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Home » Ensemble Stars! ! Album series “TRIP” Switch release commemoration! Switch x Izukogen Grand Illumi has been decided! !

Ensemble Stars! ! Album series “TRIP” Switch release commemoration! Switch x Izukogen Grand Illumi has been decided! !

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Ensemble Stars! ! Album series “TRIP” Switch release commemoration! Switch x Izukogen Grand Illumi has been decided! !
We are bringing you new information from Frontier Works Co., Ltd. (Animate Group)!
[Image 1:×679.jpg] Ensemble Stars! ! Album series “TRIP” Switch is now on sale! To commemorate the release of the CD, a collaboration between Izu Granpal Park “Izu Kogen Gran Illumi” in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture and Switch has been decided!
“Izu Kogen Grand Illumination” is an illumination event held for a limited time at Izu Granpal Park.
As an experiential illumination, there is a “light and sound show” where illuminations dance to the song that won first place in the “Professional Performance Category” at the Illumination Awards for three years in a row, a “full color laser show,” and a collaboration between large LED vision and sound. “Gran Vision Show”
“Zipline – Ryusei RYUSEI”, where you can glide above the
illuminations on a 400m round-trip “sparkling rail” and dive into a colorful and fantastical world with a thrilling thrill, and a pirate experience full of atmosphere where you can enjoy a meal while watching the illuminations. There are many experiences that can only be had here, such as restaurants! ! While listening to the album series “TRIP”, enjoy the night attractions at “Izukogen Gran Illumi” with your Switch!
[Image 2:×2104.jpg]
[Image 3:×800.jpg]
[Image 4:×800.jpg] [Event overview]
Switch×Izukogen Grand Illumi
“Izu Kogen Grand Illumi” in Izu Granpal Park (Shizuoka Prefecture)
[Event schedule]
Saturday, August 17, 2024 – Saturday, August 31, 2024
[CD information]
Ensemble Stars! ! Album series “TRIP” Switch [First limited edition] / [Regular edition]
Reverse destination Natsume (CV: Kenji Nojima), Tsumugi Aoba (CV: Kaito Ishikawa), Sora Harukawa (CV: Kazuomi Yamamoto)
[Altered / Five Strange People]
Rei Sakuma (CV: Toshiki Masuda), Wataru Hibiki (CV: Takuya Eguchi), Sota Fukami (CV: Kotaro Nishiyama), Sou Saiku (CV: Hiroki Takahashi), Natsume Sakasaki (CV: Kenji Nojima)
[Recording schedule]:
01. Magical Lightning– (Instrumental)
02. Seven Days “Prismagic”
Lyrics/Composer: Satoshi Yaginuma Arrangement: Satoshi Yaginuma & Shinya Saito 03. Brilliant Smile
Lyrics: Yohei Matsui Composition/Arrangement: R・O・N
04. A little bit UP!!
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composition/Arrangement: Rei Mizunoya (ArteRefact) 05. Chocola-Tic After School
Lyrics: Yohei Matsui Composition/Arrangement: Mito (Crambon) 06. Omoino Kakera
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composition/Arrangement: Hair Crab (LIVE LAB.) 07. Romancing Cruise
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composition/Arrangement: Menma
08. Time Travel– (Instrumental)
09. Twilight Pentagram (Bonus Track)
Lyrics: Yohei Matsui Composer: Kyohei Yamamoto (Arte Refact) Arrangement: Kyohei Yamamoto & Yasushi Kawai (Arte Refact) Vocals: Altered
10. Eccentric Party Night!! Oishi Selection Mix (Bonus Track) Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composition: R・O・N Arrangement: Yasushi Kawai (Arte Refact) Vocals: Gokijin
11. Brand New Day– (Instrumental)
12. What A Kind Echo U Pass (Gyakusaki Natsume Solo)
Lyrics: Yohei Matsui Composition/Arrangement: h-wonder
13. Magic to cheer you up (Harukawa Sora Solo)
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composition/Arrangement: SHIBU
14. Small sleep galaxy (Aoba Tsumugi Solo)
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composition: Hiroki Sagawa & TARO MIZOTE (Relic Lyric, inc.), Sei (from For Style) Arrangement: TARO MIZOTE (Relic Lyric, inc.)
■SPECIAL DISC TRACK LIST (*First limited edition only)
01. BRAND NEW STARS!! (Switch ver.)
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composer: Sei Kuwahara (Arte Refact) Arrangement: Masatomi Waki ​​(Arte Refact)
02. Walk with your smile (Switch ver.)
Lyrics: Yohei Matsui Composition/Arrangement: Tomohiro Nakado (APDREAM) 03. FUSIONIC STARS!! (Switch ver.)
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composer: Atsuo Okuma (Arte Refact) Arrangement: Atsuo Okuma & Masatomi Waki ​​(Arte Refact)
04. Surprising Thanks!! (Switch ver.)
Lyrics: Yohei Matsui Composition/Arrangement: Kazuma Ito (Arte Refact) 05. One with One (Switch ver.)
Lyrics: Saori Kodama Composition/Arrangement: Atsuhito Sato (Dream Monster) [Release date]: Wednesday, April 3, 2024
First limited edition 5,830 yen (tax included)
Regular edition 3,630 yen (tax included)
[Store benefits]:
[All Animate stores (including mail order) Ensemble Stars! ! Store] ●Purchaser benefits
A3 clear poster (using jacket illustration)
●Paid benefits
“Switch” Idol Square Can Badge Set (using jacket illustration/58mm) Tax included: 1,320 yen (tax excluded: 1,200 yen)
*This is a can badge set for all idols belonging to the unit (3 pieces in total).
Rectangular tin badge (using jacket illustration)
[Tower Records (*excluding some stores)]
Replica travel ticket (using jacket illustration)
[TSUTAYA RECORDS (excluding some stores)/TSUTAYA Online Shopping] 2L version bromide (uses jacket illustration)
[Rakuten Books]
Postcard (using jacket illustration)
[HMV,HMV&BOOKS online]
L version bromide (uses jacket illustration)
[All Gamers stores (including online shops)]
Multi-cloth (using jacket illustration/height 15cm x width 18cm) *The benefit will end as soon as it runs out. Please contact each retailer for details such as bonus stock status.
[Product code]:
First limited edition FFCG-0261・JAN: 4589644785949
Regular edition FFCG-0262・JAN: 4589644785956
[Distributor]: Frontier Works/Happy Elements
[Distributor]: Frontier Works