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Home » Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey “Career Change Site” Ranking “en Career Change” ranked No. 1 for 7 c onsecutive years!

Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey “Career Change Site” Ranking “en Career Change” ranked No. 1 for 7 c onsecutive years!

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Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey “Career Change Site” Ranking “en Career Change” ranked No. 1 for 7 consecutive years!
~Achieved No.1 in all evaluation items, age groups, and attributes~ ……
En Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Koji Suzuki) operates Japan’s largest comprehensive recruitment site “En Career Change”
( We were ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction in the “2024 Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey” ranking of “job change sites” announced by Oricon ME Co., Ltd. The ranking consists of four evaluation items, including “ease of use of sites and apps” and “ease of search,” as well as four categories: gender, age, demographic, and job type. We would like to inform you that “en Career Tensho” was ranked first in all four evaluation criteria, as well as in age and attributes, and received high praise from users.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] 2024 Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey “en Career Change” selected items
[Image 2:×382.png ]
[Image 3:×1194.png ]
Comment from Kojiro Kondo, “en Career Tensho” Service Manager
[Image 4:×598.png ]
Thank you very much for being ranked number one in customer
satisfaction on the Job Change Site for seven consecutive years. “Take care of your work, and be careful when changing jobs.” This is the philosophy that En Career Tensho has cherished for over 20 years. En Career Change has always been particular about disclosing honest and detailed information, such as creating recruitment articles from a third-party perspective based on interviews and posting reviews. As a result, I am really happy that we have been able to receive support from people who have changed jobs.
Due to the labor shortage, we believe that the environment will continue to be a seller’s market in which job seekers have an advantage. We will strive to provide user-first information so that you can carefully approach your job change and avoid regrets if you change jobs too easily.
With our conviction, en Career Change will continue to pursue “success after joining the company.”
2024 Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey Career Change Site Survey Overview Research entity: oricon Co., Ltd. ME survey method: Internet survey Number of samples: 4,925 people Required number of people: 100 or more Survey period: 2024/01/05 – 2024/01/24, 2023/01/05 – 2023/02/01, 2022/01/05 – 2022/02/02 Survey target: Gender not specified, age 20-59 years old, region nationwide Conditions: Survey of people who have used a job change site to change jobs within the past 5 years and have worked as a full-time employee Number of companies: 13 companies Definition: Websites (including apps) that provide employee
recruitment information to job seekers who meet all of the following conditions and wish to change jobs as full-time employees: 1) Not only does it introduce human resources; 2) Handles job openings that can be applied directly to companies 2) Handles job openings nationwide 3) Handles job openings in multiple job types and industries *Excluding job type 4) Not limited to specific user attributes *Male and female 5) Not a cross-search site on a search engine or other site; 6) A URL that has an additional function that allows you to be scouted by companies, job change agents, etc. by registering as a member:
This is the standard. “En Career Change”, the job information site with the No. 1 overall satisfaction rate
[Image 5:×548.png ]
It is one of the largest comprehensive recruitment sites in Japan, boasting over 10 million members. En representatives interview recruiting companies and honestly list the good and bad points. Furthermore, by providing multifaceted information such as reviews from current and former employees and comments from company
representatives, we support “encounters between people and
companies” without mismatches.
*2018-2024 Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey “Job Change Site” Ranking 1st overall ( Press release download ==============================
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