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Home » Milbon Co., Ltd. “This wind is a beauty serum.” Two new air conditioners will be released in the next-generation hair dryer “Elmista” that delivers a mist of beauty serum to each hair strand while drying, June 2024 On sale from Saturday, August 8th

Milbon Co., Ltd. “This wind is a beauty serum.” Two new air conditioners will be released in the next-generation hair dryer “Elmista” that delivers a mist of beauty serum to each hair strand while drying, June 2024 On sale from Saturday, August 8th

Milbon Co., Ltd.
“This wind is a beauty serum.” Two new air conditioners have been introduced to the next-generation hair dryer “Elmista”, which delivers a mist of beauty serum to each hair strand while drying.Saturday, June 8, 2024 ) released by
Milbon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hidenori Sakashita, hereinafter referred to as Milbon), a manufacturer exclusively for beauty salons, has jointly developed with Panasonic a next-generation hair dryer “ELMISTA” that atomizes and sprays beauty serum. ) will be released on Saturday, June 8, 2024, as two new types of air conditioners* that will help make your hair easier to manage depending on your hair type, and will be available at hair salons nationwide.
*Replaceable cartridge containing serum
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] Elmista Product Overview
Elmista is a hair dryer jointly developed by Panasonic, a leading manufacturer of beauty appliances, and Milbon. By placing the air conc (replaceable cartridge) containing serum in the hair dryer, it delivers an invisible mist of serum to each hair strand while drying the hair. “The shine, texture, and manageability that you get from a hair salon lasts until the next morning.” “Not only does it dry quickly, but I’m happy that the drying time feels like hair care time.” “The hair color lasts longer.” It has received high praise such as “It’s gotten better.”
[Image 2:×471.png ]
Elmista product features
● “Quick drying”…The main feature of the dryer is that it produces strong wind that dries quickly. Reduce drying time. In a survey conducted by Milbon*1, 90% of people answered that they felt the product dries quickly.
● “Finish”…The “straight wind” inspired by the hand blowing technique of hair designers aligns each strand of hair and cares for curls and undulations. Achieves “dryness that stays together just by drying.” In addition, by using the mist function, the beauty serum is evenly distributed and penetrated by the force of the hair dryer’s wind, giving you the same shine and smoothness at home as after blow-drying at a salon.
● “Sustainability”: A beauty serum containing finely divided and concentrated oil components that give smoothness and softness penetrates throughout the hair, maintaining its beauty from night until the next morning.
● “Static electricity suppression”…The double effect of negative ions installed in the dryer body and beauty serum suppresses the spread of static electricity that tends to occur on damaged hair due to bleaching and dry hair.
● “Prevents fading”…The beauty serum coats each hair strand and cares for the cuticle, allowing the beautiful hair color from the salon to last.
The newly added Air-Conc is a beauty serum that adopts the features of the “Eljuda” brand, which is supported by a wide range of users as an out-bath brand. It leads to soft, manageable hair and allows for a beautiful hand blow-dry. A beauty serum tailored to your hair type is applied to each strand of hair, from root to tip, and the hair is neatly tied up while drying, keeping your hair beautiful for years to come.
*1: Questionnaire on drying speed (n=30), 2023 Milbon survey Ermista Air Cook e-BOUNCY/e-MOIST Product Overview
Ermista Air Cook e-BOUNCY 9mL ¥2,750 (Beauty salon exclusive product) For those who have weak elasticity and find it difficult to style their hair. The hair protection ingredient “Panthenol” coats the cuticle and gives hair elasticity, leading to supple and manageable hair.
[Image 3:×328.png ]
Ermista Air Cook e-MOIST 9mL ¥2,750 (Beauty salon exclusive product) For those with stiff hair that makes it difficult to move. The hair protection ingredient “Apricot oil*2” protects the cuticle while retaining moisture within the hair, leading to soft and manageable hair.
[Image 4:×328.png ]
Product features
● A hair designer can select from two types of air creams (serums) according to each individual’s hair type to achieve a personalized hair drying experience.
● A common feature of Elmista Aircoc is the hair repair ingredient “IF-TP*3,” which is formulated with a focus on damage care near the roots, increasing the suppleness of hair from roots to tips. Since it is a beauty serum containing finely divided and concentrated oil ingredients, the oil particles are distributed to each hair strand using the power of the blow dryer.
● As a unique feature of e-BOUNCY/e-MOIST, it contains “baobab oil*4” (moisturizing ingredient), which is the signature care ingredient of the “Eljuda” brand. It enhances the moisture of your hair and creates a base that is easy to manage.
● As a unique feature of e-BOUNCY/e-MOIST, the hair protection ingredient “Bisabolol” protects the hair from damage caused by the heat of the hair dryer and maintains the beauty of the hair. *2: Apricot kernel oil
*3: Trehalose, PEG-20
*4: Baobab seed oil
How to use Ermista hair dryer
How to use Ermista
1. Wipe gently with a towel
Roughly wipe the moisture from your hair with a towel.
Remove tangles from your hair with a brush or hand.
[Image 5:×230.jpg] 2. Lightly dry the roots of your hair
Apply a hair dryer for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
A rough guideline is when the moisture on the surface has slightly disappeared.
[Image 6:×361.jpg]
[Image 7:×197.jpg] 3. Spray the mist and let it dry.
Dry the hair so that the mist covers the entire hair.
-Estimated spray time-
Short hair…1 minute
Medium hair…2 minutes
Long hair…3 minutes
[Image 8:×357.jpg] 4. Finishing up
After the mist automatically stops, dry your hair as is.
[Image 9:×362.jpg] -Additional mist spray-
If necessary, press the mist button again and apply it to the surface and ends of the hair.
■Points when applying mist
・For the first 30 seconds, spray the mist mainly on the wet ends of the hair. Then, spray the mist evenly over the entire hair, following the hair growth.
・If the amount of mist attached to the tips of the hair is small, the tips of the hair may become dry. If the wind is too strong and it is difficult to hit the ends of the hair, please set the air volume to medium or low.
How to install an air conditioner
1. Remove the main body cover from Ermister, press the removal button, and remove the injector.
[Image 10:×277.jpg] 2. When you open the injector, you can remove and remove the replaceable serum and air conditioner.
[Image 11:×277.jpg] 3.Remove the cap on the top of the air conditioner and install a new air conditioner.
[Image 12:×279.jpg] 4. Attach the injector and attach the main body cover, and you’re done.
[Image 13:×275.jpg] ■The air cooker can be used for about 60 times if you use it for 2 minutes per mist.
[Recommended usage]
The beauty serum ingredients of Air-Cook provide total care from the roots to the tips of the hair, and the out-bath treatment of “Eljuda” provides intensive care from the middle to the ends of the hair. We recommend using the two together.
■All prices are suggested retail prices (tax included).
■ General customer inquiries
[Milbon Customer Desk] TEL: 0120-658-894
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