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Home » New generation K-1 player Ryu Okubo shows off her fighter and active college student face to fans on “first ta lk show”

New generation K-1 player Ryu Okubo shows off her fighter and active college student face to fans on “first ta lk show”

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New generation K-1 player Ryu Okubo shows off her fighter and active college student face to fans on “first talk show”
Hibiki Suzuki who co-stars in “Ookami-chan-kun” and the
behind-the-scenes story of the program? !
Rui Okubo, a K-1 fighter, former Krush flyweight champion, and also appeared on ABEMA’s original love program “Ookami-chan and Ookami-kun ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni” (Okubo Rui), will hold her first talk show “HIGH WALL” in Tokyo. ~The driving force to overcome walls~” was carried out.
July 7th (Sunday) “K-1 WORLD MAX 2024″ -55kg For Okubo, who is scheduled to participate in the world’s strongest tournament, it was an event where he could dig deeper into his enthusiasm and further charm in front of his fans. .
[Image 1:×2925.jpg] Okubo said at the beginning, “Some people came from far away today, so I’ve prepared a lot of presents for you to enjoy, so please enjoy it till the end.This is my first talk show in my life. “I felt a lot of tension, which was different from a game, but I was able to relax a lot, and the fans who came to the venue were warm and it looks like we’ll be able to have a fun conversation,” he said with a relieved expression on his face.
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] Okubo participated in “THE MATCH 2022” in his second match as a professional and immediately gained attention after defeating Tenshin Nasukawa’s younger brother Ryushin at Tokyo Dome.
Okubo, who is attracting attention among K-1 athletes as a new generation, will compete in the “K-1 WORLD MAX” held at the National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium on Sunday, July 7th, in his third professional match. First of all, when asked about Zhao Zhendong, who is the same age as him and who is set to compete in the “K-1 WORLD MAX 2024 -55kg World’s Strongest Tournament”,
“He is a player who has only lost one match so far, but he has won championships in famous tournaments in China and has achieved good results.
I’m really excited myself. After watching the match footage, I think he is a player with a good balance between punching and kicking. Well, I have a special move, so I think I’ll use it to make him faint! ” he said enthusiastically.
Regarding each player in the tournament who will be participating in the tournament, including Kodai Kaneko and Masashi Kumura, the two top bantamweights in the K-1 group, Okubo said:
“From my point of view, they’re an incredible group of members.But I want to get good results if I’m going to participate.”
I’m going to win. When I first got the offer, I was surprised, but I thought it was an opportunity and decided to take part. I’m looking forward to it. If we win in the first round, will Kumura be next? I’m thinking, but I wonder if I can win? I think. I won the match in July well, and then the other day in the tournament in March, I said I was going to do a great job, but this time I want to show a “super gokokujo”,” he said with confidence.
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] Next, Okubo’s history from early childhood to recent times was introduced through slides and quizzes.
“I had long hair when I was little,” she said, blushing slightly. He started kickboxing under the influence of his father, but due to his poor mental health, when he was in the second grade of elementary school, he even locked himself in the bathroom on the day of a match and ran away. The audience who heard it for the first time cried out in surprise.
In addition, during the first Krush flyweight tournament, he said, “I was in the middle of filming a romance show, so if I lost here, I would be beaten to death, so I went into it with the mindset that I would win no matter what.” expresses his hardships.
[Image 4:×860.png ]
Regarding the theme of the talk event, “HIGH WALL – The driving force to overcome walls,” Okubo said, “When I was in junior high school, I almost never lost in matches and won many titles, but to some extent I felt like I had my own way of winning. When I play, I think that if I do this, I will never lose, but if I only think about that, I won’t grow at all, and even if I win, the gym president and parents won’t change me at all (Ryu). I thought, “I can win, but there was a time when I felt like I couldn’t continue to grow.”
Okubo talks about how he overcame this conflict.
“I’ve always been good at Muay Thai prime wrestling, but after I moved to K-1 and focused on my striking, it wasn’t as hard at all and I think things have changed since then.I felt like I was in good shape. , I wasn’t good at fighting, but as I practiced, I started to get a better idea of ​​how the fight would go, and I thought it was fun (since I’m also good at prime minister wrestling), and I thought I might be able to do MMA as well. He also made a bold statement. As a guest, model Hibiki Suzuzuki, who co-starred in ABEMA’s popular original romance show “Ookami-chan and Ookami-kun ni ni Donai”, came to support the event, and the venue was filled with excitement as she told funny stories from the filming.
