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Creative Group Co., Ltd. “Gen Z Trend Ranking for the First Half of 2024” selected by trend delivery media Trepo

[Creative Group Co., Ltd.] “Gen Z Trend Ranking for the First Half of 2024” selected by trend delivery media Trepo

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Press release: June 3, 2024
“2024 First Half Generation Z Trend Ranking” selected by trend delivery media Trepo
*The survey was divided into 6 categories: “Things/Things”, “Purikura Pose”, “Fashion”, “Gourmet/Sweets”, “Influencers/Celebrities”, and “Buzzwords”! *
Creative Co., Ltd.
“Trepo” is a trend media for women in their teens to 20s operated by Group (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuma Nakahara). We conducted a survey on Generation Z trends for the first half of 2024. A questionnaire survey conducted online (hereinafter referred to as “Trepo
We would like to inform you of the results of the girls survey. This time, we will focus on women in their teens to 20s (Trepo Girls) (*1) are divided into six categories: “Things/Things,” “Purikura Pose,” “Fashion,” “Gourmet/Sweets,”
“Influencers/Celebrities,” and “Buzzwords.” 2) Trends have been ranked.
*1 Trepo
Girls are female readers of “Trepo”, a trend media for women in their teens and 20s, and followers of “Trepo” official Instagram.
*2 Generation Z is the generation born between the late 1990s and 2012. Social natives born in the age of social media and smartphones. * [Things/things category] New version of Purikura ranks first*

Elevator Puri (Instagram account)
Toodles Make @fn.zl_75 (Instagram account)
Overhead shooting Vlog @me610n (TikTok account)

* 1st place Elevator Prix*
“Elevator Puri” ranked in first place. This refers to a printed sticker that is taken in a place with an interior like an elevator. After becoming popular in South Korea in the second half of 2023, it landed in Japan in February 2024. “The
Film” (The
The film is attracting attention as it opens. Unlike conventional printed stickers that emphasize “presentation,” the style that is thinly processed and reflects the pose and full-body fashion has captured the hearts of Generation Z. Another secret to its popularity is that it is shot in an elevator, a space that has never been seen before. On Instagram, there are over 500 posts with the hashtag “#elevatorpuri”. (as of June 3, 2024)

* 2nd Place Toodles Make*
“Toodles Make” ranks in second place. This term refers to makeup based on the character Toodles from the anime “Tom and Jerry.” The makeup is highly difficult, featuring purple eyeshadow, blue colored contacts, and cat-like eyeliner, but many creators are posting before-and-after changes, demonstrating the high level of their makeup techniques and the perfect finish. The degree became a hot topic on TikTok. Initially, it was a big hit mainly in Europe and America, and it became popular in Japan after a famous influencer posted this makeup look on TikTok. Approximately 500 videos with the hashtag “#Toodlesmake” have been posted on TikTok (as of June 3, 2024).

* 3rd Place: Overhead Vlog*
“Overhead Vlog” ranked in third place. Overhead photography Vlog refers to a new style of photography that involves setting up a smartphone on a luggage rack or the like to shoot and post from directly above. When a video of a man eating rice at Fufu Hanten, a Chinese restaurant in Kinshicho, Tokyo, went viral on social media, the innovative filming method became a hot topic. You can capture cute videos of people joining hands to say “Itadakimasu”, toasting, and sharing food. Another reason for its popularity is that you don’t have to touch your smartphone while eating, so you can concentrate on cooking and talking.

* [Prikura pose category] Friendliness is this season’s trend*

Source: (Instagram account)
Comedian pose @shizuku.kanao
Edamame pose @
Dog pose @

* 1st Place Comedian Pose*
“Comedian Pose” ranked first. Comedian pose refers to poses that imitate various poses taken by famous entertainers such as Shimofuri Myojo and Chocolate Planet in photo shoots. The number of
comedy-loving Gen Z members who take pictures of print clubs in comedian poses has increased rapidly, as the unique poses of each comedian are fresh and interesting. On Instagram, there are more than 500 posts with the hashtag “#Comedian Puri” (as of June 3, 2024).

