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Home » “Dinosaur Park” is an experiential real dinosaur show where you can watch, learn, and enjoy. “Nagareboshi ☆” has been appointed as the special ambassador.

“Dinosaur Park” is an experiential real dinosaur show where you can watch, learn, and enjoy. “Nagareboshi ☆” has been appointed as the special ambassador.

Sunrise Promotion Tokyo Co., Ltd.
“Dinosaur Park” is an experiential real dinosaur show where you can watch, learn, and enjoy. “Nagareboshi☆” has been appointed as the special ambassador.
Comedian Nagareboshi☆ has been appointed as the special ambassador for the family-friendly dinosaur show Dinosaur Park, which will be held nationwide from July 20, 2024 (Saturday).
[Image 1:×1575.jpg] Dinosaur Park, a real dinosaur show from Australia that features everything from cute baby dinosaurs to the popular Tyrannosaurus rex, is a family-friendly performance show where you can have fun and thrill learning while feeling like you’ve traveled back in time to the era when dinosaurs lived. In addition to the dinosaur show, the lobby is also popular, with various dinosaur goods for sale, an AR photo spot where you can take photos with moving dinosaurs, and a mini dinosaur fossil exhibition. Starting with the performance at Nakano ZERO, the event will be held at 28 locations across Japan.
Regarding this announcement, we received a comment from Nagareboshi☆. Nagareboshi☆ Ambassador appointment comment
We Nagareboshi☆ have become the ambassadors of Dinosaur Park! We’re all looking forward to meeting our favorite dinosaurs! It’s very popular overseas, and children will love being able to see a puppet show featuring realistic dinosaurs!
Please definitely come and visit us!
If you don’t come to play with me, I’ll grab you guys tightly and grab you tightly, Tyrannochuels!
So please come and visit Dinosaur Park!
Nagareboshi☆ will be performing on July 27th (Saturday) at Tokyo’s Yamano Hall, and will tour 6 locations across Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Gifu, Gunma, Saitama, Hokkaido) as part of the Nagareboshi☆ solo live tour RED ZONE supported by Nagase Suppon Farm. ” will be held. The grand finale, the performance at Yamano Hall in Tokyo on September 29th (Sunday), will be subtitled “RED ZONE Super” and will be a special live show with a different theme from the first day. Check the official website for details → What is “Dinosaur Park”?
[Image 2:×533.jpg] What era did dinosaurs live in and what kind of lifestyle did they lead? If you look at “Dinosaur Park”, you will surely find the answer. Have fun learning about the history of dinosaurs while experiencing the world of dinosaurs in real life! ! The show features Japanese dinosaurs, Fukuiraptor, and the popular Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. Your kids are sure to love it! It is OK to take photos during the performance! This is the perfect show for making family memories during summer vacation.
“Dinosaur Park” is a family-friendly dinosaur puppet show planned and produced by Sunrise Promotion Tokyo, with the puppets provided by Erth Visual & Physical Inc. used at the “Dinosaur Zoo” in Australia. Its predecessor, “Dinosaur Zoo,” is a hugely popular performance in Japan that has attracted approximately 300,000 people over four years. The dinosaur puppets controlled by the cast are real. In pursuit of a truly “alive” reality, the narrator, who is a dinosaur park keeper, provides an entertaining explanation of the history and ecology of dinosaurs. It is a performance show where you can have fun and learn in a space that makes you feel like you have traveled back in time. What is the appeal of “Dinosaur Park”?
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] Tyrannosaurus, a popular carnivorous dinosaur
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] Communicating with a triceratops
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] Giving flowers to dinosaurs on stage
Not only is it realistic and impressive, it also features small and gentle dinosaurs, so even small children can enjoy it with peace of mind. This is a show where you can have fun learning about dinosaurs while also having quizzes. (The photo is from the 2023 performance.)
[Image 6:×2601.jpg] Goods
[Image 7:×2925.jpg] dinosaur exhibition
[Image 8:×342.jpg] AR
The main attraction of Dinosaur Park is not just the main show. In the lobby, there will also be a mini-dinosaur exhibition where you can see dinosaur fossils up close, an AR photo spot limited to the venue, and a dinosaur goods corner. You can take photos in the lobby as well as during the performance.
Erth Visual & Physical Inc.
