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Dream Area Co., Ltd. Bringing Mimori closer to you Notice of price revision and advance reservation campaign for child monitoring GPS “Mimori GPS Talk”

Dream Area Co., Ltd.
[Bringing Mimori closer to you] Notice of price revision and advance reservation campaign for child monitoring GPS “Mimori GPS Talk” ……
Dream Area Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takehide Terashita; hereinafter referred to as Dream Area), which operates Japan’s largest school work support system
“Machikomi” and child monitoring GPS service “Mimori,” provides audio warnings. In 2024, we will make some specification changes to the latest model of the child monitoring GPS “Mimori”, “Mimori GPS Talk,” which prevents dangers using location information such as “Mimori” and GPS, and revise the price to make monitoring more familiar. Items will be shipped in the order of reservation from mid-July to late July.
Furthermore, during the pre-order period from today until the resumption of sales, we will carry out a discount campaign on the device itself as a “special pre-order price”.
[Image 1:×1672.png ]
Mimori GPS Talk sales price
[Table 3:] *There is a monthly fee of 680 yen (748 yen including tax) to use Mimori GPS Talk.
About Mimori GPS Talk
“Mimori GPS” is a monitoring GPS terminal for children.
By installing a special app on a parent’s smartphone and linking it with “Mimori,” the smartphone app can check the child’s current location and travel route, and if the child enters a dangerous place, the app will be used on the parent’s behalf. “Mimori” is a monitoring service that allows children to be warned directly by voice. The new “talk function” in “Mimori GPS Talk” not only allows parents to send recorded voices as messages, but also children’s recorded voices to be sent as messages to parents. This makes it possible to have two-way conversations and realize safer monitoring. The free school work support system “Machicomi”
(, which is used by more than 14,000 facilities and more than 2.6 million people (*) in 47 prefectures nationwide, allows you to It works with the accumulated database of dangerous places and suspicious person information database to protect children’s safety using voice. Since its launch in 2018, many parents, including parents of children in the lower grades of elementary school, have said, “I don’t want my kids to have mobile phones or smartphones. They are prohibited from bringing them to school.” People are using it.
*As of April 2024
◆Product site
[Video 2:] Product features
(1) [★New feature★] Talk function that allows parents and children to send recorded messages to each other
(2) [★New feature★] Equipped with a “notification lamp” that can also be used to learn traffic rules
(3) [★New feature★] Activity range that can be freely set even on complicated routes to and from school
(4) [★New feature★] Equipped with a 2,000mAh large capacity battery (5) Equipped with a wealth of functions such as voice warning and suspicious person information linkage
(6) A wide variety of cases to choose from depending on the usage scene (Case details: Functional overview
(1) Parents and children can have conversations! Two-way voice talk function With “Mimori”, you can record your voice and send it as a “talk”. You can send audio to each other from both the child and the smartphone, so you can hear each other’s voices even if you are far apart. The child’s voice is automatically converted to text (*), and when parents reply, the text is automatically converted to voice, so even in environments where it is not possible to record voices, such as at work or on the train. , you can chat without worrying about your surroundings. Of course, there is no limit to the number of talks. Parents and children can talk as often as they like without worrying about fees.
*Conversion may not be possible depending on the surrounding environment at the time of recording.
[Image 2:×1000.png ]
(2) Equipped with a “notification lamp” that can also be used to learn traffic rules
Since we want children to notice important notifications immediately, we have installed a large LED lamp (*) so that flashing notifications can be seen by children even when a “Mimori” is attached to the shoulder strap of the school bag. When a child approaches a dangerous location that has been set in advance from the smartphone app, such as an alley with poor visibility or a busy intersection, the device will directly notify the child of the danger using a notification lamp and voice. When children become elementary school students, they often go to and from school alone, so it is possible to be more attentive to children who do not yet understand dangerous places. Not only does it encourage children to change their behavior, but it also helps them learn and raise awareness about traffic safety, and supports children walking independently even when their parents are not around.
[Image 3:×900.png ]
*It may be difficult to see the LED lamp in an environment exposed to direct sunlight.
