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Home » Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. “Kenko July 2024 Summer Issue” diet special feature on sale! / Ai Sugiyama and Uk on Onoe talk about healthcare

Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. “Kenko July 2024 Summer Issue” diet special feature on sale! / Ai Sugiyama and Uk on Onoe talk about healthcare

Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd.
“Kenko July 2024 Summer Issue” diet special feature on sale! / Ai Sugiyama and Ukon Onoe talk about healthcare
A famous visceral fat doctor teaches you how to get rid of fatty liver! ……
[Image 7:×1654.jpg] Shufunotomosha released “Kenko July 2024 Summer Issue”
( on Friday, May 31, 2024. The special feature is a healthy diet that helps you lose weight without trying too hard!
Dr. Tsuyoshi Kurihara, a famous visceral fat doctor, will teach you how to eat to lose weight easily and how to get rid of metabolic syndrome just by eating seasonal summer vegetables. Full of tips to help you lose weight from the inside out and achieve a petite belly.
[Image 2:×998.jpg] A big investigation into that beautiful person’s “intestinal routine”! The routine of healthy and beautiful people was “intestinal activity”! Ritsuko Tanaka and Tsubaki Terada, who have lovely smiles, and medical YouTuber Dr. Hassey also appeared and taught us about “intestinal activity” that you can start doing today.
[Image 3:×997.jpg] Keep your body healthy even in summer with a “cold-relief” regimen! In the summer, our bodies tend to cool down due to spending long hours in air-conditioned rooms. Coldness is the cause of all sorts of problems. We asked Dr. Zhang Liya, a Chinese medicine lecturer and doctor of medicine, about what you can do to get rid of the cold based on the health regimen of Chinese medicine.
[Image 4:×990.jpg ]
In addition, it is packed with the latest information from interviews with doctors and experts, such as “weather pain” and “sleep”!
[Image 5:×994.jpg] [Special interview]
・Mr. Ukon Onoe (actor/Kabuki actor)
・Ai Sugiyama (Japan Women’s Tennis National Team Coach)
[Big feature]
– Lose weight with summer vegetables! healthy diet
[Special feature]
・Everyone took it for granted! “Intestinal routine”
・Tips for a healthy morning time!
・Recommendation of “chilling” regimen for the unforgiving summer cold ・60 Years Old Healthcare Interview High Heel Momoko
・“Sleep Q&A” supervised by Ryutaro Shirahama, answered by a specialist who has solved the problems of 20,000 people
・Supervised by Jun Sato: Low pressure, headaches, discomfort… 7 things that are effective against “weather pain”
-You can live a long life with diabetes if you prevent complications. ・Story of going through the deep tunnel of “menopause”
・Tome Kamiooka Solve the problem with manga! Parent’s “dementia” is not scary ・Supervised by Satoru Takahashi and Hideki Takano Have you missed the signs from urine?
・Answer by Nina Ishihara! Consultation for “heatstroke”
and more! !
Includes digital benefits exclusive to purchasers!
As a bonus for purchasing this magazine, you can try reading the “Urine Color Health Handbook” for free for a limited time (*) so you can check it yourself.
[Image 6:×1560.jpg] *You can read “Urine Color Check Handbook” included in “Urine Color Health Handbook” digitally for free.
“Health” SNS and note have started distributing the latest health information! ★We are looking for “health club members” to appear on the “Kenko” magazine, website, and SNS!
Participating in health interviews, questionnaires, monitoring the latest items, etc. Please check the “Health” Instagram for detailed application details.
[Instagram] @kenko_shufunotomo
[X] @mag_kenko
[note] [Official] Shufunotomosha “Health”
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[Image 7:×1654.jpg] Magazine name: Health July 2024 Summer issue
Special price: 1150 yen (tax included)
Release date: Friday, May 31, 2024
Format: A4 variant
Publisher: Shufunotomosha
[Rakuten Books]
*E-books will also be released at the same time!
Contact information for inquiries from media related to this matter [Shufunotomo Public Relations Desk]
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