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Representative director Tatsuya Sato appointed as Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ikumen Project Promotion Committee

Karada Note Co., Ltd.
Representative director Tatsuya Sato appointed as Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ikumen Project Promotion Committee
With the vision of “Supporting the health of families and increasing their smiles,” Karada Note Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo /
Representative Director: Tatsuya Sato / hereinafter referred to as the Company ) is pleased to announce that from April 1, 2024, President and Representative Director Tatsuya Sato has been appointed as a member of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Ikumen Project Promotion Committee, which works to encourage men to take childcare leave.
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Comment from Tatsuya Sato regarding his appointment as Ikumen Project Promotion Committee member
“Our company, which was founded in 2008, began providing pregnancy and child-rearing support apps around 2011, and has worked hard to create an environment where families can enjoy raising children through family sharing functions that allow families to share recorded data. In order to solve the major social issue of population decline due to the declining birthrate, we aim to “change social trends” that would be difficult to achieve alone by developing joint projects with major companies.
With my appointment as a member of the Ikumen Project Promotion Committee, I hope that we will be able to contribute to society more widely by expanding our role to include improving the child-rearing environment through collaboration between the public and private sectors, in addition to our existing initiatives. We are. We will continue to work towards solving social issues through our corporate activities. ”
About the Ikumen Project Promotion Committee
The “Ikumen Project” was launched in June 2010, and has been carrying out various activities in conjunction with the review of the childcare leave system, with the aim of sparking a major movement in society as a whole in which men can be more actively involved in childcare. In June 2021, the Childcare and Family Care Leave Act was revised, and in October 2022, “Postpartum Paternity Leave (childcare leave at the time of birth)” was established, and the system has been revised in stages. Going forward, the “Ikumen Project” aims to ensure that new systems such as postpartum paternity leave and corporate initiatives are permeated and established in society, so that it becomes normal for men to take childcare leave in all workplaces. We will continue to set up a promotion committee made up of experts in various fields, and work with Ikumen supporters such as their families, companies, and local governments to lead the way in this era.
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About Karada Note Co., Ltd.: Karada Note supports efficiency to improve the QOL of families
Our company operates in two major areas: for families and for society. In the family area, we acquire users’ life event data, starting with childcare and healthcare apps that center on recording and sharing, and support matching with companies that provide various products and services. .
In the area of ​​society, we utilize various user data and our knowledge to provide business development and consulting to major business companies that contribute to solving the problem of the declining birthrate.
With this appointment as our representative, we look forward to further expanding our business areas in the social sector.
Company Profile
Company name: Karada Note Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth: 4014) Head office: 6th floor, MA Shibaura Building, 3-8-10 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Tatsuya Sato Business content: Family support business Life event marketing business
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