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Home » A new chapter where dark fantasy and horror intersect! “Dungeons & Dragons” collaboration chapter now availa ble in “Dead by Daylight”

A new chapter where dark fantasy and horror intersect! “Dungeons & Dragons” collaboration chapter now availa ble in “Dead by Daylight”

A new chapter where dark fantasy and horror intersect! “Dungeons & Dragons” collaboration chapter now available in “Dead by Daylight”
*View in browser* *Behaviour Interactive, Inc.*
Press release: June 4, 2024
A new chapter where dark fantasy and horror intersect! “Dungeons & Dragons” collaboration chapter now available in “Dead by Daylight” *Official trailer:*
Behavior Interactive Inc., Canada’s largest game development and sales company, has released the asymmetric competitive multiplayer horror game Dead
A collaboration chapter with the world-famous tabletop RPG “Dungeons & Dragons” in “Daylight (Dead by Daylight)”*
“Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons”* will be released on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

In this chapter, the new map “*Forgotten Ruins*” is set, and “*The Lich-Vecna* is a new killer, with Elvish *Bards* named *Aestri Yazar* will appear as a new survivor.
Will you enter the dungeon as a bard with your friends, or will you use mystic arts as Vecna ​​and bring chaos to the world? It is up to you to decide how you will play this story and survive.
* Infamous dark wizard and conqueror of the realm “Vecna” *
The infamous Vecna, who appears as a new killer in this chapter, is * “The One whose name is whispered,” “Lord of the Rotten Tower,” and “Master of the Arcane Arts.” *
He has other nicknames such as, but few people speak his true name due to his fear.
The existence of a villain is essential to an adventure full of danger, and the eternal tyrant Vecna ​​can be said to be the perfect fit for a “true villain.” His evil thirst for knowledge will never be satisfied.

While traveling through various worlds, Vecna ​​carries by her side the * Book of Vile Darkness *
” has grown stronger and stronger, and the spells written there have built great empires and ruled people. By utilizing four spells, players of Vecna ​​will be able to strike fear into the depths of those who stand in their way.
・”*Flight of the Damned*
”: Manipulates necromancy, a magic that involves the dead and spirits, and summons 5 ghosts that can pass through obstacles and injure survivors.
・”*Fly*”: Floating increases your movement speed for a short time, and you can pass through one board or window frame while flying. ・”*Mage Hand*
”: A well-known spell from Dungeons & Dragons, this spell creates an eerie magical hand that lifts the pallet if it has already been knocked down, or 4 if the pallet is still standing. It can also be blocked so that it cannot be used for a second, making it easier to approach survivors who are running away.
・”*Dispelling Sphere*
”: Releases a transparent, moving spherical area that reveals the location of survivors who enter the area, and temporarily disables any magical items they possess.
Traditional “Dead by”
Dark magic not found in “Daylight” will appear, so by making full use of these, you will be able to conquer in unprecedented ways and corner survivors with no escape.
* “Estury”, a minstrel who stands up against the world with the power of his words and music *
Words and music are not just vibrations in the air. How should we balance the delicate balance between good and evil? Estury’s quest led him to the realm of entities.
As long as you have the bard’s resourcefulness and voice, you will never feel alone in this devastated world. The magic created through words and music is reflected in their three parks.
・”*Mirrored Illusion*”: Appears in front of totems, chests,
generators, and escape gates for a certain period of time.
・“* Bardic Inspiration*
)”: Inspire your fellow survivors with a moving performance. The performance starts in a stationary state, and when it ends, a 20-sided die is rolled, giving skill check buffs to nearby fellow survivors based on the roll of the die.
・“*Still Sight*
”: Activates automatically when you stop, and you can see generators, chests, and the killer’s aura within a certain range until you start moving.
For those of you playing as a Survivor, you can play the elf Esturi in the in-game lobby with the human ‘*Baermar Uraz*
You can also customize your appearance.
In addition, costumes and accessories are available for each of Estury and Bearmar.
* New map “Forgotten Ruins” including a hideout with hidden secrets * The new map “Forgotten Ruins” is the setting for this trip. * “* This map, located in the area of ​​“Ruined Borgo,” was chosen by Vecna ​​as her territory within the Entity’s realm. Beneath the rubble of the rotting tower lies an underground hideout with secrets that will surprise longtime Dungeons & Dragons fans.
* New gameplay where fate is determined by the roll of the dice * Dungeons & Dragons wouldn’t be complete without dice and magic items. To face the powerful Vecna, seven chests will appear on the map where survivors can obtain items. To open a chest, you roll a 20-sided die, and if you’re lucky, you can gain immense power.

If you roll a “4” from “2”, you will see the usual “Dead by”. Daylight” items, and if you roll a number from “5” to “19” you can get a magic item. Each Survivor gains the ability to resist Vecna’s spells by equipping them with magical items: Shoes and Gauntlets.
*Intruder’s Shoes/Gauntlet*: You can see the aura of the pallet affected by Mage Hand and gain Swiftness for 3 seconds.
* “Night Watchman’s Shoes/Gauntlets” *: Allows you to see Flight of the Damned’s aura.
* “Recorder’s Shoes/Gauntlets” *: Allows you to see the area of ​​the Dispelling Sphere.
* “Sky Keeper’s Shoes/Gauntlets” *: Vecna’s aura becomes visible while Fly is activated and for a few seconds afterwards.
If the die roll shows “20”, it will be a “big success” and you will be able to obtain one of the following two items with perk-like effects. * “The Eye of Vecna”: * When exiting the locker, you can briefly erase your own aura and gain speed.
* “The Hand of Vecna”: * Allows you to teleport between lockers. If you’re lucky enough to have both, you might be able to combine the two abilities. But great power comes at a price: each time the item is activated, the user loses one level of health.
Also, if you are unlucky enough to roll a “1” on the dice, it will be a “big failure” and a nasty surprise awaits you…

The new chapter “*Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons*” will be available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox from Tuesday, June 4, 2024. One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo It will be released on Switch.
* About Dead by Daylight(TM) *
“Dead by Daylight” brought to you by Behavior Interactive is a four-player game. 1 is a multiplayer horror game with asymmetric online battles. This dark fantasy work, based on the concept of “survival hide-and-seek”, has a total of over 60 million players. It has grown into a game that shakes the whole world. Approximately 2 million users per day play the game on PC, consoles, and mobile devices, playing against a murderer called a killer and 4 survivors trying to escape from the murderer in the “slaughter field” that is the setting of the game. We are playing separately. Since its release in 2016, it has collaborated with legendary works in TV, movies, and games one after another, creating a worldview where “horror masterpieces” are gathered and rediscovered, and you can enjoy a different experience with each battle. It’s a feature.
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