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Home » Certified NPO Bridge for Smile Masaaki Machi x Keiko Hayashi★Online discussion Young carers who are invisib le to society Held on June 17th (Monday) at 7:30am

Certified NPO Bridge for Smile Masaaki Machi x Keiko Hayashi★Online discussion Young carers who are invisib le to society Held on June 17th (Monday) at 7:30am

[Certified NPO Bridge for Smile] Masaaki Machi x Keiko Hayashi★Online discussion [Young carers who are invisible to society] Held on June 17th (Monday) at 7:30am

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Press release: June 3, 2024
Masaaki Machi x Keiko Hayashi★Online discussion [Young carers who are invisible to society] Held on Monday, June 17th at 7:30am
*A free online conversation [Young Carers Invisible to Society] will be held between freelance announcer and former young carer Masaaki Machi and Keiko Hayashi, representative of Bridge for Smile, who has been supporting children in orphanages for 20 years! *
▮Young people who have been left out of the support system
“Young carer” refers to a child who performs housework and caring for family members on a daily basis, which is normally assumed to be done by adults.* “Young carer”*
(From the Children and Families Agency website). The term “young carer” has become so popular in Japan that it was even featured in an AC Japan commercial. Although their existence has been recognized, there are still challenges in providing appropriate support. This is because, depending on their age, children themselves often don’t know or realize how to send an SOS to society. Also,*
Because they were young carers, there are many young people* who have given up on pursuing higher education or employment, have no hope for the future, and continue to suffer even after becoming adults.

In April of this year, with the enforcement of the revised Child Welfare Act, until now only people from social care, such as those admitted to children’s homes, etc.*
“Young carers, for example, are unable to connect with social care* “Young people in general who are in trouble because they cannot rely on their parents”*
It has expanded greatly. Support is now being extended to those who have been left behind.

On the other hand, 20 years ago, we at Bridge for Smiles learned that there were still children suffering from child abuse and living in foster care, and that they were still in difficult conditions even after leaving the facilities. We started our activities at a time when little was known about this, and to date we have supported around 7,000 children and young people who are in social care. Starting in May, the 20th anniversary year, we have newly expanded the scope to include young people who were not connected to social care*
We are also expanding our business to *consultation and support. After its launch, the response was overwhelming, with approximately 40 people asking for help in just two weeks.

▮Online discussion [Young carers invisible to society]
We will have an online conversation with Keiko Hayashi, representative of Bridge for Smile, with free announcer Masaaki Machi, a former young carer, on the theme of “young carers who are invisible to society.” Through Mr. Machi’s experience as a victim, I would like to think about how society as a whole can support young carers, and how we can help children grow into adults without giving up on their dreams and hopes. . Please join us.

Online discussion [Young carers invisible to society]
Date and time: June 17th (Monday) 19:30-21:00
Speaker: Masaaki Machi (free announcer)
Keiko Hayashi (Representative of Bridge for Smile)
Participation fee: Free
Venue: Will be held online via zoom
Application: Required/Required via application form or Peatix ◆Application form: ◆Peatix : *Those who have applied will be informed about zoom at a later date.

Town Asei
Freelance announcer/former young carer
Since he was in elementary school, he has dreamed of being an announcer and joined Nippon Television as an announcer in 1995. After that, he moved to the news bureau and worked as a newscaster and a reporter for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, covering medical and nursing care issues such as cancer treatment, medical accidents, and intractable diseases. In 2011, he became a freelancer in order to remain an active announcer for the rest of his life. Shogakukan Bunko published a book called “Ten Years of Nursing Care,” which is a compilation of the 10 years he spent with his mother, who was confined to a wheelchair due to brain damage, and the experience of losing both his mother and father to cancer. Continuing to cover and raise awareness of medical care and nursing care as lifelong themes. Most recently, I covered the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, which was my long-awaited goal. Former young carer.
(Machi Asei official blog → )
Keiko Hayashi
Representative of certified NPO Bridge for Smile
After graduating from Tsuda College, he started working at a temporary staffing company. After giving birth to her two children, she was worried about her career while raising her children, and during a business training course she attended, she had the opportunity to investigate a children’s home. Established NPO in 2004. My book “Maybe I can do it. ――A working mother’s “social entrepreneurship story that connects smiles”” (Eiji Publishing)
▮Crowdfunding starts on June 3rd (Monday) to expand support! In April, the Child Welfare Act was revised, and administrative support is progressing. However, on the other hand, due to disparities in support between local governments and gaps in the system, many young people are falling through the net of support. We are acutely aware of the need to strengthen and supplement our support in order to avoid further disappointing those who have sent SOS to us at Bridge for Smiles.

Bridge for Smile has decided to take on the challenge of crowdfunding in order to expand the scope of support and fill the support menu, “to realize a society where all children who cannot rely on their parents can live with smiles”. Please provide some support!

[I want to help young people who cannot rely on their parents and are not eligible for support systems…I want to help young people who are suffering alone]
*Starts at 0:00 on Monday, June 3rd*
*Target amount: 10 million yen*

*About this release details*

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