* 2nd place Edamame pose*
“Edamame Pose” ranked in second place. This is a pose where you curl your hands into the shape of a goo, with only your thumbs up, and place them next to your cheeks, showing the backs of your hands. PRODUCE broadcast from October to December 2023
Yui Ando, ​​a trainee who appeared on 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS (produced by ONE O ONE JAPAN THE GIRLS)
Yui) is the origin. A new sensational pose that can be done easily and has become a hot topic among Generation Z. In the program, PRODUCE 101 JAPAN THE
Other GIRLS performers also showed off their poses, making the event even more popular.

* 3rd place: dog pose*
“Wanyan Pose” was ranked in 3rd place. The dog pose is a pose in which one hand is placed on the head as if it were a dog’s ear and the other hand is like a cat’s ear. It originated from Do Kyeom, a member of the K-pop idol group SEVENTEEN, who devised it during the pre-recording of a music program. The cute combination of dog pose and cat pose, which are the standard purikura poses, attracted attention, especially from SEVENTEEN fan CARAT.
* [Fashion Category]・K-POP idols worn items are trending*

Source: (Instagram account)
Rimless glasses @himari5293
Chubby bag @___ami.o0_
Tulle shoulder @kuri_lemage

* 1st place rimless glasses*
“Rimless glasses” ranked first. Rimless glasses are glasses that do not have a frame surrounding the lenses. “New Jeans” member Hyein and “IVE” member Ray,
Many K-Pop idols, such as ENHYPEN member Jay, have worn them in private, and the number of Gen Zers who are incorporating rimless glasses into their fashion is rapidly increasing. On Instagram, there are 23,000 posts with the hashtag “#rimlessglasses” (as of June 3, 2024). It is also attracting attention as a new fashion trend that combines Y2K fashion, which has become a staple of Generation Z, and Korean fashion.

* 2nd place Chubby bag *
“Chubby Bag” came in second place. K-Pop idol “LE SSERAFIM” members Yunjin, Sakura and ”
It gained attention after Minji and Hani, members of “New Jeans,” wore it in private. Its classic form and minimal size make it the most stylish item ever. It is becoming increasingly popular as an item that can be matched with a variety of outfits and easily creates a trendy look.

* 3rd place Tulle shoulder *
“Tulle Shoulder” ranked in third place. The soft tulle material has become a hot topic as a new trend item for Generation Z. By matching it with simple styling, you can easily achieve a trendy girly look. One of its charms is that it can be used for multiple purposes, regardless of the season or style. It will become an accent to your outfit and create a trendy outfit.
* [Gourmet Sweets Category] 1st place goes to 〇〇 Bread that looks great on SNS*

Source: (Instagram account)
Ribbon bread @mx559_
Greek yogurt @tomochi_olu
Kurunji @aryzta_jp

* 1st place Ribbon bread *
“Ribbon Pan” ranked in first place. It refers to a ribbon-shaped bread with a light cherry color color, and the chewy dough is filled with plenty of cherry blossom filling. A sweet that originated in Korea, it will also be available in Japan in March 2024 as “Shun” in Harajuku, Tokyo.
When it was released at Junkissa Pan-S, it quickly became a hot topic on SNS. On Instagram, there have been over 1,000 posts with the hashtag “#RibbonPan”, which shows how popular it is (as of June 3, 2024). Because of its cute appearance that looks great on social media, it has attracted attention from Generation Z as a must-have sweet for stylish picnics.

* 2nd place Greek yogurt*
“Greek Yogurt” ranked in second place. It is a hard yogurt made using the draining method, with whey and water removed, and is also called “Greek yogurt” or “mizukiri yogurt” in Japan. It is a very popular sweet in South Korea, where there are specialty stores, and it is also popular in Japan. It has a rich, cream cheese-like texture, and has become a hot topic for its health and beauty benefits since it is eaten with fruit and granola.

* 3rd place Kurunji*
“Kurunji” ranks in third place. Kurungji is a coined word that combines the Korean words “croissant” and “nurunji”, which means “scorched”, and is a new type of sweet from Korea. It is a pressed and baked croissant sprinkled with sugar and baked until golden brown, and it attracted attention as a unique sweet. “SHINCHŌN” in
Shin-Okubo, Tokyo
CAFE” (Shinchon Cafe), it became even more popular.

