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Home » Original TV anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile” “first” official puzzle game “Hi-Puzz” pre-orders are now available on the App Store / Google Play Store!

Original TV anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile” “first” official puzzle game “Hi-Puzz” pre-orders are now available on the App Store / Google Play Store!

Original TV anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile” “First” official puzzle game “HIPAZ” App Store /
Pre-order starts on Google Play Store!

*View in browser* *BlazeCircuit Studio LLC*
Press release: June 3, 2024
Original TV anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile” “First” official puzzle game “HIPAZ” App Store /
Pre-order starts on Google Play Store!
*Scheduled to be released in summer 2024! *
BlazeCircuit Studio LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Executive Employee: Yuichiro Taniguchi) is the original TV anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile” is the first official puzzle game for smartphones “HIGHSPEED Etoile” Puzzle racing! (abbreviation: Hypaz)” is scheduled to be released in 2024, and will be available from the App Store / Google Play on Monday, June 3, 2024.
We will start pre-ordering at the store. The official website will also be released and we will continue to provide information up to the release.
* ■Pre-order starts on App Store / Google Play Store! *
Hypaz is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2024, and will be available on the App Store / Google from today, June 3rd (Monday). Pre-orders have started on both Play Store app stores. There are various rewards available for pre-registration depending on the number of registrants, and when the number of registrants exceeds 100,000, you will be able to get “★Mirindo Rin”, so please do not miss out and pre-register!

-App Store / Google Play Store-Pre-order common link

At the same time, the official website has also been released. The official website also introduces the game system and main characters, so please take a look!

-Official site-
* ■Follow & repost campaign commemorating store pre-orders is underway! *

To commemorate the start of store pre-orders, starting today, June 3rd (Monday), we will be holding a follow & repost campaign where you can challenge yourself every day for 5 consecutive days. This campaign is designed to let you know the winners and losers on the same day, and to challenge yourself every day, so many people can enjoy it. The campaign reward is “10,000 yen worth of Amazon gift certificate” will be given to one person every day. Please feel free to apply!

How to apply:
1. Follow the official app X (formerly Twitter) during the campaign period 2. Repost the corresponding campaign post
3. Check the lottery results on the campaign site
You can check the results on the spot!

-Official X account-

[Campaign period]
June 3, 2024 (Monday) to June 8, 2024 (Saturday) 17:59

■HIGHSPEED Etoile puzzle racing! About (abbreviation: Hypaz)

“Hi-Paz” features many attractive Hi-Spi characters, including “Rindo Rindo,” whose character design is by Takuya Fujima, including illustrations originally drawn by the game.
This is a puzzle game that you can quickly enjoy while on the move or when you have time. TV anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile”
This is a game that can be easily enjoyed by anyone, including those who like “Etoile”, and is currently under construction!
* ■What is “HIGHSPEED Etoile”*
The world, which aimed to be environmentally conscious, safe and secure, had achieved its goals, at least on the surface.
Meanwhile, the next generation race “NEX Race” was suddenly announced. The maximum speed is over 500 km/h.
The racing scene around the world has changed completely, with the latest technology ensuring safety.
Enthusiasm and excitement. The challenger’s eyes move the hearts of those who see them.
And here, a girl makes her debut.
Rindo Rin.
When the world learns its name, racing will usher in a new era.

Original TV anime “HIGHSPEED Etoile”
“Etoile” will start broadcasting on Friday, April 5, 2024 at 25:53 on all 27 stations including TBS/MBS/BS-TBS “Animeism” slot! In addition, the fastest distribution will be on d Anime Store, Lemino, and Anime Times from 26:30 on Friday, April 5th, and on other video services from 24:00 on Sunday, April 7th. Distribution has started.

Please see below for details.
Anime official website
Anime Official X

* ■Product overview*
Title: HIGHSPEED Etoile Puzzle Racing!
Release schedule: Summer 2024
Genre: Puzzle game
Platform: App Store/Google Play
Base price: Free (in-app purchases included)
Copyright notice: (C)HSE Project (C)BLAZECIRCUIT STUDIO LLC
* ■About BlazeCircuit Studio LLC*
Blaze Circuit Studio LLC
LLC Blaze Circuit
Studio is a company created by friends who love motorsports and games, with the idea of ​​“delivering fun games that combine motorsports and games to the world through various channels.” Through our game business, we will continue to deliver great content from Japan to the rest of the world to customers around the world.
Representative: Yuichiro Taniguchi
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* *“iOS” is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the United States and other countries, and is used under license. *
* *iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and App Store are Apple registered in the US and other countries.
Inc. trademark. *

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