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Home » TIRAMISU Co., Ltd. The first parents’ bag from the Parisian bag brand “q bag paris”, “louvre parents”, will be released on June 4th (Tuesday)!

TIRAMISU Co., Ltd. The first parents’ bag from the Parisian bag brand “q bag paris”, “louvre parents”, will be released on June 4th (Tuesday)!

The first parents’ bag from the Parisian bag brand “Q Bag Paris”, “louvre parents”, will be released on June 4th (Tuesday)!
A stylish and highly functional rucksack that is easy to use for both moms and dads, and was created based on French parenting methods. ……
Q Bag Paris, a bag brand from Paris, France, operated by TIRAMISU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tadashi Takazawa), has released the brand’s first parent’s bag, “louvre parents.” (Louvre Parents)” will be released on the official website and Rakuten from 20:00 on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] q bag paris louvre parents (Q bag paris louvre parents)
Thoughts on the release
A new item from the “nest louvre” series, which is overwhelmingly popular as a mother’s bag. In France, fathers actively participate in childcare, and they value family time. It was born following the French style of child-rearing that doesn’t involve trying too hard. A stylish and highly functional backpack that can be shared by mom and dad. While maintaining the brand’s characteristics of “light, washable, and large capacity,” we have created a multifunctional and simple unisex design.
[Image 2:×1280.jpg] What is a parent bag?
Similar to a mother’s bag, this bag is used to store items needed when going out while raising children.
In recent years, it has become common for not only mothers but also fathers to actively participate in childcare, and there has been a demand for simple and functional bags with unisex designs and colors that can be used by both men and women.
Product Summary
[Image 3:×1386.png ]
▲From the right: Ennui Bianco/Black/Grey Ju Bianco
Ennui Bianco/Black/Grey Ju Bianco
19,999 yen (tax included)
Bag: Height 42cm / Width 30cm / Depth 16cm

[Image 4:×1280.jpg] -Large capacity & plenty of pockets-
There are many pockets, so even when mom and dad share a backpack, you can easily find out where your belongings are!
・Open pocket sized to hold A4 files
・Rubber pockets on both sides ideal for storing baby bottles ・Front zipper pocket for storing toys
・Rubber pocket convenient for small items
・Secure back pocket and zipper pocket directly connected to the main body on the back
-Easy to open and close-
・Wide zipper that opens wide
-Easy to carry & lots of small ideas-
A convenient shoulder function that answers the small difficulties raised by moms and dads while raising children!
– Padded shoulders to reduce strain on shoulders
・Buckle that allows you to lower your luggage with the baby carrier attached -D-ring with spring included-
・D-shaped metal fittings and D-rings required for hanging keys and children’s goods are installed in 3 locations.
・Comes with an extendable key chain with a clip that allows you to place the 3 D-rings anywhere.
-Water repellent on the inside-
・Water-repellent finish protects against spills from children’s drinks and sudden rain.
-Design and colors that are easy for both moms and dads to use- The size of the backpack is 42cm long and 30cm wide, so both mom and dad can comfortably carry it on their back.
・Unisex form
– Available in 3 colors that are popular with moms and dads. (Ennui Bianco/Greige Bianco/Black)
What is q bag paris?
[Image 5:×508.png ]
▲q bag paris brand image
A bag brand created by a Parisian design team inspired by French colors. Even though it’s extremely stylish, it’s “light, washable, and has a large capacity.”
Made of the same neoprene material as wetsuits and a new mesh material that is not see-through, it is fashionable and playful, yet
lightweight, durable, and highly functional. Some of the bags are machine washable, so you can easily wash them, and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty even if they are brightly colored. Not only can it be used for daily use as a school/commute bag, mother’s bag, parent’s bag, etc., but you can also take it with you on vacation.
[Image 6:×800.png ]
▲Color variations that are easy to use for both men and women Official website:
Official LINE: (@256ccbgl)

More details about this release: