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Ale Connect Co., Ltd. “Advertisement + email alone is no longer enough to reach customers” Launch of “Ale Touch”, a customer attraction package based on AI x Ads x LP x LINE x Survey

[Ale Connect Co., Ltd.] “Advertisement + email alone is no longer enough to reach customers” Launch of “Ale Touch”, a customer attraction package based on AI x Ads x LP x LINE x Survey

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Press release: June 4, 2024
“Advertisement + email alone no longer delivers” Customer attraction package “Ale Touch” based on AI × advertisement × LP × LINE × questionnaire is now available
*Using AI and pre-customer CRM using LINE, we achieved more than double the number of applications than expected*
Ale Connect Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director), which provides marketing support mainly to startup companies.
On June 4, 2024, Masanao Miyamoto (hereinafter referred to as the Company) will provide a marketing support package called “Ale Touch” that uses AI x advertising x LP x LINE x surveys to attract customers by communicating at optimal touch points. We will start from.

We utilize AI to create personas and appeal content, and achieve high conversion rates through efforts to convert customers into customers through CRM using LINE. General incorporated associations using this package
AgVenture Lab (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Hiroki Ogino, hereinafter referred to as AgVenture
Lab)’s entrepreneurial training program GROW&BLOOM has achieved more than double the number of applications than expected.
■Package provision background:
There is a need for measures to attract customers through continuous touch points, not just advertising + LP.
And switching from email, which is becoming increasingly strict due to Gmail regulations, to CRM using LINE
Measures to attract customers using only advertisements and LPs have limited effectiveness, as it is necessary to increase purchase intent in just the moment of reading the LP.

In order to encourage continued communication with new customers who have become interested after contacting LPs, there is a method of encouraging pre-registration via email. However, consumers receive a large amount of email in their mailboxes, and communication using email is likely to become more difficult in the future due to regulations such as Gmail that will be implemented from June 1, 2024.

Therefore, by encouraging pre-registration using LINE instead of email and carrying out continuous communication with highly interested pre-customers, we have begun offering a package of customer attraction measures that includes flow line design to ensure that interested groups are not missed. did.
■“Ale Touch” Overview: Customer attraction package using AI x Advertising x LP x LINE x Survey
For effective measures to attract customers, we provide marketing strategies including creating content to appeal to target customers, designing flow lines before, during and after contact with the LP, and its implementation.
By having marketers interact with AI to create personas and appeals, it is possible to do this in a short period of time and at low cost, without having to spend time or money on detailed research.
– Features
– Create personas and appeal content through dialogue between marketers and AI
– Aim to increase the number of conversions by installing pre-registration on LINE within LP and continuously communicating with pre-customers.
– Rather than outsourcing research, advertising, LP production, and LINE operation to each specialized agency, we can carry out strategies all at once by having one company handle them.
– Effort-based packages because the work content varies depending on the project.
– Cost: 350,000 yen (monthly) ~
*Duration is negotiable depending on the project content.
*Production costs and advertising costs will be estimated separately. – Application/Consultation: Please contact us using this link. ** ■Example of using this package: The total number of applications was more than double the expected number, thanks to a high application conversion rate of 30% from LINE friends
– Case project name: AgVenture Lab’s entrepreneur development program “GROW&BLOOM”
– Assignment: Production of an LP to recruit participants for an entrepreneur training program for those aiming to start a business.
“GROW&BLOOM” recruitment LP top
* Implementation content*
– Utilize AI to create target personas to attract customers, and design appeals in LPs and advertising banners from the customer’s perspective.
– Assuming the psychological state of the target who is interested in LP, we designed a flow line that guides them to LINE registration and then apply instead of email registration on LP.
– By providing a survey response when registering on LINE and understanding the number of users who are highly motivated to apply, we can predict the number of applications and implement a
communication plan.
– Continuous communication on LINE until the application deadline to increase application intention
– *The total number of applications was more than double the expected number, and the application conversion rate from LINE friends was 30%*
Since we used LINE, which has a higher open rate than email and is more immediate, it was easier to carry out continuous communication leading up to the application, and the application conversion rate was high.

* LINE friend registration rate (number of friend registrations/number of LINE profile page UU) is 64% *
When registering as a LINE friend, there was no need to enter an email address and the process could be completed with just two clicks, so the registration rate was high.

* Initial survey response rate after LINE registration is 32% * The response rate was high because the survey was displayed after transitioning from email to survey form, and users could respond directly.
– *By developing appeals tailored to the customer’s perspective, the CPC of Meta ads was around 30% of the expected result*
* ■About Ale Connect Co., Ltd.*
We are a strategic marketer TEAM for startups.
We support the realization of marketing that conveys our “thoughts” with a focus on social media, startups, and new businesses.
We create an ecosystem where startups don’t have to worry about marketing by thinking from a strategy perspective like an in-house marketer, and taking charge of the PDCA cycle from execution to execution by a strategic marketer TEAM made up of the most suitable members.
* ■Company profile*
Company name: Ale Connect Co., Ltd.
Head office: 3-5-1-402 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Masanao Miyamoto
Established: June 2023
Business content: Marketing support
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