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Home » Future Life Experience “TEAM EXPO Pavilion” Public Relations Office Same day report 2025 Japan Internati onal Expo 4th “TEAM EXPO 2025 MEETING”

Future Life Experience “TEAM EXPO Pavilion” Public Relations Office Same day report 2025 Japan Internati onal Expo 4th “TEAM EXPO 2025 MEETING”

Future Life Experience “TEAM EXPO Pavilion” Public Relations Office [Same day report] 2025 Japan International Expo 4th “TEAM EXPO 2025 MEETING” One after another, teams have been tentatively decided to participate! The official event, which was well received and said to lead to co-creation, was held at the Sakishu venue, right in front of the Expo venue!
[Image 1:×1202.jpg] The Japan Association for the 2025 World Expo, a public interest incorporated association, will conduct a participation screening for “TEAM EXPO 2025” program registrants who have entered the “TEAM EXPO Pavilion”, and will hold events including “TEAM EXPO 2025” program registrants. We held the 4th TEAM EXPO 2025 MEETING, a co-creation event aimed at creating active encounters, dialogue, and co-creation among visitors. The Future Life Experience “TEAM EXPO Pavilion” Public Relations Office will report on this situation. “TEAM EXPO 2025 MEETING” is the largest official event in the “TEAM EXPO 2025” program, with over 3,400 participants (total of the past three events). The TEAM EXPO 2025 program calls for activities to realize the Expo’s theme of “Designing a Future Society that Brightens Life” as a “Co-Creation Challenge,” and companies and organizations that support these activities are registered as “Co-Creation Partners.” can. To date, 1,758 co-creation challenges and 378 co-creation partner organizations have been registered (as of May 8, 2024). Moreover, the scale of the activity does not matter. The field doesn’t matter as long as the activity is in line with the theme of the Expo and is for the future that excites us. The program is open to everyone. This 4th “TEAM EXPO 2025 MEETING” welcomed approximately 600 people, in addition to “Co-Creation Challenge” and “Co-Creation Partners”, as well as general visitors wishing to take a tour. In the morning, stage presentations were given by each participant in three stages, with a total of 42 groups giving presentations. In the afternoon, each participant set up a total of 57 booths, promoting their activities through stage presentations and booth displays, and interacting with other co-creation challenges and co-creation partners. There were elaborate stage presentations, including demonstrations by
participants of planting experiences, and an “AI Matching
Introduction Relay” where the event MC went around the exhibition booths introducing the event. In addition, many program registrants gathered to accelerate co-creation, as symbolized by the co-creation board on which their “desired future” was written, which continued from the third event. This event is also a pre-event screening opportunity for co-creation challenges and co-creation partners who have entered the TEAM EXPO Pavilion at the Osaka/Kansai Expo. Entries for the “TEAM EXPO Pavilion” will be notified of the screening results at a later date, and the selected co-creation challenge and
co-creation partners will participate in the Osaka/Kansai Expo and will make presentations and exhibits at the Expo venue. The 2025 Japan World Expo Association continues to accept applications for
participation in the “TEAM EXPO 2025” program and entries for the “TEAM EXPO Pavilion.”
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[Image 3:×1149.jpg] -Event Digest 1.: Opening event ~ New information supporting co-creation activities will also be released! ~-The venue was livened up with the introduction of the event program and the appearance of the official mascot character, Myakumyaku. New information has been announced that Peatix Japan Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Naofumi Iwai) will be co-sponsoring the co-creation project, and that registrants of the “TEAM EXPO 2025″ program will be able to
independently register event information (*). In addition, the screen of the virtual venue under development, where all the activities of the “TEAM EXPO 2025” program registrants will be posted, was unveiled for the first time, drawing attention from the participants. *Press release:
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[Image 5:×1149.jpg] -Event Digest 2.: Two Talk Sessions ~ “Co-Design Challenge”/Startup Boost Project Talk Session ~ – 11 businesses selected for the EXPO co-creation project special program “Co-Design Challenge 2024″ announced on the same day At the talk session I attended, one person said, “This project was born out of an encounter we had at the 3rd TEAM EXPO 2025 MEETING, which was held in December last year, and we made it through to this selection in a short period of time.” Each of the selected businesses introduced their businesses and talked with the selection committee members about their thoughts on the Expo. Additionally, during the “Startup Boost Project (SBP)” talk session, a pitch was held that connected the event venue and advisors online. The participants listened intently to the advisor’s message, “We want you to make the most of the Expo,” and his comments on how to turn a business idea into a business model.
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[Image 7:×1149.jpg] -Event Digest 3.: Co-creation among participants ~ Individual consultation sessions & co-creation workshops ~ – The consultation booths for participants at the Expo venue were crowded, and we are steadily moving towards the opening in less than a year. There were also participants preparing for the event. At the “Let’s aim for new co-creation through random matching! Co-creation mini-workshop,” which was held as an initiative for co-creation, participants were divided into 6 randomly matched groups of 5 people to learn about their individual skills and skills. We developed ideas for solving social issues by combining our strengths. There was also lively dialogue between the participants, and the event became a place that exemplified the idea of ​​co-creation.
