap session held in a circle) on the pedestrian bridge of Umeda Station in Osaka. Many members have achieved brilliant results in rap battles, and R-Rated has produced rappers from all over the country. There is no hierarchy, there is no leader, and there has been no talk of forming the group. It is characterized by the fact that it is a gathering of individuals and not a group. The “free relationship born from the connections between rappers” itself can be described as Umeda Cypher. Some members are videographers, designers, track makers, etc., and their activities are wide-ranging.
■KOPERU Profile
Rapper, born in Osaka. In 2009, he participated in the B-BOY PARK UNDER20 MC Battle held at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Concert Hall and won at the age of 17. At the same time, he formed the group Coppepan with fellow Osaka rapper R-Rated and DJ Doiken. In 2013, he released the single “Dream On” produced by tofubeats, and in 2014 he released his first album “Osaka Kid”. Currently, he is active as a member of the rap group “Umeda Cypher” in Umeda, Osaka, the unit “HYPER TAMADE” (ex: KOPERU & ISSEI) with the video artist ISSEI, the rapper of the five-member band “THE POR”, etc. He is actively working in various ways.
■teppei profile
An artist who works as a rapper, beat maker, and video director, and a member of Umeda Cipher. His backbone is a second-generation religion. He started rapping after being shocked by the strong messages of HIPHOP and RAP that he wanted to convey to the listener. By expressing the negative elements of his upbringing and past using the art form of rap, he creates music every day with the hope of bringing positive vibes to more people.
At the end of December 2019, he collapsed due to heart failure during Umeda Cipher’s one-man live and was rushed to the hospital. He wandered between life and death for a while, but survived. In 2021, she will release her first album, “Arrhythmia,” which realistically depicts this experience and her own backbone.
From May 2022, he will be a Thursday regular on “Audee Connect,” which is being broadcast on JFN’s 34 stations nationwide. Currently appearing as a personality with KOPERU. In 2023, he made his major debut on SME Records with “RAPNAVIO” as a member of Umeda Cipher. Continuing his momentum, he will release his 2nd album “Religion II” as a solo artist in 2024.
Both MacJack and Cypher Umeda will appear at the event “FADE2RED V3” to be held at CLUB Asia in Shibuya, Tokyo on Friday, July 5th. -event information-
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] 『FADE2RED V3』
(1F:main floor) Umeda Cypher/CHICO CARLITO/T-STONE/Mac Jack/Ole (2F:2nd floor) LOM &Kidney Fuji/Sober/Kenshirō Sekiya/Pilaf Alien/CHITAA Food: GOOD OLD PEEPS
Venue: Shibuya clubasia
Date and time: Friday, July 5, 2024 Doors open: 17:30/Start: 18:00 (2F 17:45) Price: Advance sale: 3,500 yen (tax included/D charge not
included/with reference number)
Same-day ticket: 4,500 yen (tax included/D charge not included/with reference number)
Tickets (general sale from 10:00 on Saturday, May 25, 2024)
e+ (paper ticket/electronic ticket): Low ticket (paper ticket/electronic ticket): Pia (paper ticket/electronic ticket): ■Mac Jack & Copetetsu Story
[Image 4:×2000.jpg] ・McJack ALI and KOPERU are classmates in junior high school (Toyonaka City No. 9 Junior High School). Since we were in different classes in middle school, we didn’t have any direct contact, but I knew that ALI in the baseball club was a member of KOPERU’s My Men, so I knew that he was in RAP.
・After graduating from junior high school, Mac Jack CHAI left his hometown of Kobe and entered Kochi Chuo High School in order to aim for Koshien. I borrowed an iPod with a HIP HOP playlist from Nishimura-kun from Osaka, who I shared a room with in the baseball club dormitory, and was shocked to discover the world of black music for the first time in my life. It was made by KOPERU for
Nishimura-kun! It was KOPERU that created the origin of CHAI’s musicality.
・ALI and KOPERU reunited at the hotel for the after-party of the coming-of-age ceremony. KOPERU performed an impromptu RAP. Afterwards, MacJack will perform live at the wedding reception of KOPERU’s My Men and ALI’s battery partner.
・In March 2023, MacJack and Umeda Cipher appeared at the event “FADE2RED” held at Shibuya Club Asia. There’s a lot of excitement in the dressing room. In July, Cypher Umeda appeared on the main stage of the “Kobe Minato Festival” held in Kobe, the home of MacJack, and MacJack appeared in front of him.
・In January 2024, 4 Mac Jacks will appear as live guests on the late-night program FM Osaka “Umeda Cipher Audee Connect” where KOPERU & teppei are the hosts. There will be several matches between Mac Jack and Kopetets. In the loud showdown, M.C.L (Mitchell), the bearded leader of MacJack, who emitted 90 decibels, defeated Tepei. J Mac Jack JAGA-C defeated KOPERU in the Umaibo Eating Contest. At this time, KOPERU picked up “This program Ati! Ati!” broadcast by CHAI, and it became a buzzword on the program’s official X.
・This recording project will start at 4:00 a.m. after the program ends. ●Mac Jack
・Official HP
・YouTube ・TikTok ・Instagram
●Umeda Cipher
・Official HP
・YouTube ・TikTok
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