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Home » ITO EN PR Secretariat Cities with advanced heat countermeasures (Hamamatsu City, Kumagaya City, Shimanto City, Tajimi City, Yamagata City) and ITO EN gather to hold “11th Hot Town Summit 2024” sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment

ITO EN PR Secretariat Cities with advanced heat countermeasures (Hamamatsu City, Kumagaya City, Shimanto City, Tajimi City, Yamagata City) and ITO EN gather to hold “11th Hot Town Summit 2024” sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment

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Cities with advanced heat countermeasures (Hamamatsu City, Kumagaya City, Shimanto City, Tajimi City, Yamagata City) and ITO EN gather to hold “11th Hot Town Summit 2024” sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment
Presenting measures against the heat in various regions with young people under the theme of “hydration”
On Saturday, June 1, 2024, Atsumachi General Incorporated Association will hold the “11th Atsumachi Summit 2024” with ITO EN Co., Ltd. (co-sponsor) with the support of the Ministry of the Environment, each prefecture, and each city. It was held.
This summit will focus on the five cities that have recorded the highest temperatures in Japan: Hamamatsu City (Shizuoka Prefecture), Kumagaya City (Saitama Prefecture), Shimanto City (Kochi Prefecture), Tajimi City (Gifu Prefecture), and Yamagata City (Yamagata
Prefecture). As a city with advanced heat countermeasures, we presented heat countermeasures in each region, and also held a workshop to discuss “local heat countermeasures” with young people who will lead the next generation.
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This year, the event was held in all cities together for the first time in five years since it was held in 2019. On the day of the event, participants presented a report on last year’s activities, efforts by co-sponsor ITO EN, and ideas for each city this summer, developed in collaboration with civic groups, students, and young people, with the theme of “hydration.” The “11th Hot Town Summit 2024” was adopted as the “Hot Town Activities Declaration” to implement the ideas presented in five cities (Hamamatsu City, Kumagaya City, Shimanto City, Tajimi City, Yamagata City). It has closed.
-Efforts in each city-
■Hamamatsu City: Utilize “local industry” to help counter the heat in Hamamatsu nationwide!
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This is Hamamatsu City’s fourth year participating in the Hot Town Summit. In 2024, we announced activities that utilize local industry to promote “heat stroke prevention hydration x central city area summer vacation children’s initiative” and “SDGs.” Following the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the 2023 taiga drama “What to do with Ieyasu”, in 2024 we will promote heat stroke prevention by holding an outdoor “chuzome dyeing experience” by local industry.
■Shimanto City: Disseminate heat countermeasures in the
Shimanto/Nishitosa area to the whole country through SNS and events!
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In 2024, Shimanto City announced that it will continue to disseminate rice eggplant and heat countermeasures nationwide through SNS and events under the title “Everything’s Hot! Summer Shimanto Strategy”. We will be holding the “Don’t Lose in the Hotness! Gourmet Rice Eggplant Campaign” where you can enjoy the delicious rice and eggplant dishes that Shimanto City is famous for at 11 restaurants in the Nishi-Tosa area. At the “Eggplant Festival” held in August, in addition to offering various experiences using eggplants, we will be distributing barley tea to educate people on how to cope with the heat and stay hydrated.
■Tajimi City: Let’s try it! Hot drill ~ Aim for the god of hot water ~
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Tajimi City wants as many children as possible to participate, to take an active role, and to get a variety of people involved, so the city has updated the heat countermeasures it implemented last year with the Attsuu initiative. “Drill” was announced. 1. Added heat
countermeasures in “drill” and “testing elements”. 2. The renewed quest format aims to create an environment where people of all ages can have fun and take measures against the heat on a daily basis. He said he hopes to get a variety of people involved by implementing projects that involve the entire city.
■Yamagata City: Heat countermeasures delivered from Yamagata to all over Japan – Have fun! Happily! Hydration-
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Yamagata City, in collaboration with Yamagata University, will be holding Omizu Goku Goku Park (August 5th) in front of Yamagata Station, a space designed by university students to “play! Have fun! Stay hydrated.” Through a game using plastic bottles with the theme of hydration, we will create an opportunity to learn about the correct amount of water you should take in a day and how to properly prevent heat stroke and hydrate, including not only the importance of water but also the importance of salt intake.
In addition to holding the “SDGs Workshop on Thinking from the Heat” in collaboration with companies and students, as last year, we will also conduct a “Cool Spot Search” to search not only for cool places but also for foods that make you feel cool. We will create a map and send it out.
■Kumagaya City: Challenge using local resources ~ Kumagaya, the best heat countermeasure in Japan ~
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Kumagaya City will expand its “cooling shelters” with the goal of “focusing on communicating heat countermeasures to the elderly and children.” In addition, in the “Hoshikawa Green Curtain Project,” we will cultivate green curtains with children in Hoshikawa, a local resource, not only as a measure against the heat, but also as a food education activity.
In addition, in order to interact with residents and enjoy the summer heat, we will hold a water festival as a heat countermeasure event using water.
Furthermore, in collaboration with “Azu Kumagaya” in the Kumagaya Station Building, we will be holding a stamp rally and campaign where you can win ITO EN’s “Healthy Mineral Barley Tea” from July 14th. ■ITO EN Co., Ltd.: “Healthy Mineral Barley Tea” SDGs Initiatives
