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Must-see beauty clinic LINE official account free consultation session ������〈WonderSpace Co., L td.〉

WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
[Must-see beauty clinic] LINE official account free consultation session ������ -WonderSpace Co., Ltd.-
We will examine the clinic’s official LINE, including a case in which we used LINE for the purpose of visiting the clinic and obtained 50 counseling reservations per month from scenario distribution. ……
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Naohiro Yamamoto) will conduct a free diagnosis of each company’s LINE official account for the month of May only. Please feel free to apply whether you are currently operating a LINE official account or are considering operating one in the future. (Application address:
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[Event overview]
You can start for free, so let’s get started! Although he opened an official LINE account,
“The number of friends registered does not increase”
“I can’t connect to counseling or treatment reservations after registering on LINE.”
“It took more man-hours than I expected, and I wasn’t able to make improvements.”
“I don’t know how to implement measures to encourage repeat business.” There are many LINE staff who have various problems such as these. In addition, the use of rich menus and the setting of automatic response functions that automate communication with users and reduce man-hours.
We see many clinics who don’t understand the specifications or how to set up the things they need to do, and end up putting them off. Therefore, this time, our LINE specialist will be offering a special event for June only.
We will perform a “free diagnosis of the LINE official account” of the beauty clinic!
[Application address]:
[Table 2: ]
We will provide a detailed diagnosis from basic knowledge to applied parts, We will increase the number of LINE registrants, design a route for customers to make counseling reservations and treatment reservations, and introduce effective nurturing (customer development) measures, along with examples of our use.
For clinics currently using LINE official accounts and for clinics considering using it in the future.
Please feel free to apply.
[Application address]: [Recommended for these people]
・I haven’t been able to improve my LINE official account.
・The number of CVs from LINE official account does not increase ・The number of registered users of LINE official account does not increase 【detail】
・Date and time: June 2024
・Participation fee: Free
・Capacity: Ends as soon as it is full
・How to participate: For those who have applied, the person in charge will send information to the registered email address. (Held on ZOOM) ・Contact: Seminar Management Office Person in charge: Sato
Tel: 03-6435-1092
[WonderSpace Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
Representative: Naohiro Yamamoto, Representative Director and President Head Office: 11th floor D, Hamamatsucho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023
Established: March 2013
Business: Advertising management agency business, marketing support business, media business
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. is looking to the future of Japanese society and would like to contribute to the realization of a classy society. Our company defines “Iki” as being considerate to those around you, with the desire to make the world, clients, and users’ lives better. We will bring about changes in the resolution of social issues in Japan for the sake of the world and people, contribute to the development of our clients, and create excitement.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. Sato
Mail: / TEL 03-6435-1092 / FAX 03-6435-1095

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