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Satsuki Co., Ltd. We have introduced the digital whiteboard “MIRAI TOUCH Biz” to Hillock Elementary School.

[Satsuki Co., Ltd.] We have introduced the digital whiteboard “MIRAI TOUCH Biz” to Hillock Elementary School.

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Press release: June 3, 2024
We have introduced the digital whiteboard “MIRAI TOUCH Biz” to Hillock Elementary School.
*We have received feedback that meetings at work have changed significantly after introducing Mirai Touch. *
Satsuki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President and CEO: Yojiro Sobue; hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is a digital whiteboard “MIRAI TOUCH”.
We have introduced “Biz” to Hillock Elementary School.

hillock elementary school
He runs an alternative school that expands well-being in a wild and academic environment where children take the lead in “growing up” and “learning” independently. An alternative school is a school that implements a philosophy and curriculum different from that of public education. It is attracting a lot of attention in Japan as an alternative to public and private schools. Starting with the Setagaya school, Yoyogi school and Kichijoji school were opened in about two years.

Biz is used every day to hold web conferences at three schools. After its introduction, we received positive feedback, with meetings not only being a place for discussion, but also a place to foster new ideas and ideas. Mr. Gokita, the school director of Yoyogi School, said, “I would like to use the “MIRAI” for meetings.
With “Biz,” you can organize each other’s opinions while writing them on the board, deepen your thinking, and move the discussion forward constructively.”
-Hillock Elementary School-

– * Introduction background *
It was introduced at the first school, Setagaya School, for use in classes. At that time, they were surprised by how easy it was to use Mirai Touch, and decided to introduce it to all schools in the future. Afterwards, each school uses the system to deepen dialogue during meetings held within a limited time.

– * Benefits *
By expressing each other’s opinions while writing them on the board, the discussion became much more lively than before. In addition, we log the contents of the discussion as they are in the MIRAI
Since records can be saved on the main unit of “TOUCH Biz”, it is now possible to have discussions based on the content of previous meetings, and it is now possible to easily check the trajectory of thoughts.

– * [Hillock Elementary School recommends “MIRAI TOUCH Biz”] * ●I think that having one device per team in any company will make meetings go much better. In a normal meeting, it ends up being just a matter of expressing and listening to opinions, and I think it’s easy to end up with a situation where the opinions of those who have the right to speak, such as executives, get passed. With Mirai Touch, people can see each other’s ideas written on the electronic
blackboard, allowing them to exchange opinions without being bound by each other’s positions or ages.

●Recommended for companies and organizations that need to evolve their products and services on a daily basis. Just having Mirai Touch in the field of product development or service development will make one meeting very meaningful.

* ▼Click here to see examples of companies that have introduced the service. *
*You will be redirected to our company’s “MIRAI TOUCH Biz” site.

* ●What is “Digital Whiteboard MIRAI TOUCH Biz” *
TOUCH is a product based on the concept of an “inclusive electronic blackboard” that anyone can use, regardless of who uses it (healthy people, people with disabilities, people of all ages, men and women, people who are not good at IT). A whiteboard, PC, and peripherals are packed into this one unit. Even those who are not familiar with ICT devices can use it intuitively, as it allows easy operations such as “writing”, “erasing”, “projecting”, and “save/sharing”. Improve the efficiency and quality of meetings to increase
productivity across your enterprise.

-An example of product design that prioritizes ease of use-
・Intuitive workability similar to that of a tablet.
・ChromeOS Flex/Windows starts as soon as you turn on the power. No need for a PC or complicated wiring.
・You can use familiar apps such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. – Compatible with major meeting software such as zoom, Google meet, and Teams. ・You can also connect your mouse, keyboard, web camera, microphone, etc. ・Wireless projection from your PC without cables. Compatible with multiple OS and can project multiple screens.

* ●About Satsuki Co., Ltd. *
Satsuki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1931. Currently, we are developing three businesses: “Environmental Solutions Business,” “IT Solutions Business,” and “Home Appliance and Equipment Parts Business.” Among these, our IT solutions business approaches solving Japan’s
educational issues from various perspectives. Mirai Touch, an electronic blackboard with operability and functionality that can be used in a wide range of educational settings such as schools and cram schools, has been introduced in educational settings nationwide. Recently, we have been promoting the use of electronic blackboards in business settings and supporting companies that are working on work style reforms.
Our website:

[Contact information]
Satsuki Co., Ltd.
18th floor, Hibiya Kokusai Building, 2-2-3 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
Phone: 03-6635-8600
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