(3) Freely set the scope of your activities! Great for missing transportation
[Image 4:×1835.png ]
You can freely set the area (activity range) in which your child is usually active.
When the child leaves the active area, “Mimori” directly calls attention to the child with voice and lamp, and at the same time notifies the parent with a push notification on the smartphone. You can rest assured even if you accidentally miss a train or bus or go far away. The activity range can be set freely as shown in the diagram on the right, so it is possible to set the range in more detail than by specifying the area with a circle as in the past.
*The screen is currently under development.
(4) Inheriting high-precision positioning method and rich monitoring functions ●Uses a high-precision positioning method A high-precision positioning method that uses GPS satellites from around the world, A-GNSS, Wi-Fi, L1/L5 dual bands, etc. allows you to locate your child even
underground or indoors, where positioning is difficult. is now possible (*). It automatically searches your current location at minimum intervals of 1.5 minutes, so you can instantly know your current location and travel route by opening the smartphone app. *Depending on the surrounding environment, it may not be possible to obtain the current location or errors may occur.
●Automatic notification of arrival and departure from areas By registering the places your child often goes, such as home, school, and lessons, parents will receive push notifications to their smartphones informing them of their arrival and departure from those places.
●Voice warning in dangerous places If you enter the “danger area” set on the smartphone app, “Mimori” will directly notify you of the danger by voice. The sound to be played can be set for each area from a wide variety of preset sounds. It also automatically links with suspicious person information nationwide, and alerts children with an electronic sound in areas where a suspicious person has been seen. At the same time, a notification will be sent to the parents’ smartphones. ●Notification button lets you know your current location In response to the voice of children who want a way to contact them, Mimori has been equipped with a notification button since the first model. Even if the child is unable to send a chat, by pressing the “notification button” the child’s current location will be notified to the parent’s smartphone. If you and your family decide in advance how the button will be used, the process will be smoother.
●Equipped with the industry’s highest standard “2,000mAh battery” The built-in battery has been significantly increased to a large capacity of 2,000mAh (previous model was 1,350mAh). Achieved approximately 4 weeks of operation on a single charge. In addition, the charging terminal has newly adopted USB Type-C, which enables faster charging than before.
*Battery consumption may be faster depending on the surrounding radio wave environment.
*Calculations are based on a child’s walking time outside the home of 3 hours per day. *Operating hours vary depending on usage conditions and surrounding environment.
*The battery will drain faster if the talk is left in storage. Mimori GPS Talk product specifications
[Table 4:] URL:
*1 GPS (USA), Michibiki (Japan), GLONASS (Russia), BeiDou (China), Galileo (Europe).
*2 Satellite orbit data is acquired via LTE-M line, making it possible to quickly identify the current location.
*3 Calculated based on 3 hours of travel per day. It varies depending on the number of times the audio is sent and received and the blinking time of the LED.
About Dream Area
Dream Area started as an internet system company in 2001. In 2005, we started the “Machikomi” business with the concept of “creating a town where children can live with peace of mind.” We publish information necessary for safety management such as “What to do when encountering a suspicious person that you want to teach your children” and “What to be careful about as a parent”, as well as various useful information and information specific to the area. We hope that this will stimulate communication throughout the community and serve as an opportunity to create a city where problems such as suspicious persons are less likely to occur. Currently, “Machikomi” has been introduced in 14,604 facilities, including 200 boards of education and public elementary schools, in 47 prefectures nationwide (as of April 2024). In addition, in March 2024, we will release the third generation model of the child monitoring GPS “Mimori”, “Mimori GPS Talk”.
[Dream Area Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: Dreamarea, Inc.
Head office location: 9th floor, Kotobuki Park Building, 1-20-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
Establishment date: April 25, 2001
Representative: Representative Director Takehide Terashita
Capital: 100,000,000 yen
Business details: Operation of the school business support system “Machikomi”, planning, development and operation of the child monitoring service “Mimori”, planning and development of mobile content, server construction and operation and maintenance, operation of restaurant stores
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