[Image 5:×2925.jpg] Suzuki said, “During the rehearsal earlier, I felt nostalgic and remembered that time.”
In the scene where everyone cried for the first time in the history of wolves, he said with deep emotion, “The friendship was real, and this was the first time in my life that I cried like that.”
Regarding the first meeting between Suzuki and Okubo, Suzuki met Okubo during the costume matching for the opening photo shoot.
“(While changing clothes), my upper body was shaking too much, so I asked, “What? What about that body?” and we started a conversation and said, “I do kickboxing. At the beginning, Okubo said, “(When I first met Mr. Suzuki), he was tall and had a really cool face, and at first he came out in a white suit. It was my first time working in the media and I was very nervous, so I was very nervous. “Why are you nervous? (lol)” he said, explaining how he was teased at first. Regarding how it felt to fall in love with a female co-star on the program, Okubo and Suzuki said that while they were trying to create something for viewers to see, they were “serious.” Suzuzuki said, “I was like, “There was a script.” ? “But really, I don’t. I talk to the girls I want to talk to, and there’s no such thing as “talking to anyone.”” Okubo also said, “I was acting strange at that time (lol). ” he agreed.
At the fan question competition, he was asked about his stage appearances, the saunas he’s been into lately, and the type of woman he likes.
“When I see the behavior of paying attention to other children, I think, “She’s a really good child.” For example, I think it’s wonderful when she calls out to a child who is alone in a crowd.” He also shared his views on women, saying that he likes women who are considerate towards others, something that can only be heard here.
[Image 6:×2925.jpg] He also showed off his mitt hitting skills at the event.
It was a chance for Okubo to actually experience a real punch with Suzuki and the fans, and there was a moment when the cheers went up loudly.
At the end of the event, Okubo expressed his thoughts towards his dreams. “My number one dream is to become a K-1 world champion, but I also thought I should do something that only I can do.
I have to balance work with the media, and I’m a university student right now, so I’m not a trifecta, but I’ll do my best to succeed in everything and not do everything half-heartedly! ” and vowed to play an active role as a “three-sword fighter.”
[Image 7:×1108.jpg] Okubo Rui Profile
Record: 7 fights, 6 wins (0 KO), 1 loss, 0 minutes
Obtained title:
First Krush Flyweight Champion K-1 Koshien 2021 -55kg Champion 11th K-1 Amateur All Japan Tournament Challenge A Class -55kg Winner 37th K-1 Amateur Challenge A Class -55kg Winner Belongs to: K-1 Gym WOLF TEAM ASTER
Date of birth: 2004.9.12
Height/Weight: 176cm ・ 55.0kg
Birthplace: Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture (Japan)
Fight style: orthodox
Entrance song: BTS / Euphoria
He started kickboxing under the influence of his father when he was in the first grade of elementary school, and has achieved brilliant results in numerous amateur tournaments. In 2021, he won the K-1 Amateur All Japan Tournament and K-1 Koshien -55kg and was selected as the amateur MVP of the “K-1 GROUP’s annual award ceremony” “K-1 AWARDS 2021”.
Made his professional debut in February 2022. At “THE MATCH 2022” in June, he won against Tenshin Nasukawa’s younger brother Ryushin. In September, he won the inaugural Krush flyweight championship tournament and took the title in his fourth professional fight. In June 2023, he faced his amateur rival Ryunosuke Saito in a one-match bantamweight match and lost by overtime decision, suffering his first loss as a professional, but he made a comeback in October by defeating Eito Kurokawa by decision. He defeated Ikki Mibuura in March 2014 and is on a two-fight winning streak. [As of June 2024]
[Image 8:×852.jpg] Next match: Sunday, July 7, 2024 K-1 WORLD MAX
[K-1 WORLD MAX 2024 -55kg World’s Strongest Tournament・First round (4)/3 minutes 3R・Extension 1R] Ryui Okubo (Japan/K-1 Jim Wolf TEAM ASTER) vs Zhao Zhendong (China/Shenzhen Moriki Jinwa Fight
Sunday, July 7, 2024 K-1 WORLD MAX Tournament Information
[Image 9:×564.jpg] Date: Sunday, July 7, 2024
Venue: National Yoyogi Stadium Second Gymnasium
Event date and time summary: TBA
competition summary
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・Royal seat: 100,000 yen ・Arena SRS: 60,000 yen ・Arena RS: 35,000 yen ・Arena S: 18,000 yen ・Stand S: 18,000 yen ・Stand A: 10,000 yen ・Stand B: 7,000 yen *Consumption tax included / All seats reserved / Tickets are required from elementary school students.
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