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[Image 9:×1149.jpg] ■What is the co-creation challenge?
TEAM EXPO 2025 is a participatory program created by everyone, where diverse people form teams and take on the future of the Osaka/Kansai Expo and beyond through a variety of activities. Among these, the “co-creation challenge” refers to individuals who are taking the initiative to take action toward the future, or who are The activities of a team that is trying to make a difference. Anyone can enter, regardless of the field, as long as they are progressing with excitement. ■What is “TEAM EXPO Pavilion”? “TEAM EXPO Pavilion” is a place for participatory expo practice.
What can be announced and exhibited at this pavilion is: 1) “TEAM EXPO 2025” program Since the start of October 2020, as a participatory program, we have been disseminating activities and initiatives to the world to solve social issues and achieve SDGs. Many activities such as companies that want to do so are registered. Approximately 3,000 groups were recruited from among the participants, and through “dialogue” with many people, including visitors and fellow exhibitors, a diverse group of participants both domestically and internationally will take the lead in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. We aim to create “co-creation” in which we can work together to create a future society that is 2) Best Practice A program that selects high-quality projects that solve problems facing the world and exhibits and disseminates them at the Expo venue. At the Osaka/Kansai Expo, we solicited activities from those registered in the TEAM EXPO 2025 program and selected them as “particularly good examples that are practical, reproducible around the world, and can be used for the future.” The project will be exhibited in the “TEAM EXPO pavilion”. ■What is “Co-Design Challenge 2024”? “Co-Design Challenge 2024” is based on the concept of “creating the future of Japan’s lifestyles (towns)” in various locations across Japan, taking advantage of the Osaka/Kansai Expo. “1. Use the Expo as an opportunity to create something new,” “2. It must be a co-creation initiative,” “3. It must be approached from a design perspective,” and “4. It does not require large amounts of capital.” This program has five
characteristics: 5. Work on attracting customers to the area. The items selected this time will be used at the Future Life Experience “TEAM EXPO Pavilion” inside the Expo venue. (Reference URL: ■What is the “Startup Boost Project”? We encourage startups and people who aim to start up to make the most of the Osaka/Kansai Expo. This is an effort to “receive”. The aim is to convey the appeal of Japanese startups to all over Japan and the world through the Expo, and to provide fuel for their significant growth. Co-creation partners support startup companies, venture companies, and members of the co-creation challenge who aim to become startups (co-creation members) to create new co-creation. (Reference URL: ■Participation in this event Co-creation challenge
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■Related companies that spoke at this event (in no particular order) – Co-creation partners – Izumiotsu City, Japan Dental Association, D.Realize Co., Ltd., Osaka Institute of Technology, Yao City, Japan Society of Professional Engineers Kinki Headquarters, General Incorporated Association Ouen Festival
– Companies selected for “Co-Design Challenge 2024” – Asahikawa Furniture Industry Cooperative Association (Representative), Kandi House Co., Ltd., ADDReC Co., Ltd. (Representative), Kushiro Seisakusho Co., Ltd., Gomei Co., Ltd., Tokuji Furniture Industry Co., Ltd., Stocks Company Ningen, Hitotone Co., Ltd., Leaf Design Park Co., Ltd., DOKASEN Co., Ltd., SATOKEN Co., Ltd., 11 Co., Ltd., Orikane Co., Ltd. (representative), Eight Japan Technology Development Co., Ltd., Teramoto Co., Ltd., Naga Wood Co., Ltd. , Panasonic Production Engineering Co., Ltd., Kanamori Gokin Co., Ltd. (Representative), Koshi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Representative), Shimizu
Corporation, Sustainable Generation General Incorporated Association (Representative), Akram Co., Ltd., Takagi Packaging Co., Ltd., Pack Co., Ltd. Intakagi/Shigaraki Pottery Industrial Cooperative
Association (representative), Maruji Seito Co., Ltd., Meizan Ceramics Co., Ltd./Design Week Kyoto Executive Committee (representative), Mitsuha Shoji Co., Ltd., Mizokawa Co., Ltd., Dots Co., Ltd. Andlines (Representative), Kumakura Shearing Co., Ltd., Tomoyasu Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Representative), Non-profit organization Fuchu Antenna (Representative), Traditional Crafts Co., Ltd.
-Startup Boost Project Stage-Advisor: Hirohisa Kunimitsu, CEO of FiNANCiE Founder, CEO of Thirdverse Founder, and CEO of MintTown Founder, Toshitake Hayashi, Representative Partner of Doriai Innovation LLC Yoshiaki Sawabe, Representative Director and CEO of One to Ten Co., Ltd. Speakers: Revcel Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kenji Yamamoto UNTRACKED Co., Ltd. Researcher Fuyuya Kamijo
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