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Home » MSI Computer Japan Co., Ltd. MMSI COMPUTEX 2024 begins! Announces the latest PC products to accelerate the AI ​​era and the latest AIoT solutions to realize smart cities

MSI Computer Japan Co., Ltd. MMSI COMPUTEX 2024 begins! Announces the latest PC products to accelerate the AI ​​era and the latest AIoT solutions to realize smart cities

MSI Computer Japan Co., Ltd.
MMSI COMPUTEX 2024 begins! Announces the latest PC products to accelerate the AI ​​era and the latest AIoT solutions to realize smart cities
At COMPUTEX 2024, MSI, a world leading company in gaming, AI PC, and AIoT solutions, will announce the latest PC products that accelerate the AI ​​era and the latest AIoT solutions that realize smart cities. MSI, which has continued to work on various fields such as AI PCs, gaming scenes, content production, business work, and AIoT solutions, will introduce the transformative power of AI in various fields through MSI AI Artist demonstrations and immersive smart city exhibitions. At the same time, we will introduce impressive products that will lead to the future.
“The impact of AI on technology is wide-ranging, leading to
ground-breaking technological developments that will revolutionize the way we interact with the digital and physical worlds. At COMPUTEX 2024, MSI will demonstrate the Unveiling a range of carefully designed AI solutions, we are taking unprecedented challenges into the future. We work closely with leading AI technology companies to push the boundaries of what AI can do, making smarter, more human-friendly solutions possible. We are working hard every day to harness the potential of AI for a more connected future,” said Sam Chern, MSI Vice President of Marketing.
Event date: June 4th (Tuesday) to June 7th (Friday), 2024
Time: 9:30 – 17:30 local time
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) 4th floor M0806 The COPUTEX 2024 MSI booth offers an attractive selection of products across a variety of product categories.
This year’s showcase showcases MSI’s unwavering commitment to innovation, from captivating MSI AI Artist demonstrations to our award-winning product lineup, cutting-edge AI laptops, graphics cards, and desktop computers. We will hold exhibitions where you can experience cutting-edge AI computing. Additionally, the Smart City exhibit will feature a variety of AIoT solutions, including advanced EV charging solutions, ultra-high performance AI server PCs, and cutting-edge autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions powered by the NVIDIA(R) Jetson AGX Orin(TM) platform. is on display.
Please visit the MSI booth and experience the future of AI.
*This release introduces the content that will be announced at the global COMPUTEX 2024. The release date in Japan is undecided. MSI Stealth 18 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Laptop
Building on the success of its collaboration with Mercedes-AMG, MSI has created a new product that perfectly combines the cutting-edge technology and luxury design of both brands.
We are pleased to announce the all-new notebook PC “Stealth 18 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport”.
“Stealth 18 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport” is a limited model equipped with the latest Intel(R) Core(TM) Ultra 9 processor, NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 40 series Laptop GPU, and 4K+mini LED display. In addition to its unique design featuring the brand logo and AMG Rhombuses pattern, it also comes with exclusive extras such as a dedicated sleeve case, mouse, and mouse pad, reflecting MSI and Mercedes-AMG’s ethos of luxury and performance. Masu.
“Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport” is equipped with the latest Intel(R) Core(TM) Ultra 9 processor and provides top-class
performance. Enjoy a luxurious gaming experience with MSI’s latest product, developed in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG.
[Image 1:×412.png ]
MSI Prestige and Summit Series AI Dedicated Processor Notebook PC MSI will be showcasing the latest models in its Prestige and Summit series. Equipped with the latest Intel(R) Core(TM) Ultra processor, the combined AI processing performance of the CPU, GPU, and NPU exceeds 100TOPS, allowing you to use various AI functions more comfortably. . In addition, the design has an excellent balance of high-speed processing performance, power saving performance, and quiet operation.
“Stealth A16 AI+” is equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen(TM) AI 300 series processor, and the NPU’s XDNA 2 architecture improves AI capabilities by up to 3x and supports generative AI and large-scale language models To do. In addition, we will also announce “Summit A16 AI+”, “Prestige A16 AI+”, and “Creator A16 AI+” equipped with the same AMD Ryzen(TM) AI 300 series processor. These models combine powerful performance with a sleek, lightweight design to meet the needs of professionals who demand both power and portability.
[Image 2:×412.png ]
MSI Portable Gaming PC “Claw 8 AI+”
“Claw 8 AI+” is the world’s first portable gaming PC equipped with Lunar Lake generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Ultra processor, 8-inch full HD display, Thunderbolt(TM) 4 Type-C port, and enhanced It features a new LB/RB button, increased battery capacity, and a lighter AC adapter, making it a powerful 8-inch portable gaming PC. MSI also partnered with Bethesda to release a limited edition Claw x Fallout collaboration. This unique model features a 7-inch Full HD display and a special design inspired by the Vaults, Pip-Boys, and Robots from the Fallout series, giving you a feel for the desolate worlds of the Fallout games.
