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Motonogizaka46 collaboration “2nd ANNIVERSARY Collection” will be released to commemorate Lantinam’s 2nd anniversary!

AnyMind Group Co., Ltd.
[Motonogizaka46 collaboration] “2nd ANNIVERSARY Collection” will be released to commemorate Lantinam’s 2nd anniversary!
A gorgeous collaboration between Motonogizaka46, Sayuri Matsumura and Kazumi Takayama has been realized!
AnyMind Group Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: AnyMind Group, Representative Director and CEO: Kosuke Sogo, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) announced that the D2C apparel brand “Lantinam” produced by “Sayuri Matsumura” will be released on June 10, 2024. To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of its birth, the “LANTINAM 2nd ANNIVERSARY Collection” will be on sale from 20:00 on Monday, June 10, 2024 at the Lantinam official online store ( Masu. We welcome Kazumi Takayama of Motonogizaka46 as a special model, and we will deliver a luxurious collaboration.
[Image 1:×1005.png ]
“Lantinam” is produced by Sayuri Matsumura, a former member of the female idol group Nogizaka46, and is derived from the flower lantana, which has the Japanese name “Shichiheng”. “Lantina blooms its charm at any moment, and you can’t take your eyes off it.” We are an apparel brand whose concept is “Existence”. On the occasion of the brand’s 2nd anniversary, Kazumi Takayama, also from Motonogizaka46, will appear as a special guest. A gorgeous collaboration between two graduates has been realized.
The “LANTINAM 2nd ANNIVERSARY Collection” to be released in
commemoration of the brand’s 2nd anniversary includes gorgeous dresses inspired by Sayuringo’s stage costumes, as well as illustrators who express exciting everyday moments and women’s lifestyles with a fashionable touch. A lineup of 4 items including T-shirts and iPhone cases in collaboration with YUKA YASUTOMI. Sold exclusively online (
Additionally, customers who purchase the 2nd ANNIVERSARY Dress will receive an unreleased talk video between the two as a gift. The special video, which shows Sayuri Matsumura’s state of mind on the 2nd anniversary and the close friendship between the two, is a must-see for fans. Please enjoy the Lantinam 2nd ANNIVERSARY Collection worn by Sayuri Matsumura and Kazumi Takayama.
Dresses other than the “2nd Anniversary Dress”, which is sold exclusively online, will also be sold at the “2nd ANNIVERSARY store” which will be held in Meiji Jingumae, Tokyo for two days from June 22nd (Sat.) to June 23rd (Sun.). For details on the pop-up store, please see the press release below.
To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the brand “Lantinam” produced by Sayuri Matsumura, “2nd ANNIVERSARY store” will be held in Meiji Jingumae, Tokyo!
2nd ANNIVERSARY Collection
●2nd Anniversary Dress
[Image 2:×1005.png ]
Price: 22,000 yen (tax included) / Color: mint green, black / Size range: S, M A feminine dress with a soft bowtie ribbon design that brightly colors the area around the face. The skirt part has chiffon pleats between the docking points, and it flutters lightly with every movement. Unlike other items, this is a rare item that is only sold online. ●2nd Anniversary Collaboration Tee
[Image 3:×1000.png ]
Price: 7,000 yen (tax included) / Color: breakfast, lunch, dinner / Size range: FREE
Collaboration item with illustrator YUKA YASUTOMI.
Lantinam’s brand concept of “time” is printed with original
illustrations created with images of morning, noon, and night scenes. The soft touch and bright colors make this a gorgeous T-shirt to celebrate Lantinum’s 2nd anniversary.
●Itoshi iPhone case
[Image 4:×1999.jpg ]
Price: 2,900 yen (tax included) / Compatible models: iPhone12, 12pro, 13/14, 14pro, 15, 15pro
An iPhone case with an illustration of Sayuringo’s pet dog “Itoshi” drawn by YUKA YASUTOMI.
I added it to my iPhone case so that I can be with it every day. ●LANTINAM Candle
[Image 5:×1999.jpg] Price: 5,500 yen (tax included)
The scent of crocus, which is a combination of soft sweetness and spiciness, envelops the space in a mature and elegant way. The candle bottle has an antique-style original logo, creating a lovely design that is perfect for any room.
Comment from Sayuri Matsumura
Introducing special guests and special items to commemorate Lantinam’s 2nd anniversary (Heart)
To Kazumin who always wears Lantinam.
I was able to participate as a model (heart)
She always wore it beautifully, so please don’t do it…(Heart) On the day, everyone was captivated by the best princess feeling and brightness while taking photos (Heart)
They are all very cute, so please check them out (heart)
And also to YUKA YASUTOMI, an illustrator whom I have admired for a long time. It was designed with Lantinam in mind (heart)
A gorgeous and special design that will brighten up your everyday life! I want to celebrate our second anniversary with everyone!
Please pick it up (heart)
Comment from Kazumi Takayama
I had fun taking photos while feeling nostalgic!
After all, Machun is a cute model and I respect him…!
I would like to thank you for inviting me to take part in the commemorative photoshoot for our 2nd anniversary.
Thank you for always making cute clothes. The new work was also very nice… Please continue to support Lanthinum and Machun as a fan ^^
What is Lantinam?
[Image 6:×300.png] An apparel brand produced by Sayuri Matsumura with the concept of “Bloom Whenever / An eye-catching presence that blooms at any moment.” It is characterized by a story that is tied to the time axis of a day, and the design is designed with specific scenes in mind. We offer daily wear that adds dramatic color to your everyday life.
Brand ConceptWhat I am now
You can only see it now
don’t take your eyes off me
in the morning in the afternoon in the evening
make flowers bloom
Official website:
Official Instagram: Sayuri Matsumura Profile
[Image 7:×1999.jpg] Born in Osaka in 1992.
A former member of the female idol group Nogizaka46.
Currently, in addition to working as a regular model for the magazine “BAILA”, she is also active in a wide range of activities as an actress, appearing in dramas and movies, and appearing on many variety shows.
Instagram: Kazumi Takayama Profile
[Image 8:×1279.jpg] Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1994.
Passed the Nogizaka46 first generation member audition in 2011. In 2018, he made his debut as a novelist with the book “Trapezium”. After graduating from Nogizaka46 in 2021, he has been active in variety shows, such as serving as MC on “Quiz Presentation Variety Q-sama!!” and “All Star After Festival”. Debuted as a picture book author in February 2024 with the picture book “Gappi-chan”. The animated film “Trapezium” is currently being released.
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Established: April 2016
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