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Home » Hallelujah Co., Ltd. July 7th and 8th are “Raw Pa Day”! We are running a free gift campaign for 30 people born on July 8th!

Hallelujah Co., Ltd. July 7th and 8th are “Raw Pa Day”! We are running a free gift campaign for 30 people born on July 8th!

Hallelujah Co., Ltd.
The 7th (birth) month and 8th (pa) day is “Raw Pa Day”! We are running a free gift campaign for 30 people born on July 8th!
To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the release of the handmade cake kit “Nama de Kopa”, we will be holding a special campaign!
Hallelujah Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokushima Prefecture,
Representative: Saori Ichioka), which manufactures and sells Tokushima’s famous confectionery “Kincho Manju”, is celebrating the 1st anniversary of the release of “Namapa De Kopa”, which is currently on sale exclusively on its own EC site. A special gift campaign will be held on July 8, 2024 as “Raw Pa Day”. ⇒Special campaign page: (Hallelujah official mail order site)
■It’s fun to make! It’s delicious to eat! Hallelujah’s “Decopa with Raw Pa”
[Image 1:×520.png ]
The set includes an authentic cake made by a confectionery
manufacturer and decoration parts, so even small children can easily make their own cute princess cake. The set also includes a chef’s hat that will make you feel like a pastry chef, so it’s also recommended for making memories with family and friends! Message plates are also available, so they can be used for a variety of purposes.
■1st anniversary of release! We are starting a special gift project!
[Image 2:×613.jpg] To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the release of the popular “Raw Pa de Dekopa”, we are holding a special gift campaign!
In honor of “Raw Paddle Day”, 30 customers whose birthday is July 8th will receive “Raw Paddle Decopa” free of charge.
⇒Special campaign page: (Hallelujah official mail order site)
[Campaign name]
[Image 3:×1191.jpg] “Decopa with raw pa” anniversary campaign
[Campaign contents]
Customers whose birthday is on July 8th will receive a “raw pa de decopa” gift.
[Application conditions]
Only those who meet all of the following conditions can apply. ・For those whose birthday is July 8th
・About product impressions and completed cakes,
Those who can cooperate with posting on SNS
(If you have difficulty posting with a personal account, you can also just provide a photo.)
There is no problem. )
【Application period】
June 4, 2024 (Tuesday) – June 30, 2024 (Sunday)
【Application method】
Step 1: Add Hallelujah official LINE account as a friend
Step 2: Send a message saying “Campaign application” on the talk screen Step 3: Check the application conditions, enter the necessary information on the talk screen, and send the image.
(Regarding images… proof of birthday, other necessary information, etc.) ⇒This completes your application.
*Please check the participation conditions in advance.
*Details will be posted on the special page of the Hallelujah official mail order site.
(Hallelujah official mail order site campaign special page:
●Have fun with the whole family! Happily! As a way to make memories with your children. ●For handmade birthday cakes and anniversary cakes. ●Perfect for home cafes!
Would you like to spend a wonderful time with your family, friends, and loved ones using “Decopa Decopa”? ⇒Special campaign page: (Hallelujah official mail order site)
[Image 4:×847.jpg] [Product overview of “Decopa with Raw Padding”]
■Product name Namapa de Dekopa (Princess Kit) ■Sales price: 2,500 yen (tax included) *Shipping is not included ■Contents: 1 piece
■Expiration date: Freeze 30 days (refrigerate on the same day after thawing) ■Set contents: Fresh pound Cake body x 1,
Decorating whip x 1
         Decoration topping set x 1 set
[Image 5:×1127.jpg]                                                             Message chocolate plate ×1     Requires freezing: Requires freezing
(When making it, please thaw it in the refrigerator.)
*After thawing, store in the refrigerator and consume within the same day. (*Refrigerated = 10 degrees or less, frozen = -18 degrees or less) ■Hallelujah aims to create “one-of-a-kind” products
At our company, we are working on the development of “one-of-a-kind” products from various perspectives. One is “material”. The sweets, which are made using local Tokushima agricultural products and are carefully made one by one with the farmers’ thoughts, are well received not only by customers all over Japan but also overseas. The “only one” that Hallelujah will deliver through this “Raw Pa de Dekopa” is the “experience”, “fun time,” and “memories” of making a cake with your loved ones. Of course, the cake itself is an original one-of-a-kind cake! As a long-established Japanese
confectionery shop and general confectionery manufacturer, we are looking forward to delivering new, one-of-a-kind products to many people.
[About Hallelujah Co., Ltd.] We are focusing on developing products that are particular about local Tokushima ingredients, and we make use of the appeal of ingredients such as “Naruto Kintoki” potatoes, “Kito Yuzu”, and “Awa Yamamomo” grown in Tokushima Prefecture. We are working hard to deliver unique, one-of-a-kind products to everyone across the country.
【Company Profile】
■Company name: Hallelujah Co., Ltd. ■Head office location: 30 Kitagawa Mukai-Shinokoshi, Hiroshima, Matsushige-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima 771-0220 ■Representative: Saori Ichioka, Representative Director and President (Contact person in charge of this matter: Shiho Akazawa, Sales Development Department) ■Business Contents: Confectionery manufacturing and sales■HP:■Online shop:■Instagram: https://www.instagram. com/hallelujah_sweets/ ■Twitter: More details about this release: