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KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” and “PUBG MOBILE” collaborate with “NewJeans”

“PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” and “PUBG MOBILE” collaborate with “NewJeans” ……
– PUBG x NewJeans collaboration teaser video and images released KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative: Lee Kang-seok) has announced a large-scale collaboration with NewJeans for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (hereinafter referred to as PUBG) and PUBG MOBILE.
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This collaboration was designed to provide new enjoyment to existing users and expand contact with the MZ generation. Due to the
cooperation between the representative title of the battle royale genre, which is extremely popular all over the world, and the global icon who leads the trend, we anticipate a high level of interest from fans.
“PUBG” and “PUBG MOBILE” have released various teaser contents ahead of the collaboration update. A teaser video released by PUBG last month showed supplies with NJ Tokki (rabbit) on them falling from the sky. Next, rabbit ears were added to PUBG’s iconic helmet logo, and the phrase “GUESS WHO!” appeared, arousing curiosity.
On the 2nd of this month, teaser images and videos were released respectively. First of all, in the teaser image released by “PUBG”, the image of the members of “New Jeans” running towards somewhere inside “PUBG”, which is dyed in pastel tones, caught my eye. In particular, along with refreshing visuals of the members, various in-game elements such as a bus decorated with the PUBG x New Jeans theme, an outdoor stage, an airplane banner, and supplies were revealed, raising user expectations.
“PUBG MOBILE” announced the release of PUBG MOBILE x NewJeans Quick Voice through a teaser video that begins with the members entering the game one by one and ends with the message “Are you aiming for chicken today?” .
“PUBG” and “PUBG MOBILE” are scheduled to release more diverse teaser content and main content one after another. The PUBG x NewJeans collaboration will be available on PUBG PC from June 12th, on PUBG Console from June 20th, and on PUBG MOBILE from June 18th.
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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Teaser Video: PUBG MOBILE Shorts: You can check the latest information on “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” from the official channel below.
■PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS official website
BATTLEGROUNDS” in 2017 and currently provides game services through various platforms. Since its release, “PUBG” has held seven Guinness World Records, including “Fastest Steam Early Access Game to gross $100 million,” and has won numerous game awards both domestically and internationally. It was positioned as a pioneer of the battle royale genre. In November 2021, we released “PUBG: NEW STATE”, a new mobile game that inherits and deepens the original battle royale experience of “PUBG”. “PUBG” is not only a globally popular intellectual property (IP), but also a game production, business, We promote marketing, e-sports, etc.
“PUBG MOBILE” game overview
“PUBG MOBILE” is a battle royale game in which up to 100 players use equipment on the map to survive until they are the last one standing. Players compete for survival in an increasingly narrow safety zone, making full use of randomly placed weapons, vehicles, and equipment items.
The last surviving player will see a message on their screen saying, “You won! You won! Dinner is a big win!!”, so players will fight to win.
The service started in Japan on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, and has exceeded 1 billion downloads worldwide.
■PUBG MOBILE official website
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