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North Object Co., Ltd. Keitto Nordic Summer Solstice Festival

[North Object Co., Ltd.] Keitto Nordic Summer Solstice Festival
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Press release: June 1, 2024
Keitto Nordic Summer Solstice Festival
*~Two days to feel the summer in Northern Europe~*
Keitto, a town run by North Object Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Daito City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Daisuke Minami) that proposes a rich lifestyle within reach of mothers raising children and their families, will hold an event on Saturday, June 22nd. ) We will be holding the event “Keitto Nordic Summer Solstice Festival” on the 23rd (Sunday)!
■Event overview: Event name “Keitto Nordic Summer Solstice Festival” ■Date and time: Saturday, June 22, 2024, Sunday, June 23, 2024 10:00-16:00 (stores open until 19:00)
■Venue: All Keitto buildings in the morineki area (approx. 5 minutes walk from Shijonawate Station on the JR Gakkentoshi Line)
■Parking lot (paid) and bicycle parking lot (free) available *Please use public transportation as much as possible as parking and bicycle parking are limited.
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* “Nordic Marche” *
Scandinavian miscellaneous goods shops gather at Keitto!
In addition to tableware and miscellaneous goods, we have a lot of wonderful things waiting for you, such as flowers, sweets, and cold drinks to celebrate the summer solstice.
[Date and time] June 22nd (Sat) and June 23rd (Sun) 10:00-16:00 [Venue] In front of KeittoAsua *Cancelled due to stormy weather Please check the website for detailed information about the vendors.

* “Finnish Flea Market” *
Very popular every year♪ Keitto is a product purchased at a flea market in Finland.
Lined up inside the Asua store. We only have one-of-a-kind items such as vintage pottery, interior goods, fabrics, and Finnish handmade goods, so please come early♪ *Ends as soon as supplies last
[Date and time] June 22nd (Sat) and June 23rd (Sun) 10:00-19:00 [Venue] KeittoAsua

* “Nordic Music Live Event” *
Mari Karkun, a musician, singer, and composer with roots in southern Estonia, comes to Japan♪
Why not immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Keitto Nordic Summer Solstice Festival and the wonderful Scandinavian music?
Mari Karkun
Mari Karkun
Mari Karkun
[Date and time] June 22nd (Sat) 14:00-14:30
[Venue] Morineki Square
[Guest] Mari Kalkun
Please check the website for detailed guest information.

* “Forests, music and life in Estonia” *
Forest specialists and musicians come to Japan from southern Estonia. This is a story about the traditional way of life, such as smoke saunas, and the music that was born there. With videos and live music Feel the local life. Southern Estonia has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture this year and is one of Europe’s hottest regions. Taavi Tazzi
Mari Karkun
[Date and time] Sunday, June 23rd Doors open/17:30 Performance starts 18:00 [Venue] KeittoRuokala
[Participation fee] 3500 yen
[Capacity] 10 people
[Guest] Taavi Tazzi (Estonian forest specialist) / Mari Karkun (singer-songwriter) / Janne Funk (interpreter)

* “Participate on the day! Scandinavian handmade workshop” * We will be holding a handmade workshop related to Scandinavia ♪ Lots of content that everyone from children to adults can enjoy! At the same time, the Nordic supermarket will also be selling popular sweets by weight♪
[Date and time] June 22nd (Sat) and June 23rd (Sun) 10:00-16:00 [Venue] KeittoAsua 2nd floor

* “Swedish sweets ♪ Making a flower-patterned princess tota” * “Princess Tota” is a Swedish celebration cake made of
marzipan-covered sponge sandwiched with raspberry jam, fresh cream, and custard. In Sweden, marzipan is often eaten during celebrations, and the color of marzipan changes depending on the purpose, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, and Easter. We will be inviting Mr. Hatakeyama, who runs the Swedish cooking class “Flower Table Grass Chair”, to be our workshop instructor. Let’s make a flower-patterned princess tota while listening to stories about the Swedish summer solstice festival♪
[Date and time] June 23rd (Sun) 11:00-13:00
[Venue] Morineki Shokudo
[Participation fee] 2500 yen
[Capacity] 10 people
[Lecturer] Flower table grass chair Mr. Hatakeyama

*Event content list*
◆Nordic Marche
◆Finnish flea market
◆Nordic music live event
◆Event limited! Nordic Bread Fair Nordic Handmade Workshop
◆Various sweets sold by weight
◆Summer solstice festival photo spot
◆Originally from Finland in Scandinavia ♪ Let’s make the only kukusa in the world
◆Swedish sweets♪ Making a flower-patterned princess tota
◆Macrame free course
◆Make a corolla that can also be used as dried flowers using 7 types of fresh flowers♪
◆ Forests, music and life in Estonia
◆Make miscellaneous goods with Scandinavian design using eraser stamps♪ ◆Make a table lamp with Scandinavian fabric♪
Summer solstice photo spot
Macrame free course
Head Office: 3-8-1 Hojo, Daito City, Osaka Prefecture
Business details: Planning and wholesale of women’s clothing and miscellaneous goods, operation of directly managed apparel stores, bakeries, and restaurants
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