[Image 3:×376.png ]
All-in-one hybrid liquid-cooled graphics card: “SUPRIM FUZION”, “EXPERT FUZION” The SUPRIM FUZION series and EXPERT FUZION series are the latest all-in-one hybrid water-cooled graphics cards. With the high cooling performance of a liquid cooler and the ease of installation of an air cooler, these two innovative graphics cards push the limits of your cooling system to improve your gaming experience and streamline your AI tasks. achieves high performance.
“SUPRIM FUZION series” won COMPUTEX 2024 Best Choice Award. This graphics card is powered by an NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 4090 GPU and is cooled with a patented liquid cooling system housed within the graphics card shroud.
The “EXPERT FUZION series” is a graphics card that uses a hybrid all-in-one cooler design that combines a water cooling cooler and a push-pull airflow method.It is equipped with an NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 4080 SUPER GPU, and the cooling of the graphics card is Improve performance and optimize GPU performance.
[Image 4:×450.png ]
MSI PRO MP 120Hz Series – High performance, frameless, new style MSI launches Perfect Edge monitors from its new PRO MP 120Hz series, including the PRO MP252 E2 and PRO MP271A E2 series. Combining high performance and stylish design, these monitors are the best choice for first-time monitor users. The high refresh rate of 120Hz and response speed of 1ms provides a smooth display, making it ideal for creating content using generative AI and enjoying light games.
Unlike traditional 3-sided bezel-less designs, the new PRO MP 120Hz series reduces the bottom bezel by 37%, giving the entire monitor a more spacious feel. Whether you use it as a single monitor or create a multi-monitor setup, the ultra-slim bezel gives it a sleek, simple, and elegant look. The straight lines of the back cover are stylish and suitable for office and home entertainment environments.
The flat design of the stand compliments the monitor’s simple style while saving space on your desk, making it perfect for any
environment. The stand’s smartphone stand measures 18.9 x 1.29 cm (W x D) and is compatible with many smartphones with or without a case. The new MSI PRO MP 120Hz series monitors set new standards for high performance and stylish design, leading the frameless trend in the market.
[Image 5:×450.png ]
MSI next generation motherboard in COMPUTEX 2024!
MSI is announcing next-generation motherboards compatible with Intel(R) Arrow Lake CPUs scheduled to be released in the second half of 2024, as well as AMD X870 series motherboards compatible with next-generation AMD CPUs. Not only is it compatible with the latest CPUs, but it also incorporates the innovative user-friendly design “EZ DIY” functions that are suitable for all home-built PC users, from beginners to advanced users.
Please come visit the COMPUTEX 2024 MSI booth and experience the latest PC parts incorporating MSI’s unique and innovative features. MSI AMD X870 series motherboards support next-generation AMD CPUs and incorporate innovative user-friendly designs throughout. The all-new “Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr” makes it easier and faster to install M.2 SSDs than ever before, and the newly installed “EZ PCIe Release” allows you to install graphics cards with the push of a button. Allows for removal. EZ Antenna is used for Wi-Fi, allowing you to easily connect the Wi-Fi antenna to the motherboard.
[Image 6:×490.png ]
Category Award: MSI Modern AM273Q AI Series All in One PC
The MSI MPG CORELIQUID P series incorporates many MSI “EZ DIY” features and is designed for easy assembly. One pre-installed UNI bracket is compatible with both the latest Intel(R) CPU socket and AMD CPU socket, eliminating the hassle of bracket installation.
Additionally, the innovative integrated cable design consolidates the water block and radiator fan connections into a single cable for easy wiring. The LCD panel uses a 4.3-inch IPS panel to expand the screen area for displaying content. This large IPS panel is adjustable and designed to perfectly fit into the MSI 270 degree panoramic glass PC case, allowing users to view more beautiful animations and images than ever before.
[Image 7:×372.png ]
Autonomous mobile robot powered by NVIDIA(R)
AMR-AI-Cobot Pro features a smart robotic arm that improves
productivity and safety across industries. Powered by NVIDIA(R) Jetson AGX Orin(TM), it provides precise navigation with SLAM, efficient movement with 3D navigation routes, fast object detection, and seamless integration with third-party applications. Ideal for semiconductor, panel manufacturing, electronics, warehousing, logistics, textile, biotechnology and food industries.
“AMR-AI-Delivery Robot Pro” is equipped with advanced AI features such as smart facial recognition and voice recognition for safe and accurate deliveries. Equipped with NVIDIA(R) Jetson AGX Orin(TM), it exhibits excellent performance in various environments such as SLAM function, 3D navigation route, and high-speed object detection. Third API support allows seamless integration with other applications and can be used in a variety of locations including factories, warehouses, medical facilities, offices, residential areas, shopping, etc.
[Image 8:×794.jpg] MSI AMR-AI-Cobot Pro
[Image 9:×718.jpg] MSI AMR-AI-Delivery Robot Pro
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