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ITO EN Co., Ltd., which has been participating in the “Hot Town Summit” since 2017, has set themes such as “supporting customer health” and “contributing to local communities” to contribute to the creation of a comfortable summer and livable town. Announced. Furthermore, as a new initiative aimed at realizing “domestic resource circulation,” we are implementing “label-to-label,” which turns used labels into new ones, and upcycling used barley tea leaves as cushioning material, to address environmental issues. We aim to contribute to solutions and realize sustainable solutions.
-Comment from Kumagaya Mayor Tetsuya Kobayashi-
[Image 8:×386.jpg] With the cooperation of ITO EN Co., Ltd. and AZ Kumagaya, this event was held in our city again this year, and we were able to meet with everyone from Tajimi City, Shimanto City, Yamagata City, and Hamamatsu City again in an offline format like this. I am very happy that this happened.
Kumagaya City is promoting environmental awareness through various heat countermeasure projects, and on October 28, two years ago, it declared itself a “Zero Carbon City Kumagaya” with the aim of achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. I did.
In addition, this year, we will continue to release smart packages for heat protection so that you can use Kumagaya City’s official LINE “Kumabura” to roam around the city comfortably and safely even in the hot weather. As a first step, we are taking measures to prevent heat stroke, such as opening a “cooling shelter.” At the Hot Town Summit, local residents, businesses, students, and others from a town known for being one of the hottest in Japan actively discuss heat
countermeasures every year. We hope that by sharing ideas with everyone, we can strengthen heatstroke prevention measures in each city. We hope that heat countermeasures and regional revitalization will be further promoted in each region, and that everyone will be filled with smiles.We also hope that this event will expand the circle of exchange between participants and be fruitful. I would like to offer my greetings. We look forward to working with you this year. -Comment from Sho Nagata, Director, Heatstroke Control Office, Planning Division, Environmental Health Department, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of the Environment-
[Image 9:×1667.jpg] I was born in Kawagoe, Saitama, and also worked as a doctor in Hamamatsu, so I’m really happy to have the Atsu Town Summit, and I’m also very happy to see everyone in the town where I lived doing their best.
In recent years, it is said that over 1,000 people die from heatstroke every year, and I would like people to understand that “heatstroke is a deadly disease.” On the other hand, I would like everyone to know that “heat stroke is a preventable disease.”
The Ministry of the Environment issues a heatstroke warning alert when the heat index (WBGT value) exceeds 33. For example, if you watch Koshien in the summer, you may see heat stroke warning information on TV.
Also, in the new “Heatstroke Special Warning Alert” that started this year, the Ministry of the Environment has started a system in which people are asked to refrain from going out when the value is 35. This is a system that has never been used before, but I would like people to know that the earth is getting hotter.
Additionally, the Ministry of the Environment is in the process of creating “cooling shelters.” In situations where a special alert is issued, we ask that you avoid unnecessary and non-urgent outings, but if you are unable to stay at home, please use a nearby “cooling shelter”.
Once again, it is important to pay attention to the “Heatstroke Warning Alert” and to take steps to prevent heatstroke by watching over and talking to others, using the air conditioner appropriately, and frequently replenishing fluids and salts. Let me say it again: heat stroke is a deadly disease. However, heatstroke is a disease that can be prevented. I hope you will work on it.
This is the 11th time, and I sincerely hope that this event, which has a long history, will continue next year and the year after.
-Comment from Dr. Tetsuo Kurosawa, Ageo Central General Hospital-
[Image 10:×2700.jpg] With the arrival of June, full-fledged summer has arrived. The Japan Meteorological Agency has announced that this summer is expected to be hotter than last year, which was said to be a record-breaking heat wave.
Not only do you need to take precautions against the heat outdoors during the hot day, but you also need to be careful about taking measures indoors and at night.
The reason is that in a highly airtight house, the sunlight during the day heats up the walls and ceiling of the house.
This is because the heat is stored and flows into the room as radiant heat at night, making it difficult for the room temperature to drop. In particular, elderly people who are less sensitive to heat and infants whose body temperature regulation function is immature need adequate heat protection.
Is required. One of the important measures is to stay hydrated and be aware of minerals.
In this hot season when you sweat even when you’re not moving, make a conscious effort to stay hydrated.
Therefore, I always recommend Itoen’s “Healthy Mineral Barley Tea”. It has no sugar, no caffeine, and no calories, so anyone can drink it at any time.
This is the reason why it is recommended. Let’s stay hydrated together as a family.
There are important points in how you drink it. Even if you supplement all at once, it is not absorbed well into the body, so
We recommend “intravenous drinking”, which is taken frequently like an intravenous drip.
By all means, stay hydrated this year with “Healthy Mineral Barley Tea” and enjoy the hot summer.
Let’s get over it.
What is Atsumachi Summit?
Hamamatsu City (Shizuoka Prefecture) and Kumagaya City (Saitama Prefecture) hold the record for being the hottest in Japan; Shimanto City (Kochi Prefecture) and Tajimi City (Kochi Prefecture) held the record for being the hottest in Japan in the past. Private
organizations from Gifu Prefecture) and Yamagata City (Yamagata Prefecture) work together every summer to make the city a better place.
Philosophy: “What we can do to make Hot Town a better place to live” Japan’s leading cities in dealing with heat will share their experiences and ideas to overcome heat, based on the SDGs, and aim to realize a sustainable society.
・Create an environment where you can be active.
・Build lively human relationships.
・We will practice creating a town that makes people want to visit.
[Image 11:×301.jpg] Vision for the future: “Make me proud of my region”
Dissemination: Aiming to realize a sustainable society by sharing heat prevention measures with the whole country and the world
Exchange: Exchange between hot cities
Innovation: A hot city makeover

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