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Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd. Started recruiting for the second term of official ambassadors for “Lazar Di amond Boutique”

Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd.
Recruitment begins for the second term of official ambassadors for “Lazar Diamond Boutique”
~ Really transmitting your dream bridal story ~
Lazar Diamond Boutique, a diamond jewelry company operated by Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Naoki Sawano), which plans and sells bridal jewelry, is recruiting for the second term of official ambassadors. We will start. Among our customers who are considering bridal rings, many of them refer to the real voices of senior brides close to them or those they have learned about through SNS. Therefore, through the Lazar Diamond brand, we started an official ambassador project in 2023 with the hope of delivering the voices of senior brides to prospective brides and using them as reference when choosing a ring. For the second time in 2024, we are looking for ambassadors who will share useful information for couples choosing their first ring and the appeal of Lazar Diamonds through Instagram and the official website.
[Image 1:×273.jpg] Lazar Diamond Boutique Official Instagram
■Official Ambassador 2nd Term Recruitment Guidelines
-Application period-
Monday, June 3, 2024 – Sunday, June 16, 2024
-Application method-
Please apply using the dedicated form
-Application conditions-
・Those who love Lazar Diamond engagement rings or wedding rings ・Those who can post from their Instagram account (those whose accounts are private are not eligible)
-Ambassador benefits-
A diamond necklace from Lazar Diamond will be presented as a reward gift. -Selection results-
Contact us via DM from Lazar Diamond official Instagram account ■Activities of the second period of official ambassadors
・WEB orientation
・Answers to questions about ring selection from brides-to-be ・Post your activities on your own account (assumed to be once a month during the period)
*The second period of official ambassador activities is scheduled to end in January 2025.
■Activities of the first period of official ambassadors
[Image 2:×563.png ]
For details, please check the AMBASSADOR highlights on the official Instagram.
[Overview of diamond specialty store “Lazar Diamond Boutique”] Primo Global has acquired the trademark rights for “LAZARE DIAMOND(R)” in Japan from Lazare Caplan International, a diamond cutting company in New York and the brand holder of Lazare Diamonds, and is operating mainly in major cities in Japan. This is a directly managed store of Holdings Co., Ltd. (Operating 15 stores in Japan)
[Brand overview]
Lazare Caplan, one of the world’s best diamond cutters, idealized a diamond that sparkles in seven colors, created through ideal makeup. His pursuit of “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond(R)” and the praise he received for its rare brilliance are the pride of “Lazar Diamond,” which is known as one of the world’s three major cutter brands. We handle only conflict-free diamonds, and the brilliance of our diamonds, refined through over 100 years of history and New York’s sophisticated aesthetic sense, is chosen by those who know the real thing.
About Lazare Kaplan
Mr. Diamond, the passion of Lazar Caplan
[Image 3:×504.png ]
Born in 1883 as a third-generation jeweler, Lazare Caplan was recognized as an excellent diamond cutter at a young age in Antwerp, Belgium, and became independent at the age of 20. After that, he moved to New York, USA, and throughout his life he devoted his passion to the search for “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond(R)”. In 1919, based on the theory of his cousin Marcel Tolkowsky, a mathematician, he put into practice the “ideal make,” a diamond with perfect proportions that shines in seven colors. This ideal and luxurious cut is the brand identity that Lazare Diamonds continues to strictly adhere to even after a century. In 1935, renowned jeweler Harry Winston commissioned him to cut the 726 carat Yonkers diamond, a gigantic rough diamond, and it took him a year to accomplish this feat. Lazar Caplan, who was already known as the “Cutting Magician” at the time, worked hard to authentically evaluate the beauty and value of diamonds, as well as to train human resources and develop technology. He preached the importance of the cut that brings out the brilliance of diamonds, and greatly contributed to the establishment of the 4Cs at American appraisal agencies. Lazare Caplan has become a legend due to his sublime aesthetic sense and numerous achievements that have continued to lead the industry, and he is still hailed as “Mr. Diamond.” Our Quality
High quality unique to Lazar Diamonds
[Image 4:×287.jpg] The unrivaled unrivaled brilliance of “The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond(R)” can only be achieved by reaching the highest level in every process. Lazar Diamond supervises everything in-house, from procuring rough stones to cutting and polishing. The Diamond Cutters brand is rare worldwide. We carefully select rough diamonds, mainly the regular octahedron, which is beautiful even as it is. The diamond is cut to a luxurious “ideal make” proportion that prioritizes the essential beauty of brilliance over the number of carats, and the diamond is polished by hand by skilled craftsmen, giving it an overwhelming brilliance. is pulling out. Laser engraving of the ID number, which is now a hallmark of high-quality diamonds, is also a world-first technology co-developed by Lazar Diamonds. Never compromise on anything and aim for even greater heights. These are our pride inherited from our founder, Lazare Caplan, and are the truth behind our diamonds that shine in seven colors.
■Company overview
Trade name: Primo Global Holdings Co., Ltd.
Founded: April 15, 1999
Head office location: 4th floor, Hakutsuru Building, 5-12-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: TEL 03-6226-6261 / FAX 03-6226-6269
Representative: Representative Director Naoki Sawano
Capital: 100 million yen
Total number of stores: 87 stores in Japan / 47 stores overseas (as of June 2024)
Business content: Planning and sales of bridal jewelry
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