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LVMH Watches & Jewelry Japan Co., Ltd. TAG Heuer TAG Heuer conquers the depths of the ocean and time zones. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Date & GMT announced

[LVMH Watches & Jewelry Japan Co., Ltd. TAG Heuer] TAG Heuer conquers the depths of the ocean and time zones. tag heuer aquaracer
Professional 300 Date & GMT announced

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Press release: June 3, 2024
TAG Heuer conquers ocean depths and time zones. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Date & GMT announced
* La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – June 3, 2024: *
Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer presents its new Aquaracer, paying homage to those who answer the call of nature. Designed with adventure enthusiasts in mind, this collection epitomizes TAG Heuer’s
adventurous spirit and visionary Jack Heuer heritage.
Aquaracer is synonymous with durability and outstanding performance. TAG Heuer is delighted to share the Aquaracer’s story of enduring power and unbroken bonds. It is also important not only for durability but also for the never-ending relationship between time, land and sea. It is also a story of connections that cannot be made.
“Aquaracer Professional 300 Date” unidirectional rotating bezel, “Aquaracer Professional 300”
Familiar features of TAG Heuer diver’s watches, such as the
bidirectional rotating bezel of “GMT”, the screw-down crown common to both models, water resistance to 300 meters, luminescent paint, and double safety buckle, are ideal for adventurers who explore the deep sea and brave the rough seas. This further enhances the status of the Aquaracer as an indispensable watch for people like us. With each model, TAG Heuer combines the strong spirit of the Aquaracer with natural elegance.
The Aquaracer is a new model that stays true to its legacy, but has been modified to suit modern divers.
By embodying the comfort and robustness that is unique to the Professional 300, it has been crafted to be the ultimate companion for those who face life’s various adventures. The iconic 12-sided ceramic bezel rotates smoothly and features luminous luminescent pointers for precision no matter how deep you dive, ensuring exceptional
reliability under all conditions. Furthermore, the caseback features a diving helmet, symbolizing the essence of a diver’s watch.
* Introducing TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Date and TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 GMT *
As the next evolution of the Aquaracer Legacy, TAG Heuer has launched the Aquaracer Professional 300, which reaffirms its high level of craftsmanship.
Date” and “Aquaracer Professional 300
GMT” was announced. Developed for those who challenge depth and time zones, this new product delivers extraordinary performance that transcends boundaries and pushes beyond limits. It embodies TAG Heuer’s innovative spirit, combining outstanding design with unparalleled functionality.
* Aquaracer Professional 300 Date combines high visibility and robustness * The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 was born with an emphasis on high visibility and smooth operability.
Date”. An updated minute scale and a more prominent shielded hour hand ensure excellent readability at a glance, while the wave pattern on the second hand and dial perfectly captures the essence of underwater exploration. I understand it. We also reviewed the proportions and increased the size to 43.
By changing from mm to 42 mm, the ergonomics and wearing comfort of the case are further improved.
The balance of the case has also been improved, with a thickness of 12 mm, ensuring comfort on even the most demanding adventures.
* Paying homage to the mesmerizing depths of the ocean and its variety of colors, we have adopted colors such as black, blue, and green that reflect the beauty of the underwater world *
Among these, the bright blue that colors the second hand has a special meaning, and that is because blue is the color that remains visible to the end, even as the water gets deeper and deeper. The spirit of adventure that this diver’s watch embodies is seamlessly integrated into this. Furthermore, the combination of blue and orange has a dual purpose, creating a harmonious contrast, with blue evoking the calmness of the sea and orange symbolizing safety. Additionally, the carefully selected color palette of the second hand ensures visual clarity and evokes a symbolic nod to the world of diving.
“Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300
Beating at the heart of the “Date” is the COSC-certified manufacture caliber TH31-00. Featuring an incredible power reserve of
approximately 80 hours, an extended 5-year warranty and
chronometer-level precision, this caliber’s top-class technical specifications make it an ideal choice for high-end complications. It has evolved into a caliber.
* Aquaracer Professional 300 GMT embodies mastering time (controlling time)* “Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300
GMT is a robust model designed for today’s adventurers with
versatility that matches any occasion or style. Since it is equipped with a GMT function, it supports people who move freely across oceans and time zones.

GMT’s color palette of blue and black or green and black reflects the elements of land, sea and sky. The scratch-resistant ceramic two-tone bezel features a 24-hour GMT scale, allowing you to tell day and night at a glance. Additionally, the luminous GMT hand, finished with blue or green lacquer, adds functionality and boldness.
*Technical excellence and shared heritage*
Both models are equipped with the COSC-certified manufacture caliber TH31 series, but the TAG Heuer Professional 300
Date” is TH31-00, “TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300
GMT” is TH31-03, which also incorporates a time zone complication. In addition to a five-year extended warranty, the caseback also features the iconic diving helmet, a nod to TAG Heuer’s craftsmanship and adventure spirit.

Both models also share ergonomic advances and a unified design language. From the crown, which has been redesigned for better grip, to the rotating bezel, every detail has been designed to enhance the feel and response when you touch it. Designed for comfort and ergonomics, both models feature a folding buckle, double safety pushbutton and strap with advanced adjustment system. This ensures a snug and comfortable fit at all times, no matter the conditions. Whether you’re facing soaring temperatures that leave your arms slightly swollen or wearing a diving suit, the Aquaracer adapts to any arm condition and remains your reliable partner. . 1 strap buckle The width can be adjusted in 5 steps, ensuring a tailored fit. With the launch of this new model, TAG Heuer has made the sensory experience smoother and improved the click sound of the bezel. Aquaracer Professional 300 Date” and “TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300” GMT” and enrich your interactions with them.

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