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Home » Morght Co., Ltd. “NELL Mattress”, which provides sleeping comfort exceeding that of a five-star hotel at a low cost, can now be purchased with Amazon Pay

Morght Co., Ltd. “NELL Mattress”, which provides sleeping comfort exceeding that of a five-star hotel at a low cost, can now be purchased with Amazon Pay

Morght Co., Ltd.
“NELL Mattress”, which provides sleeping comfort superior to that of a five-star hotel at a low cost, can now be purchased with Amazon Pay We are having a sale of up to 22,500 yen off until June 30th (Sunday)! ……
The bedding brand “NELL” provided by Morght Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroki Doi, pronunciation: Morght) will be discontinued from May 31, 2024 (Friday). You can now use Amazon Pay for purchases.
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When customers who have an Amazon account purchase a “NELL” product, they can make a simple, safe, and secure online payment using their Amazon account without having to enter credit card information. You can.
NELL offers a 120-day free trial period from the time the product arrives, with a return and full refund guarantee, so that customers can find a mattress that truly suits their body.
Additionally, until June 30, 2024 (Sunday), we are running a discount sale where all sizes of “NELL Mattress” are 15% off.
Take this more convenient and advantageous opportunity to try out “NELL” at home for 120 days.
What is Amazon Pay?
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By using Amazon Pay, you can shop quickly using the shipping address and payment information registered in your Amazon account. There is no need to enter new address or credit card information, so you can complete your order easily, securely, and conveniently.
*Amazon,, Amazon Pay and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
15% off until June 30th! “Advance summer sale”
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NELL “Advance summer sale”
・Event period
2024/5/24 (Friday) 12:00 to 2024/6/30 (Sunday) 23:59
・Sales site
NELL official website
Anyone can purchase “NELL Mattress” in all sizes from single to king at “15% OFF” by entering the coupon code “sakidorisummer2024” (up to 22,500 yen discount).
*The coupon code will be automatically applied when you add the item to your cart, so you do not need to enter it. If you accidentally delete it, please enter the coupon code above.
About “NELL Mattress”
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“NELL Mattress” was developed in collaboration with a
long-established mattress factory in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, known as the furniture town, based on the voices of people suffering from body pain.
If you have a mattress that makes it difficult to turn over, you will be more likely to wake up due to the stress placed on your body each time you turn over, resulting in poor sleep quality. In addition, holding the same posture for a long time impairs blood flow, which can lead to lower back pain, stiff shoulders, and other physical aches. The “NELL Mattress” has been researched to make it easier to toss and turn, and has adopted a “center hard structure” that increases the rebound from the back to the lower back. It feels like the mattress is pushing your back, helping you to turn over naturally during sleep and supporting a good night’s sleep.
In addition, the industry’s highest level 1,734 pocket coils (*) provide excellent body pressure dispersion, allowing people of all body types to achieve a beautiful sleeping position and a comfortable sleeping experience.
*For double size
“NELL Mattress” Product Overview
[Image 5:×882.png ]
·Product name
“NELL Mattress”
Single 75,000 yen (tax included) ~ King 150,000 yen (tax included) ・Size expansion
・Sales site
【Product Features】
Uses 1,734 pocket coils, the highest standard in the industry, to provide a feeling of being wrapped up in your sleep (*For double size) Natural tossing and turning leads to deep sleep and reduces the burden on the body by not inhibiting blood flow.
120-day trial period with money-back guarantee
10-year durability guarantee for long-term use with peace of mind About D2C bedding brand “NELL”
[Image 6:×274.png ]
This is a D2C bedding brand that started in October 2020. We believe that the essence of sleep is “preparation” and conduct research and development of products with the aim of providing “high-quality preparation = sleep” so that consumers can demonstrate their best performance in their lives outside of sleeping hours. going. ·Official site
About sleep media “WENELL”
[Image 7:×280.png ]
“WENELL” is aimed at all people who have troubles related to sleep, by comprehensively delivering useful information that will give you hints on how to solve them. It started with the idea of ​​wanting to help. We hope that you will try various actions based on the information provided by “WENELL” and find the bedding and routine that suit you. ・WENELL
■Representative Director Koki Doi Profile
[Image 8:×804.png ]
Born in 1997 in Tokyo. While in high school, he studied abroad at Stanford University for a short period of time, and was influenced by Silicon Valley’s startup culture and decided to start his own business. Instead of going to university, he joined Branding Engineer Co., Ltd. in 2015 during his third year of high school. Engaged in launching the event division and recruiting new graduates, and played a role in expanding the organization from 5 people at the time of joining to 80 people. In May 2018, he founded Morght Co., Ltd., which provides app development and new graduate recruitment support services. In October 2020, we launched the D2C bedding brand “NELL”.

■Morght Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Established: May 23, 2018
Representative: Representative Director Hiroki Doi
Business content: Planning and sales of D2C bedding brand “NELL” products Head Office: 3rd MINAMI AOYAMA6F, 3-1-34 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Capital: 33.12 million yen
・Company homepage
・Official Instagram
・Official X (old Twitter)
・Sleep media “WENELL”
“Comfort in bed” depends on how easy it is to turn over.
The “NELL Mattress” uses 1,734 pocket coils, which is the highest standard in the industry and is more than twice as many as the mattresses used in five-star hotels.
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