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Review Co., Ltd. Started providing nationwide store/corporate/recruitment data to the BPO industry

[Review Co., Ltd.] Started providing nationwide
store/corporate/recruitment data to the BPO industry

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Press release: June 4, 2024
Nationwide store/corporate/recruitment data now available to the BPO industry *We spent two years building original data to enable data solutions specific to the BPO industry! *
Review Co., Ltd. (Review/Chuo-ku, Osaka/Representative Director: Shigeo Fujimoto) provides nationwide store data and corporate data. We have developed the data platform “macci” and have started providing data to the BPO and call center industries.
* ◾Start offering to BPO industry *
* Providing attack lists tailored to customers using a variety of data *

Review has built a rich database of approximately 5 million items, including stores/facilities across the country and associated corporations, as well as corporations and recruitment data in a wide range of unique fields.
This data is updated daily through collaboration between people and IT, and always maintains the latest and most reliable information.

*Challenges in the BPO/call center industry*
・List is exhausted
・There are concerns about the accuracy and freshness of the data. ・Unable to create detailed condition segmentation tailored to customer projects ・Unable to provide speedy proposals/services for customer projects I have heard many comments like this.
In order to solve these issues, we spent two years working on a detailed data construction project and were able to create a data solution specialized for the BPO industry.

* ■Features of Review original database “AI Growth List” *

1. Equipped with not only corporate data but also “store” data that other companies do not have
2. Ensure freshness and accuracy through daily data updates and human checks 3. Possible to segment by industry, detailed genre, number of employees, etc. 4. Provided monthly in Excel or CSV format, “ready-to-use” convenience without the hassle of searching and outputting

* ◾Background of the launch *
* I can’t find a list that matches your business…*

“List data of companies that own freight vehicles (trucks)”
“Data on companies operating restaurant franchises”
We received many unique requests, such as “list data of restaurants that offer menus that use oil.”
We have refined our technology to meet these needs.

* Good response with better results than expected! *

By providing the original data of the review,
We have received comments such as “We are now able to carry out efficient sales activities and make accurate approaches based on a highly accurate customer list.”
This is a highly unique database created from the deep needs of our customers in response to a variety of requests.

* Review can make your business easier! *

Review is improving the quality of its data every day, centered on advanced cleansing technology and name matching using AI. We aim to eliminate “waste” that occurs during sales agency work by accurately updating old data, adding detailed information, and effectively removing duplication/errors.
We will continue to build highly reliable and convenient databases and strive to contribute to the revitalization of the industry as a whole. *Click here for more information about “AI Growth List”▼*
* ■The future of Review *

With the philosophy of “making the impossible possible,” Review leverages its unique AI technology and the power of data to create new shapes for the future, with the help of approximately 6,500 registered partners nationwide. To go. Through this initiative, we will continue to provide practical solutions to improve business efficiency and improve lives.

* “Make business easier, make life easier” *
Review will continue to boldly challenge all possibilities, create new business opportunities for many companies through Review’s data services, and hope to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy.
[About Review Co., Ltd.]
-Company name- Review Co., Ltd.
-Representative- Representative Director and CEO Shigeo Fujimoto -Location- 8F Ookini Midosuji Kawaramachi Building, 4-4-7 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0048
-Established- March 2016
-Capital- 112,620,000 yen (reserve 100,620,000 yen)
-Business details- Management, planning, and development of data DX service “macci”
Providing original cleansing technology through IT and people -Award- All Osaka Entrepreneur Support Project StartUP 11th Business Plan Contest Special Grand Prize

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Review Co., Ltd. Public Relations (Responsible: Gomikawa, Yasukawa) TEL: 06-7730-9109
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