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Greenspoon Co., Ltd. Announcement of GREEN SPOON joining Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.

Greenspoon Co., Ltd.
Announcement of GREEN SPOON joining Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.
Greenspoon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Tomonori Tanabe), which plans, manufactures, and sells “GREEN SPOON” with the vision of “living a life where you can continue to love yourself,” is a company founded by Ezaki Glico. We would like to inform you that we have entered into a stock transfer agreement with Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President and Representative Director: Etsuro Ezaki) and have joined the group.
[Image:×630.jpg] ■About GREEN SPOON
Greenspoon Co., Ltd. plans, manufactures, and sells “GREEN SPOON”, a healthy home-cooked meal with plenty of vegetables that comes directly from the ingredients. Sales continued to grow steadily, and the cumulative number of members exceeded 150,000.
“GREEN SPOON” is focused on being “easy,” “healthy,” and “delicious,” and since its launch on March 25, 2020, it has been offering smoothies, soups, salads, and main dishes that can take care of your body even on your busy days. We are delivering. As a “vegetables” part of your diet, it is used by women, mainly, as a meal that enriches both your body and mind.
From April 2, 2024 (Tuesday), approximately 15,900 FamilyMart stores nationwide, excluding Okinawa Prefecture, will be selling two types of smoothies that provide a day’s worth of vegetables and fruits in limited quantities, and within one month of release. sold out. We received over 500 user comments on the product, such as “delicious” and “cute.”
From Wednesday, May 8, 2024, for a limited time, we will be operating a pop-up store inspired by overseas farmers’ markets at “Space 2” on the 2nd floor of Shibuya Scramble Square with all employees. This was GREEN SPOON’s first tasting event, and over 5,000 people commented that it was delicious in two weeks.
■About joining the group
GREEN SPOON has received great support from Ezaki Glico, and has steadily increased the number of subscription members and sales. By joining the group, we will be able to further utilize Ezaki Glico’s manufacturing experience, supply chain know-how, and management resources, aiming for further brand growth.
Click here for detailed information.
■Comment from Ezaki Ezaki, President and Representative Director of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.
In 2022, when the Glico Group celebrates its 100th anniversary, the company’s purpose, which is its raison d’être, has been set as “Healthy Everyday, Rich Life.” This reflects our desire to continue to provide value centered on “tastiness and health” so that consumers can lead a “rich life” through the accumulation of “healthy everyday experiences.” I am.
Greenspoon agreed with this purpose and joined the Glico Group. Greenspoon’s vision is “A life where you can continue to love yourself.” Since its founding, Greenspoon has consistently been creating products that are close to the everyday needs of consumers, and this idea is the same as ours.
We aim to realize our purpose by leveraging each other’s strengths and creating new value in terms of taste and health.
■Former shareholder comments
Full Commit Partners Representative Partner Yudai Yamada
The first time we met was on February 20, 2019.
Let’s go out for drinks in two days, talk about our dreams, and do something together! and shook hands. I was really drawn to Mr. Tanabe’s personality.
We worked together for three months to come up with a business plan and made a start-up investment on May 30, 2019. I am very happy that GREEN SPOON, with which I have shared so many irreplaceable memories since I was just starting out, is now joining forces with one of Japan’s leading companies. I would like to continue to support you as a supporter.
I love everyone at GREEN SPOON! Thank you for your continued support! Akatsuki Co., Ltd. Director / Akatsuki Ventures Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kazuhiko Ishikura
It’s been about 4 years since I invested in this company because I sympathized with its vision of helping people live a life where they can continue to love themselves through food experiences.
Although there were many difficult times, the entire team remained committed to delivering the best food, and the thoughts of everyone who continued to fight have reached many GREEN SPOON users. I am truly grateful that I was able to meet and work with a wonderful company and the best products.
I believe that this participation in the Glico Group is an
epoch-making deal in terms of M&A between large companies and startups in the future, as we will receive investment and grow together before engaging in M&A.
Please continue to create even more wonderful products!
Thank you for the exciting experience! As a fan of GREEN SPOON, I will continue to support them!
BREW Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Takamiki Ohara When we invested in GREEN SPOON, it was a start-up venture with few members and no regular weekly company-wide meetings, which are now commonplace.
Fast forward four years later, and as I moved beyond the framework of an outside shareholder and worked together to create the business as an insider, the company changed rapidly, and as the number of trusted colleagues increased, the things I was able to do grew as well. , we are now able to deliver GREEN SPOON to many people.
I think we will continue to evolve so that as many people as possible can experience the idea of ​​“living a life where you can continue to love yourself,” and we will always support you.
Angel investor Kenta Saito
Opportunities should come to everyone. Do you think it’s an opportunity or not? Greenspoon believes in this opportunity and runs with all his might, and has a strong group of friends.
We have met a powerful partner in Glico Ezaki, and a grand challenge is about to begin. There has never been a more dramatic and exciting day than today.
We look forward to your continued support of GREEN SPOON, which uses a powerful new system to disseminate to the world the message we have been advocating since the beginning: “Live a life where you can continue to love yourself.” Go Go! GREEN SPOON!
■Declaration of intentions for the future
Please see GREEN SPOON representative Tanabe’s note.
■Company overview
Company name: Greenspoon Co., Ltd.
Location: 5-9-19 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hiroo ON Building 2nd floor
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Tomonori Tanabe Capital: 174,992,500 yen
Business details: Healthy home-cooked meals with plenty of vegetables, delivered straight from the ingredients
Planning, manufacturing, and sales of “GREEN SPOON”
Official Instagram:
Official Twitter:
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