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PeopleX Co., Ltd. PeopleX raises over 1.6 billion yen in seed round

PeopleX Co., Ltd.
PeopleX raises over 1.6 billion yen in seed round
PeopleX Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Daichi Tachibana), which promotes HR business for
enterprises, has WiL as its lead investor, along with Angel Bridge, One Capital, THE CREATIVE FUND, UB Ventures, and Nobuhiro Ariyasu. (Entrepreneur/Angel Investor), Koji Asano (CEO of Knowledge Work Co., Ltd.), Yoshinori Fukushima (Representative Director and CEO of LayerX Co., Ltd.), Taro Fukuyama (Founder of Fond), and others. We would like to inform you that we have raised funds. Based on the funds raised, we will accelerate the development of our employee success platform “PeopleWork” and improve the value we provide.
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Founded by Daichi Tachibana, director of and former head of CloudSign’s business, PeopleX has a mission of “leading companies to growth by making employees successful,” and is committed to “investing in human resources” with employee success as the starting point. We aim to solve the issues facing Japan’s labor market by supporting the building of ideal relationships between employees and companies that maximize the effectiveness of their work.
We will enter the enterprise HR business on April 1, 2024, with the aim of providing “HR products adapted to the new era.” As an initial product, we are developing an application to solve three issues: “enabling employees to work immediately,” “improving skills,” and “improving engagement.” As a “Compound Startup,” we plan to develop and provide more than 20 new applications by 2028 in order to resolve issues that pose barriers to employee success.
In this financing, we raised 1.61 billion yen through a third-party allotment of capital to multiple venture capital companies and individual investors. The funds raised will be used to promote product development and refine value for commercialization.
Funding overview
Amount raised: 1.61 billion yen
Third-party allotment capital increase recipients (titles omitted, in no particular order):
・WiL (Lead Investor)
・Angel Bridge
・One Capital
・UB Ventures
・Nobuhiro Ariyasu (entrepreneur/angel investor)
・Koji Asano (CEO of Knowledge Work Co., Ltd.)
・Yoshinori Fukushima (Representative Director and CEO, LayerX Co., Ltd.) ・Taro Fukuyama (founder of Fond)
Comments from investors
・WiL General Partner and Co-founder Masanao Matsumoto, Principal Arata Kokaji I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in the journey of PeopleX, led by Mr. Tachibana, as a lead investor since its founding. Due to a decline in the working population and changes in career awareness, the domestic market, which has long been dominated by bulk hiring of new graduates, lifetime employment, and
seniority-based employment practices, is now at a major turning point. Under these circumstances, we are confident that the “employee success” that we advocate will become commonplace in Japan. As WiL, we will do our best to support Mr. Tachibana, who has a passion that burns his body, as he takes on this grand challenge.
・Angel Bridge Representative Partner Mr. Yutaro Kasai, Associate Mr. Hiroshi Miyoshi
The environment surrounding Japan’s labor market is undergoing drastic changes, such as the decline in the working-age population and the increasing mobility of human resources, and is reaching a major turning point. PeopleX aims to build an organization that is desirable for both companies and employees by providing multifaceted products that highlight not only managers but also employees. We believe that we will play a role in the transition from a training model. Transforming an organization that has existed for many years into a format that is in line with the current times is a huge challenge that may seem reckless at first glance, but CEO Tachibana, who has transformed Japan’s stamp culture through Cloud Sign, has an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I firmly believe that we can promote change with determination and passion. As Angel Bridge, we will do our best to support PeopleX in realizing the future they aim for.
・One Capital Representative Director and CEO Shinji Asada
I deeply sympathized with Mr. Tachibana’s newly founded company, PeopleX, and its mission of “leading the company to growth by helping its employees succeed,” and decided to invest in it. I have deep confidence in Mr. Tachibana’s leadership and vision, which have supported CloudSign’s success. We are confident that PeopleX’s efforts will bring new value to many companies at a time when the era is changing dramatically, centered on AI. I look forward to growing together through this new challenge.
・THE CREATIVE FUND Mr. Takahiro Miura
I remember that it was Miura who named Tachibana-san the Rimoku of the startup business world.
Strategic, broad-minded, and above all, a fierce sense of mission. He was exactly the same as the great general who was at the center of the turbulent times, and even though he was covered in the blood of war, he continued to fight in the hope of peace. I believe that Reiwa’s Lee Boku will fight for the users and products, without relying on the dark side, and will definitely take over the world.
・Osamu Iwasawa, Representative Director and Managing Partner of UB Ventures Co., Ltd.
In Japan, where the working population is shrinking, there is a need for a sudden shift from the traditional employment system centered on new graduates to a job-based employment system centered on mid-career workers. As the number of people decreases and the mobility of human resources increases, will Japanese companies be able to respond to this paradigm shift? It is no exaggeration to say that its success or failure will be directly linked to improving productivity in Japan. PeopleX’s raison d’etre is not only to provide value through software, but also to design a new era of employee-company relationships as an HR infrastructure company. I am happy to be able to accompany Mr. Tachibana from the seed stage on PoepleX, which will go beyond the framework of a startup and play a role in the future of Japan, whether it is possible to increase employee engagement and improve
productivity in Japan. UB Ventures will do our best to support you in realizing that vision.
・Nobuhiro Ariyasu (entrepreneur/angel investor)
“We will raise large amounts of capital in a huge market, have a strong sense of mission, and commit to something over several decades.” I am honored to be able to participate as a shareholder in Mr. Tachibana’s PeopleX, which has begun to take on challenges as a model for startups. We invested in both the angel round at the company’s founding and the current large-scale seed round. We would like to do our best to support PeopleX, which has a classic and ambitious approach, to succeed in the domestic HR market, which is crowded with competitors.
・Mr. Koji Asano (CEO of Knowledge Work Co., Ltd.)
As a manager of the same generation, I have received a lot of inspiration from Mr. Tachibana. He is a very important person to me, both a comrade and a rival. I am truly happy to have the opportunity to join Mr. Tachibana in this challenge. I look forward to seeing PeopleX expand employee success in this country under Tachibana-san’s excellent leadership.
・Mr. Yoshinori Fukushima (Representative Director and CEO of LayerX Co., Ltd.) I have learned many things from Mr. Tachibana as an entrepreneur. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Tachibana. Go PeopleX! ・Taro Fukuyama (founder of Fond)
Employee success is a rapidly growing market in North America, and it is definitely a market that will attract attention in the future in Japan, where work style reform is important. I was impressed by Mr. Tachibana’s thoughts on developing a compound startup strategy from the first day of his founding in such a market, and decided to invest in him. I would like to utilize my experience in HR SaaS startups in North America to provide full support.
Comment from Daichi Tachibana, Representative Director and CEO of PeopleX Co., Ltd.
We would like to express our gratitude to all the investors who have placed their trust in our company, which has only recently been established, and by combining cutting-edge technology such as generative AI with the power of professionals, we will provide products and services that improve labor productivity in Japan. We would like to provide this service. Based on the funds raised this time, we would like to invest towards the realization of a society full of employee success, where companies improve business performance by investing in people, and are able to recruit and retain talented people. I’m here.
PeopleX Company Profile
Corporate name: PeopleX Co., Ltd.
Representative: Daichi Tachibana
Capital: 117 million yen (including capital reserves)
Location: 6-12-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business overview: Development and operation of HR platform, etc. Website:
Product site:
Inquiries regarding this matter
PeopleX Co., Ltd. Public Relations TEL: 03-6683-4199 Mail: More details about this release: