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Home » We are holding a seasonal fair “Enjoy Made in Furano!” Lavender sweets that make you feel the breeze of Fura no are now available at Morimoto’s directly managed store! Furano farm sweets, which will be unveiled for the first time , will be sold for a l

We are holding a seasonal fair “Enjoy Made in Furano!” Lavender sweets that make you feel the breeze of Fura no are now available at Morimoto’s directly managed store! Furano farm sweets, which will be unveiled for the first time , will be sold for a l

Morimoto Co., Ltd.
We are holding a seasonal fair “Enjoy Made in Furano!” Lavender sweets that make you feel the breeze of Furano are now available at Morimoto’s directly managed store! Furano farm sweets, which will be unveiled for the first time, will be sold for a limited time and in stores.
[May 31, 2024 (Friday) to June 27, 2024 (Thursday)]
Morimoto Co., Ltd. (Head office location: 4-12-1 Chiyoda-cho, Chitose City, Hokkaido/Representative Director and President: Shinji Morimoto), which connects producers and customers with the blessings of the earth, offers a lineup of products filled with the blessings of Furano. We are pleased to inform you that a seasonal fair titled “Let’s enjoy Made Infrano!” will be held at Morimoto’s directly managed stores from Friday, May 31, 2024 to Thursday, June 27, 2024. Masu.
New appearance! Recommended for eating while walking. Cool one-handed sweets! Furano Croquette Cheese Sandwich was born in Furano.
Kashitsukasa Shinya, a group company founded in Furano in 1914, proudly delivers “Made Infrano” certified products, as well as products unique to this time of year where you can enjoy the scent of Furano in early summer. We offer sweets made in Furano. In addition, for a limited time and in-store, we will be selling the Furano Croquette Cheese Sandwich, a cheesecake that you can eat with one hand, using milk from Fujii Farm (Furano City), which has been operating a farm in Furano for 120 years.
[Image 1:×1024.jpg] ■Point 1. Crunchy and fluffy! Finished cheesecake
“Croquin” is a sweet that originated in southern France and has the meaning “crispy” in French. The sweet and sour “mixed jam” used in “Furano Snow Melt Cheesecake” is hidden between the fragrant nutty crocan and milky cheese filling, creating a complex taste and accent. A new type of cheesecake that you can easily eat with one hand. Since each confectionery craftsman finishes the cake by hand, there is a limited number of pieces produced. Therefore, it is only available for a limited time and in stores.
[Image 2:×1024.jpg] Crispy croquettes with a fragrant nutty flavor.
[Image 3:×1024.jpg] Fragrantly baked crocan
[Image 4:×1024.jpg] Cheese filling made with milk from Fujii Farm in Furano
[Image 5:×1024.jpg] Sandwich with mixed jam used in the popular “Furano Snow Melt Cheesecake”
[Image 6:×1536.jpg] ■Point 2. First collaboration with Fujii Farm! Using milk expressed in Furano, Fujii Farm, located approximately 20 minutes by car from downtown Furano, pursues the comfort of cows and practices breeding methods that minimize stress. Milk from Fujii Farm, which is milked in the nature of Furano, has a refreshing taste with a slight sweetness.
[Image 7:×1024.jpg] ■”Furano Croquette Cheese Sandwich” 360 yen (tax included) per piece Sales period: May 31st (Friday) – June 2nd (Sunday) / June 7th (Friday) – June 9th (Sunday) Each day On sale from 11:00am. It will end as soon as it runs out. Available stores: Chitose Main Store/New Chitose Airport Store/Aeon Mall Tomakomai Store/Marui Imai Sapporo Store/Aeon Sapporo Motomachi Store/
Aeon Ebetsu Store/Aeon Mall Sapporo Hiraoka Store/Aeon Mall Sapporo Naeho Store/AEON MALL Sapporo cold store/
                        Aeon Mall Asahikawa Nishi store/Maruyama Class store (both directly managed stores by Morimoto) *Limited to 5 pieces per person.
*Sold throughout the year at Furano Shintani.
What is “Made in Furano”?
[Image 8:×591.png ]
Furano is home to an abundance of agricultural products, carefully selected restaurants, and processed products that can only be found in tourist destinations, and we want everyone involved in food to come together to experience as many delicious Made in Furano products as possible. This is a certification system launched in 2016 with the goal of Processed foods that use local ingredients above standards and pass inspection can be certified as Furano City official products. The Made in Furano mark with a feather motif is a landmark.
Information on Made Infrano certified products and limited time products ・Furano Snowmelt Cheesecake (Lavender) Whole 1,760 yen (tax included) – Limited time product –
When you take a bite, you can feel the refreshing and delicate scent of lavender, and the richness and sweetness of the cheese.
[Image 9:×450.jpg] ・Furano Snowmelt Cheesecake Whole 1,650 yen (tax included)
A baked rare cheesecake that is rich yet surprisingly easy to eat.
[Image 10:×450.jpg] -Points of product development-
Furano is a region full of winter charm where you can see beautifully sparkling diamond dust on clear winter days. We came up with the idea of ​​“Furano Melting Snow Cheesecake” with the idea that “we want as many people as possible to know about the spectacular winter scenery of Furano that only locals know.”
-Exquisite harmony of 4-layer structure-
At the bottom is part sucre (tart dough) with a crunchy texture similar to the earth. There is a special mixed jam that is inspired by the buds of plants waiting for spring under the snow. On top of that is a mellow and rich baked cheesecake that resembles a layer of snow that has piled up on the land of Hokkaido. Lastly, the cream melts in your mouth like fluffy fresh snow. In order to realistically express the fallen snow, craftsmen finish each piece with a spoon.

・Navel pussy (lavender) 1 piece 150 yen (tax included) -Limited time product- Fragrant and soft castella dough is filled with flavorful lavender filling and baked. *Sold at 21 stores excluding Morimoto New Chitose Airport store
[Image 11:×450.jpg ]
・One navel bun (koshian) 130 yen (tax included) Baked castella skin filled with red bean bean paste. *Sold at 21 stores excluding Morimoto New Chitose Airport store
[Image 12:×450.jpg] -Points of product development-
Furano is the “belly town” located in the center of Hokkaido. The name “Heso no Omanjiu” was born to commemorate the 6th Belly Button Festival held in 1974. The fabric has Hokkaido and the navel mark. Even now, half a century later, each item is still made using traditional methods.
・Furano Butter Castella 1,500 yen (tax included)
Using eggs and milk from Furano, each piece is carefully baked by a craftsman. It is characterized by its high aroma, moist texture, and delicate mouthfeel. *Sold at 21 stores excluding Morimoto Marui Imai Sapporo store
[Image 13:×450.jpg] ・Furano Cheesecake 6 pieces 1,080 yen (tax included)
A soufflé-type cheesecake baked to a fine texture using milk from Furano. There is a sweet and sour mixed jam inside, giving it an elegant aroma. *Sold at 21 stores excluding Morimoto Marui Imai Sapporo store
[Image 14:×450.jpg] [Morimoto’s thoughts on “living with Hokkaido”]
Furano is a tourist destination famous for its lavender, and is also an attractive land blessed with rich agricultural products. We will deliver delicious stories of producers who painstakingly grow rich ingredients such as dairy products and fruits, and confectionery artisans who work with the ingredients to create new products. This time, Morimoto, who has been in business for 75 years and is “living with Hokkaido”, sympathizes with Fujii Farm’s corporate philosophy of “creating the future of the region through dairy farming,” and the development of a collaborative product has been realized. Morimoto will continue to work hard to create products that support Hokkaido’s dairy farming through sweets. ■Morimoto official website: ■Morimoto Online Shop: Project overview
■Project name: Seasonal fair “Let’s enjoy Made in Furano!” ■Period: May 31, 2024 (Friday) to June 27, 2024 (Thursday) ■Holding store: Morimoto directly managed store *Depends on the store , some products may not be available. Thank you for your understanding.
■Inquiries regarding products: Morimoto Customer Service Center 0120-24-4181 (Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00)
Furano’s traditional techniques passed down to the next generation ■120 years since its founding, the family motto is “Be a pioneer!” Fujii Farm (Fujii Farm Ltd./Location: Yawataoka, Furano City, Hokkaido/Founded in 1904)
Fujii Farm operates a large-scale dairy farm with approximately 1,500 cows and over 8,500 tons of milk produced. With the motto of “a farm that grows both cows and people,” many young employees in their 20s are active here. In order to produce higher quality milk, the breeding environment is also cow-first. By making the floor a “sand bed,” a cow bed made of sand, your feet won’t slip, making it easier to get up and down, and it will be much more comfortable. The cows at Fujii Farm choose their own beds and spend their time relaxing.
President Fujii believes that the extremely harsh temperature range of the land, with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees in summer and -30 degrees in winter, is one of the factors that makes it a good environment for training cattle. Furthermore, by feeding the milk with plenty of underground water from Daisetsuzan, Fujii Farm’s milk has an average annual fat content of over 4%, and is also high in milk protein content.
[Image 15:×1024.jpg] Representative Director Yuichiro Fujii
■110 years since its founding Morimoto Group Kashitsuka Shinya (Kashitsukasa Shinya Ltd./Address: 4-7 Asahicho, Furano City, Hokkaido/Founded in 1914)
Since we started business as a confectionery wholesaler in 1914, we have grown with the support of Furano and local customers for over 100 years. We sell sweets made with Furano ingredients that are loved by locals, as well as souvenirs that convey the deliciousness of Furano to tourists.
In 2008, we transferred our business to Morimoto Co., Ltd., a company that also focuses on deliciousness using Hokkaido ingredients, and became a group company. Currently, we are working hand in hand to spread the word “Hokkaido’s deliciousness” throughout the country.
[Image 16:×450.jpg] Confectionery Chef Shintani
About “Morimoto Living with Hokkaido”
Living with Hokkaido, Morimoto has been established in Hokkaido for over 70 years, connecting producers and customers with the blessings of the earth and delicious food. As a company that lives together with Hokkaido, we develop and sell a variety of sweets and breads using Hokkaido’s wonderful ingredients. Delivered to producers and customers.
[Image 17:×453.jpg]

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