* [Influencer/Celebrity Category] ・An idol who was a part of the audition that attracted attention from all over Japan ranks first* * 1st place ME:I *
“ME:I” is ranked in first place. PRODUCE 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS (Produce One-O-One) will be broadcast from October to December 2023.
Japan the
An 11-member female idol group selected by Girls). It has been attracting attention mainly on SNS since the program was broadcast, but it became even more popular when it debuted on April 17, 2024. The music video for the debut song “Click” has been viewed over 22 million times on YouTube, and the dance challenge has become very popular on TikTok and Instagram (as of June 3, 2024). In the first year of debut, “KCON
JAPAN 2024” (K-Con Japan 2024), and is an idol group that is expected to be active on a global scale in the future.

* 2nd place Shinako*
“Shinako” is ranked in second place. A Harajuku-style creator whose trademark is pink hair, he currently works as a producer of Harajuku sweets and the manager of a sweets shop, while also running the YouTube account “Shinako” with 933,000 subscribers.
While also active as a YouTuber who runs “Shinako/ASMR”, he made a comeback when he started his artist activities on March 11, 2024. After the release of “Shinako World”, the rock dance part of “Shinako World” became very popular on TikTok, and many idols and YouTubers posted dance challenge videos. Shinako’s dance challenge video posted on TikTok has been viewed over 9 million times (as of June 3, 2024). With the start of artist activities, recognition has spread among a wide range of generations, and the popularity has further increased in the first half of the year.

* 3rd place Aoba*
“Aoba” is ranked in 3rd place. A 23-year-old male TikToker and YouTuber who attracts Generation Z with his stylish style, mysterious atmosphere, and ennui facial features. She currently has a total of around 400,000 followers on social media, and her TikTok video, which she shot along with singer-songwriter Noa’s “Omnidirectional Beautiful Girl,” has been viewed over 2 million times and is gaining popularity. Masu. In addition, on YouTube, he posts videos with a calm atmosphere similar to home videos, and is attracting attention as content that can be viewed as if he were a friend (as of June 3, 2024).
* [Buzzwords] Many buzzwords originating from TikTok are ranked* * 1st place Team Friend*
“Team Friends” ranked first. Its origin is the title of a song released on February 13, 2024 by rapper Yuki Chiba, who had retired from activities under the name KOHH and resumed activities under the name Yuki Chiba. It features lyrics that repeat short and simple keywords such as “team friends,” “kiri,” and “kirou.” It has spread through dance videos on TikTok, and there have been over 10,000 videos with the hashtag “#teamfriend” on TikTok, attracting attention from not only domestic but also overseas celebrities (2024/6/3 time). It also became a hot topic and became popular through remix versions by various artists and online memes.

* 2nd place Rotation area *
“Rotating area” came in second place. It went viral from a video that introduces the coordination while rotating the body 90 degrees at a time. The song in the video is Namie Amuro’s “GIRL” released in 2004.
TALK” (girl talk) is mainly used, and about 12,000 videos with the hashtag “#rotating neighborhood” have been posted on TikTok (as of June 3, 2024). It has gained popularity for its easy movement that rotates from side to side and loose atmosphere.

* 3rd place: It’s tough*
“It’s tough” ranked in third place. The person who started it was George, a TikToker with 279,000 followers who sends out content aimed at men who aim to be sophisticated (as of June 3, 2024). “It’s tough” frequently appears in responses to questions from male viewers, and it became popular among Gen Z, along with “You should have a sense of crisis,” which also appears in the video. It is used in situations to arouse a sense of crisis towards the other person, such as, “It’s tough, but it’s not enough.”
-Summary of the survey-
Survey target: Trepo girls (1000 women in their teens to 20s) Survey period: December 1, 2023 to June 2, 2024
Survey conducted by: Trepo Editorial Department
* About trend delivery media “Trepo” *
Trend delivery media Trepo sends out information for girls who follow the latest trends in “trend” and “cute”. In addition to the editorial department’s own special features, we provide a wide range of immediately useful information such as entertainment, beauty, fashion, gourmet food, lifestyle, and outing spots. *
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