Erth has been producing live shows primarily using puppets since 1990, and is at the forefront of performance show production in Australia. For more than 20 years, Australia has been offering performances where you can see and touch puppets so realistic you won’t believe your eyes. There are giant puppets made of genuine leather, grass and trees made of balloons, creatures flying through the sky, and many other works.With the vision of always providing a unique and dynamic show, we are currently creating new works. I am developing a work. (Company official website
Dinosaur Park event overview
[Performance name] Real Dinosaur Show Dinosaur Park
[Date] Saturday, July 20th 12:00/15:00 Tokyo Nakano ZERO
July 21st (Sun) 12:00/15:00 Saitama Ageo Fuji Juken Hall (Ageo City Cultural Center) Large Hall
July 23rd (Tuesday) 13:00/16:00 Tochigi Utsunomiya City Cultural Hall Large Hall Wednesday, July 24th 12:00/15:00 Chiba Ichikawa City Cultural Hall Large Hall July 25th (Thursday) 13:00/16:00 Tokyo Musashino Civic Cultural Center Large Hall
July 26th (Friday) 12:00/15:00 Tokyo Parthenon Tama Large Hall July 27th (Sat) 13:00/16:00 Kanagawa Hirashin Hiratsuka Cultural Arts Hall Large Hall
Sunday, July 28th 13:00/16:00 Saitama Wako City Cultural Center Sun Azalea Large Hall
Wednesday, July 31st 12:00/15:00 Hokkaido Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Civic Hall) Large Hall
August 1st (Thursday) 12:00/15:00 Hokkaido Kanamoto Hall (Sapporo Civic Hall) Large Hall
August 3rd (Sat) 12:00/15:00 Hokkaido Murogas Cultural Center Large Hall August 4th (Sun) 12:00/15:00 Hokkaido Nanae Town Cultural Center Pioneer Hall August 7th (Wednesday) 13:00/16:00 Fukushima Iwaki Arts and Culture Exchange Center Alpine Large Hall
August 9th (Friday) 13:00/16:00 Kanagawa Kamakura Art Museum Large Hall Saturday, August 10th 13:00/16:00 Tokyo Tiara Koto (Koto Public Hall) Large Hall Sunday, August 11th 12:00/15:00 Tokyo Machida Civic Hall
August 12th (Monday/Holiday) 12:00/15:00 Chiba Chiba Civic Hall Large Hall August 13th (Tuesday) 12:30/15:30 Tokyo Curian (Shinagawa Civic Center) Friday, August 16th 12:00/15:00 Mie Yokkaichi City Cultural Center Hall 1 Saturday, August 17th 12:00/15:00 Aichi Nagoya City Public Hall Large Hall Sunday, August 18th 12:00/15:00 Hyogo Kobe International House Kokusai Hall Wednesday, August 21st 12:00/15:00 Osaka Higashiosaka Cultural Creation Center DreamHouse Large Hall
Thursday, August 22nd 12:00/15:00 Osaka Takatsuki Castle Park Arts and Culture Theater Torishima Hall
Friday, August 23rd 12:00/15:00 Okayama Okayama Art Creation Theater Hallenowa Grand Theater
Saturday, August 24th 12:00/15:00 Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze
Sunday, August 25th 12:30/15:30 Kochi Kochi Prefectural Cultural Hall Orange Hall
Wednesday, August 28th 12:00/15:00 Hiroshima Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall Friday, August 30th 12:00/15:00 Fukuoka Canal City Theater
Saturday, August 31st 10:00/13:00 Fukuoka Canal City Theater September 1st (Sun) 12:00/15:00 Nagasaki Nagasaki Brick Hall Large Hall [Performance time] Approximately 55 minutes (no intermission) [Price] 3,500 yen (tax included/all seats reserved)
*Some venues are different. Please check the official website for details. *Fees apply for ages 3 and older. Free viewing for children under 2 years old on lap. However, if a seat is required, a fee will be charged.
*Reservations cannot be changed or refunded due to customer
convenience, except in the case of performance cancellation. *Please check the performance website for the latest information before visiting.
[Ticket sales office] April 13th (Sat)
*Some venues are different.
*For details on ticket sales, please check the information for each venue on the official website.
[Official website]
[Official X]
[Original draft]Erth Visual & Physical inc.
[Planning and Production] Sunrise Promotion Tokyo
[Inquiries] Sunrise Information 0570-00-3337 (Weekdays 12:00-15:00) More details about this release: