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Neko Co., Ltd. × DELTA PLUS Co., Ltd. collaboration

Neko Co., Ltd. × DELTA PLUS Co., Ltd. collaboration

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Press release: June 1, 2024
Neko Co., Ltd. × DELTA PLUS Co., Ltd. collaboration
*Established joint label Archi Verse, which connects and charms the city and life in the metaverse*
Neko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Representative Director: Junya Haraguchi / hereinafter referred to as Neko) DELTAPLUS Co., Ltd. (Head office: Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu City, Representative Director: Kaito Funabiki /
DELTAPLUS) will utilize next-generation technologies such as Metaverse, VR, and 3DCG to build a new “attractive” environment, and* We will establish a joint label “Archi Verse”*, which aims to develop and nurture future human resources in the construction and real estate industries.
The name was chosen to serve as both axes for the realization of metaverse technology in architecture, civil engineering, and urban engineering, as well as for nurturing human resources.
Give shape to your ideas. Metaverse solves the long time and large amount of money compared to physical stores and exhibition halls. Since its founding, Neko Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to * “We will give form to the world you wanted to see.” *
Based on this belief, we have aimed to provide products through the production of CG and VR as a means to convey the passion of the creators to the residents without letting up.
And now, we are not only * producing and providing a metaverse space that allows you to enter an even more interactive world view *. In order to develop and train the human resources of future creators*, * Through the establishment of a joint label with DELTA PLUS Co., Ltd., we aim to contribute to the revitalization of the market. *Comment from “Neko Co., Ltd. Representative Junya Haraguchi”* The cooperative system created by establishing a joint label combines science and engineering such as architecture and urban planning with XR (cross reality), which makes full use of 3DCG and gaming
technology, to create products that anyone can create in the future without the constraints of time and space. You will be able to imagine living in a deaf town.
Furthermore, please look forward to our efforts to quickly realize the means that will enable us to deliver Japanese architectural technology and ideas to the world.

*Comment from “DELTA PLUS Co., Ltd. Representative Kaito Funabiki”* With the establishment of this joint label “Archi Verse”, Nekosha’s design, high performance 3DCG technology,
By making the most of each other’s strengths, such as a super passionate engineering team and our company’s metaverse technology, education, and planning capabilities, we will create new customer experiences, new proposal forms, and specialized future human resources in the real estate and construction industries. You can create it.
In addition, this project will introduce the wonderful Japanese architectural technology to the world.
Please pay attention to our future initiatives.
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