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JTB introduces “Luna Luna Office”, a femtech service for corporations

LIFEM Co., Ltd.
JTB introduces “Luna Luna Office”, a femtech service for corporations ~Supporting employees to improve symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause, counseling for pregnancy, and promoting understanding of health issues~
JTB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, “JTB”) and LIFEM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, “LIFEM”) are providing services for corporations that support the improvement of the health issues of working women provided by LIFEM. We have agreed to introduce the “menstruation program”, “fertility counseling program”, and “menopause program” of the femtech*1 service “Luna Luna Office” to JTB from Monday, June 3rd. Through this program, we will provide JTB employees with seminar videos supervised by obstetricians and gynecologists and online medical treatment services in collaboration with medical institutions. This will help improve menstrual symptoms and menopausal symptoms, reduce anxiety about balancing infertility treatment and work, and promote company-wide understanding of women’s health issues.
[Image 1:×318.png ]
◆JTB, which promotes DEIB with the aim of creating a workplace where all employees can play an active role, has started all programs of “Luna Luna Office”!
At JTB, we are promoting DEIB*2 in order to create a corporate culture where each and every employee can continue to play an active role and shine. We will promote DEIB through five axes: cultural reform, promotion of work style changes to establish the “JTB GroupWORK Style,” career development support based on employee independence, employment and support for people with disabilities, and gender equality. We are working towards this. In particular, in promoting gender equality, which is one of our activities, we aim to improve health literacy regarding health issues specific to women, and support the creation of a workplace environment where female employees and their colleagues can work with enthusiasm by expanding and
establishing the use of systems. To do. As one of these measures, from June 3rd, we will be introducing the “Menstrual Program,”
“Menopause Program,” and “Pregnancy Consultation Program” of the “Luna Luna Office” standard plan provided by LIFEM. Through this, we aim to “improve work comfort” and “support career development” for female employees.
Through this program, JTB and LIFEM will support the improvement of health issues faced by working women, promote understanding throughout the workplace, and promote the creation of a workplace where women can shine as themselves.
-Outline of the program introduced by JTB-
The Menstrual Program, Menopause Program, and Fertility Consultation Program launched at JTB will provide all employees, regardless of gender, with seminar videos supervised by obstetricians and
gynecologists to deepen understanding and knowledge about women’s bodies and minds. To do. In addition, by utilizing Luna Luna Online Medical Treatment, an online medical service specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, we provide support and effectiveness verification for the improvement of paramenstrual symptoms and menopausal symptoms through consultations, as well as online consultations with doctors regarding pregnancy and infertility treatment. Masu.
-Details of each program-
[Table 2: ]
◆JTB Co., Ltd. Human Resources Planning Team Masaki Kotani
[Image 2:×623.jpg] Our company aims to foster a corporate culture in which employees take the initiative to improve their health. We want our employees to treat health as their own personal issue, and we hope that the introduction of this program will provide an opportunity for working women to take concrete actions to address the health issues they face at various stages of their lives. I am. Through this program, we will not only improve the health issues of female employees, but also make many employees, regardless of gender, aware of women’s health issues, thereby building a culture of mutual respect and mutual respect. We hope that this will lead to the creation of a work environment where employees can work with enthusiasm.
*1 Femtech: A coined word combining the words “Female” and
“Technology.” It uses the power of technology to solve health issues faced by women.
*2 DEIB: Abbreviation for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. *3 FEMCATION(R): A registered trademark of MTI. A coined word that combines FEMALE and EDUCATION. complex and diverse women’s
A project to spread understanding and create opportunities to properly learn about the body and mind, and to create an environment where society as a whole can support each other regardless of age or gender. *4 PMS: Abbreviation for Premenstrual Syndrome. Mental or physical symptoms that last for 3 to 10 days before menstruation and that subside or disappear with the onset of menstruation.
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