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Home » Live commerce that delivers the producers’ commitment and the appeal of agricultural products directly to consumers! ! Furumaru’s new program project “Fruit Marugoto Tsutsumi-tai!” has started! !

Live commerce that delivers the producers’ commitment and the appeal of agricultural products directly to consumers! ! Furumaru’s new program project “Fruit Marugoto Tsutsumi-tai!” has started! !

Live commerce that delivers the producers’ commitment and the appeal of agricultural products directly to consumers! ! Furumaru’s new program project “Fruit Marugoto Tsutsumi-tai!” has started! ! Starring and planning the program is Mika@RicePaperNeki, who is very popular on TikTok!
AND PERIOD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osakikamijima-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, President Takuya Fujinaka) is a live coma
A new program titled “Fruit Marugoto Tsutsumi-tai!” has started distribution on the homepage service “Furumaru”
To do. This program is hosted by Rice, a gourmet influencer with over 600,000 followers on social media.
This was planned together with Mika@Rice Paper Neki, a girl who fell in love with paper. fruit is
My favorite Mika is the leader of “Tsutsumi-tai!” who searches for fruits that she wants to wrap whole in rice paper.
He then visited various fruit farms around the country with members of the team, learning about the farmers’ commitment to fruit production. We will communicate our appeal through direct dialogue. The first broadcast, scheduled to be broadcast at 13:00 on Sunday, June 9, 2024, will be broadcast on Nira, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Distributed by Moemi Farm, which grows peaches in Saki City. We also plan to introduce the behind-the-scenes of cultivation, the peach bagging experience.
vinegar. In this program, together with Mika@RicePaperNeki, we will be talking about the fruit made by fruit farmers all over Japan. Farmers want to spread the word about the appeal of fruits and bring smiles to as many people as possible with delicious fruits.
We also aim to make you smile.
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[Image 2:×2282.jpg] ■About “Fruit Whole Tsutsumi-tai!”
In this program, Mika@Rice Paper Neki will play the role of the captain of “Tsutsumi-tai!”
It’s a program to search for fruits. Together with Shimaken members, various fruits from all over the country
Visiting farmers and interviewing them to convey the appeal of fruits and producers,
I’m selling tsu. In the first part, we will introduce Moemi Farm, which grows peaches in Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Viewing URL ■Performer settings in the program
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] Captain: Mika@Rice Paper Neki
A girl obsessed with rice paper. He thought, “I want to wrap whole fruits in rice paper!” and formed “Tsutsumi-tai!” to search for delicious fruits from all over Japan.
[Image 4:×832.jpg] Member: Shimaken
He was forced to join the Tsutsumi Squad by Captain Mika. A common sense person who loves fruits and vegetables. He is good at hearing from farmers about their preferences and the appeal of their fruits. Qualified as a vegetable sommelier.
■Delivery schedule
June 9, 2024 (Sunday) 13:00-14:00
*Delivery time is subject to change.
■Distribution site ■Introduction location
Moemi Farm
From a peach field overlooking Mt. Fuji in Okusa-cho, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture
■Products for sale (excluding tax)
Home use peaches 2kg (5-6 pieces)
・Wase (choice) 5500 yen: 40 pieces
・Middle school (Akatsuki) 5500 yen: 40 pieces
・Late Rising (New Natsuotome) 5500 yen: 40 pieces
Home use peaches 3 kg (8-9 pieces)
・Wase (choice) 6,500 yen: 10 pieces
・Middle school (Akatsuki) 6500 yen: 10 pieces
・Late Rising (New Natsuotome) 6,500 yen: 10 pieces
Set of 4 frozen puree 250g pouches
・3,400 yen: 10 sets
*After the LIVE broadcast, the edited video will be posted on Furumaru Site. *Pre-orders are also accepted during the LIVE. Pre-orders will be accepted until late July.
*Shipping costs will be charged separately.
■About performer and planner Mika@Rice Paper Neki
The person appearing on this program is a girl who is in love with rice paper and boasts over 600,000 followers on social media. This is “Mika@Rice Paper Neki”. Mika is involved in the “Delicious Hometown Rediscovery Project”
He is one of the participating creators, and this time he participated in this project through that project.
In the program, Mika appears as the captain of “Tsutsumi-tai!” In addition to being a performer,
He has been involved in planning the program since its inception. Enjoy Mika’s unprecedented charm
Please take a look.
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] Mika@Rice Paper Neki
Gourmet influencer. Born in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. rice paper A girl who fell in love with. Recipes that will make you happy just by looking at them, and
We are developing and introducing recipes that even people can enjoy and enjoy. ・Recipe book “Delicious low-fat diet food”
Amazon Bestseller in Food & Hygiene Category
・CBC Radio Friday “Entertainment plus!” Tsukiichi regular
・MID-FM “Wednesday Trends Finder”
14:00~17:00 Regular every Wednesday
・Gohan Meister certification
・Winner of TikTok 2023 Trend Award Hit Category
■ Number of SNS followers and links *As of June 2024
YouTube [316,000 people] TikTok [200,000 people] Instagram [47,000 people] LINE [63,000 people] ■Mika@Rice Paper Neki Comment
My name is Mika@Rice Paper Neki and I have been appointed as the captain of “Fruit Marugoto Tsutsumi-tai!”! This time,
Appeared on the program after being approached by Furumaru and the “Delicious Hometown Rediscovery Project”
In addition to this, I took on the new challenge of being involved from the planning stage. In Japan
There are many farmers who are working hard to grow fruit. Share with us the thoughts of these farmers.
I would like to do my best to spread the word about this fruit and bring smiles to everyone who learns about this fruit.
Then, I tried various new and interesting things and thought, “Hey, Mika-chan, you’re doing your best! I’ll do my best too!”
I would like to make a program that will cheer you up, so I look forward to your continued support.
[Image 6:×314.jpg] ■About Furumaru
Through video, we would like to shine a light on the delicious products that lie dormant all over the country and on the producers whose feelings cannot be conveyed in words.
This is an EC platform launched by “And Period Co., Ltd.” While experiencing the local food culture through live streaming,
You can interact with producers through comments and purchase products on the site. Beta version released in January 2024
After the training, we work with local broadcast announcers from primary industry sites such as lemon fields and oyster farms. We are doing the distribution.
[Image 7:×1048.png ]
■About the Delicious Hometown Rediscovery Project
With the concept of making Japan more delicious and happier from each hometown, A regional revitalization project run by Asahi Advertising that works with creators to solve problems.
As of June 2024, over 50 creators with various skills centered on food are participating.
I am. Creators think together, create together, and spread the word together in response to various local issues.
The problem is solved by More details about this release: