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Home » The first installment is Taizo Sugimura talking about PR | Business seminar x baseball game will be held for the first time at S-Confield HOKKAIDO! PR TIMES appointed as official sponsor of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

The first installment is Taizo Sugimura talking about PR | Business seminar x baseball game will be held for the first time at S-Confield HOKKAIDO! PR TIMES appointed as official sponsor of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

The first installment is Taizo Sugimura talking about PR | Business seminar x baseball game will be held for the first time at S-Confield HOKKAIDO! PR as official sponsor of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters TIMES appointment

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Press release: June 3, 2024
The first installment is Taizo Sugimura talking about PR | Business seminar x baseball game will be held for the first time at S-Confield HOKKAIDO! PR as official sponsor of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters TIMES appointment
*Watching the game from Esconfield HOKKAIDO’s special seat “Batter’s Eye Lounge by PR TIMES”*
* PR Co., Ltd., which operates the press release distribution service “PR TIMES” etc.
TIMES (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takumi , TSE Prime: 3922) has been appointed as the official sponsor of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in 2024, and has announced the opening of the special seat “Batter’s Eye Lounge” at the team’s home base, S-Confield HOKKAIDO.
by PR TIMES” has started this season. *
* And this “Batter’s Eye Lounge by PR
TIMES” has decided to hold a set of a Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters game match and a public relations seminar by Taizo Sugimura to learn “output power” on June 28th (Friday). We will begin accepting business participation from today, June 3rd (Monday). *

Business seminar x baseball game held at Esconfield HOKKAIDO We believe that PR can contribute to the growth of local businesses and revitalize the local economy by expanding sales channels through information dissemination and creating new fans through careful communication. This time, PR from 2024
On the occasion of our appointment as the official sponsor of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, TIMES will hold a special event for people who want to improve their local area, so that they can experience the potential of PR.

PR from 2024
TIMES has become the official sponsor of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. We will be holding a public relations seminar using the venue of S-Confield HOKKAIDO, the team’s home base, to provide Hokkaido businesses with content that will help them learn more about PR and make them want to make more use of it.
After the seminar, there will be a special seat provided by PR TIMES called “Batter’s Eye Lounge by PR”.
While watching the match on “TIMES”, participants will have a networking session with each other. We aim to be a place where participants can support local teams together and make friends with local businesses that will boost the local economy. We are looking forward to the interaction that will occur as we support the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters together, as they are a team that values ​​the local community and is loved by the local community.

We are looking for people to join this event as an opportunity to wish for the victory of the local Hokkaido professional baseball team, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, and to use public relations to find friends who can enjoy the development of the region.
I hear people complain that compared to other industries, there are fewer people in public relations who can feel free to talk to them, such as not having as many people as other departments and not having a boss who can teach them. Through this event, we hope that
participating businesses will have more opportunities to share know-how, make friends with whom they can discuss their concerns, and put more PR into practice in their business activities.

The first lecture guest on June 28th will be Taizo Sugimura. In Hokkaido, in addition to serving as an MC for economic programs, he is also producing the Asahikawa Hare Yatai Village, a commercial facility that enlivens his hometown of Asahikawa. He is also an investor who has released multiple books. Mr. Sugimura talks about the importance of the ability to communicate, something that he feels is common to all the managers he has seen.

* Seminar summary of the “power of communication (output)” that Mr. Taizo Sugimura, who has the face of an economic program MC, investor, and business manager, has felt from the managers he has seen * Date: June 28, 2024 (Friday) 16:00 until the end of the match (Seminar will be held from 17:00 to 17:45)
Venue: Esconfield HOKKAIDO
Capacity: Up to 30 people can participate on-site
Participation qualifications: Businesses in Hokkaido (online participation is possible from all over the country)
Participation fee: Free
Application: From the link below
Deadline: Monday, June 17, 2024
Confirmation of your participation will be sent via email on the 18th (Tuesday).
*If there are a large number of applications, we will make a decision based on the usage status of our services.

Mr. Taizo Sugimura Profile
Born August 13, 1979 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Dropped out of the University of Tsukuba in March 2004.
After working as a temporary employee at a foreign securities company, he became the youngest person to be elected in the September 2005 general election. Member of the Health, Labor and Welfare Committee and the Settlement Administration Oversight Committee. Specializing in labor issues, he is particularly committed to improving the
environment for young people’s employment, including NEET and part-time jobs.
Currently, he is active in media such as TV, radio, and magazines, and also gives lectures on politics and economics throughout the country, using his own experiences as a temporary worker, a member of the Diet, and an unemployed person who turned into a celebrity. conduct. Completed the doctoral course at Keio University Graduate School of Media Design after completing the required credits. We are conducting joint research with the village of Otoishifu in Hokkaido on
countermeasures for population decline and issues in depopulated areas.
KADOKAWA has published “A revolution in how to earn money that teaches you the basics of investing, side jobs, and money from scratch.”
His hobby is tennis, and he is so good at it that he once won the national championship. In his private life, he is the father of three children.
Comment from Mr. Sugimura
I don’t know what will happen in life. I’ve worked with a lot of different people, and I think I have the skills to seize opportunities with people who I think are wonderful and who make me want to work with them again. I would like to introduce it to everyone.

Upcoming events
Learn about PR at Esconfield HOKKAIDO, which is planned by our company, and go straight to “Batter’s Alone by PR”
This event, where you can watch games on “TIMES,” is scheduled to continue throughout the season.

*Scheduled dates*
June 28th (Friday) Guest: Mr. Taizo Sugimura
July 31st (Wednesday), August 27th (Tuesday), September 25th (Wednesday) Guest speakers and call for participants for the second and subsequent events to be held on July 31st will be announced later.

About Batter’s Eye Lounge by PR TIMES
Craft beer brewing restaurant “Sora Toshiba by
Yona Yona Ale is a special exclusive lounge located within the basement center fence that can accommodate up to 10 people. You can experience the powerful play at the fence from the same perspective as the players. We also offer a set of Sora Toshiba special hors d’oeuvres (for 10 people) and 7 liters of Sora Toshiba drinks. Starting from the 2024 season, PR TIMES will become the sponsor and the name will become “Batter’s Eye Lounge by PR TIMES.”

Why PR TIMES becomes a partner of a professional baseball team PR
TIMES operates a platform that widely disseminates press releases, in which companies officially announce new information, to a wide audience. We believe that press releases are a way to announce the results of people’s actions and hard work, and we aim to democratize PR so that “actors” can make their own announcements regardless of company size or region. Masu.
Since 2017, we have been collaborating with financial institutions, media, and local governments in each region, and since September 2022 we have been developing regional commercials in 12 areas across the country featuring local companies. In addition, from October of the same year, “Sore, PR Seminar!”, a place for local companies to learn and interact with the theme of PR, was held in six cities from Okinawa to Aichi, and a community event for PR personnel “PR Seminar!” was held in six cities from Okinawa to Aichi.
TIMES College” was held simultaneously in 5 areas nationwide (Fukuoka to Hokkaido) in 2013 for the first time.
Twelve professional baseball teams have their home bases all over the country, from Hokkaido to Fukuoka, and they have many passionate local fans who are rooted in their communities. Because fans love their local teams, we believe that by making them aware of PR’s potential to contribute to regional revitalization, they will consider making further use of PR.
PR from 2024 season
TIMES has become an official sponsor of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, and a support company for the Hanshin Tigers, and with the cooperation of each team, we are implementing initiatives to make local people feel the potential of PR. We will continue to.

The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, who we will be working with this time, made Hokkaido their home base in 2004 and have been loved by the region as the first professional baseball team in the prefecture. Esconfield HOKKAIDO, the new baseball stadium that opened in 2023, attracted 3.46 million visitors in its first year, and is having a positive impact not only on the surrounding area, but also on the Hokkaido economy, including lodging, dining, and railways.

About PR TIMES Co., Ltd.
PR TIMES (pronunciation: PR TIMES) says, “* We are moving into an era where information from those who take action will move people’s hearts.*
” is our mission, and we are striving to create a society where positive information from people of action is at the center of our news, encouraging individuals to move forward. We believe that press releases are a way to announce the results of people’s actions and hard work, and we aim to democratize PR so that “actors” can communicate their own information regardless of the size of the company. It is expanding. *
The number of companies using the press release distribution service “PR TIMES”* is over 94,000*, accounting for over 57% of listed companies* in Japan*
It is used by Please register as a member to collect information* More than 26,000 media reporters*, the number of site accesses* is approximately 90 million page views per month*
, the number of press releases exceeds *34,000 per month* and over 1 million* in total. Including national newspaper websites, etc.* Content is published in over 250 partner media* (as of February 2024). In addition, * “PR TIMES STORY” that tells stories * , * “PR TIMES TV” that tells videos * , *
A PR partner business that supports PR activities from design to execution* ,* Art-specific PR platform “MARPH”* , *
News media business such as “isuta” and “STRAIGHT PRESS”*
In addition to supporting the announcement and dissemination of information, we also support the progress of the created project until it is announced.* Task/project management tool “Jooto”*
In addition, we operate businesses that provide three-dimensional support for “takers”, such as the customer support tool “Tayori”*, which allows customers to respond to announcements and organize information smoothly*.
In addition, our subsidiaries include * THE BRIDGE Co., Ltd., which operates the startup media “BRIDGE”, * Glucose Co., Ltd., which performs contract software development*.
,* NAVICUS Co., Ltd.* provides SNS marketing support.

PR TIMES Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Mission: Towards an era where information from people who take action moves people’s hearts.
Company name: PR TIMES Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime stock code: 3922) Address: Akasaka Intercity 8F, 1-11-44 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: December 2005
Representative Director: Takumi
Business details: – Operation of press release distribution service “PR TIMES” (
– Operation of story distribution service “PR TIMES STORY”
– Provide public relations and PR support as a partner between clients and media – Operation of video PR services “PR TIMES TV” and “PR TIMES LIVE” (
– Operation of art-specific online PR platform “MARPH” ( – Operation of customer support tool “Tayori” ( – Operation of task/project management tool “Jooto” ( – Operation of PR TIMES MAGAZINE (, a media that delivers knowledge on public relations
– Operation of press release dedicated editor “PR Editor”
– Web news media management, etc.
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