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CoNCa Co., Ltd. Announcement of establishment of “CoNCa Co., Ltd.” to support the mind and body of women before and after childbirth

[CoNCa Co., Ltd.] Announcement of establishment of “CoNCa Co., Ltd.” to support the mind and body of women before and after childbirth
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Press release: June 4, 2024
Announcement of establishment of “CoNCa Co., Ltd.” to support the mind and body of women before and after childbirth
*-Turn the life stage where you suffer alone into a live stage where everyone can enjoy it-*
“CoNCa Co., Ltd.” (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroyuki Ito, hereinafter “CoNCa”), which mainly provides online recovery and body shaping service “SOCO” for postpartum women, invests in the worldview of entrepreneurs. GOB
We are pleased to announce that we have been established on June 3, 2024 with investment from Partners Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasuhito Takaoka, hereinafter referred to as “GOB”).
* Background of establishment *
After giving birth, women often face a wide range of problems, including a decline in physical strength, changes in hormonal balance, and the stress of raising children. However, I became very aware of the current situation in which people often do not receive appropriate support and care for these problems.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for the promotion of women’s empowerment, and we believe that postnatal care is an extremely effective means. However, the current situation is that many women are unable to receive appropriate care and suffer from health problems and childcare stress. According to a survey, about 60% of women postpartum feel unwell, and more than 50% say they feel anxious for no reason, and are seeking appropriate support, but there are not enough facilities and services to deal with it. I can’t say that. ( Source: Japan Women’s Foundation survey results

We were established to solve these problems.
*Services provided by CoNCa*
*About SOCO*
“I like myself better than before I gave birth.”
SOCO is an online service that provides individual support for postpartum damage, from recovery to body makeup. SOCO defines “postpartum damage” as physical complaints and problems that did not exist before pregnancy or childbirth. For example, you may find it difficult to sit up when you wake up, your lower back hurts even when sitting, you have urinary leakage, or your physical strength does not recover. Any discomfort or trouble you feel, no matter how small, is your body’s SOS sign. We recommend responding as quickly and accurately as possible. Starting with an individual body analysis that incorporates a medical perspective, we provide postpartum tailored exercise, nutritional guidance, and daily ongoing support, and a dedicated team will work with each individual to reach their goals. Website:
* Comments from the representative on the founding of CoNCa * *CoNCa Representative Director Hiroyuki Ito*
Our mission is to “support each and every person so that everyone can thrive.” The changes that occur in your life come in all sizes, but you may find yourself thinking, “It’s my life, so I have to overcome it on my own” when faced with an unfamiliar and uneven road. Changes that are supposed to bring about a positive change in the future can gradually become painful if faced alone. We founded CoNCa with the desire to help people navigate these life changes in a positive manner, so that they can enjoy themselves in their own way.

Our goal is a world where no one feels alone and can believe in their own potential.
If we can accept others and accept ourselves, if we can shine beautifully as we are, each day will be more enjoyable. And the world will be a better place. First, we will start with support for women before and after childbirth.
Born in Kyoto. Engaged in a wide range of activities from marketing strategy planning to promotion work at the advertising agency Dentsu Adgear. Then GOB Incubation
Participated in Partners. A friend of mine was suffering from depression, and since exercise was effective in improving his condition, he decided to explore a business in the fitness field. As they continued to investigate, they noticed that prenatal and postnatal support was lacking, and launched SOCO, which provides online recovery and body shaping services with individual support for postpartum women. Founded CoNCa Co., Ltd. in June 2024.
*Comments from investors*
* GOB Incubation Partners Representative Director, President and CEO Yasuhito Takaoka*
At our company, which operates with the mission of “investing in worldviews” and delivering new options to society, we have worked together with Mr. Ito from the stage of creating new concepts. Postpartum women’s physical discomfort is a universal and highly complex problem that involves multiple industries. In response to this problem, SOCO has a challenging theme that aims to solve multiple problems at the same time from the perspective of fitness.

After going through various prototypes, Mr. Ito arrived at his current business theme, launched a service called SOCO, and now founded CoNCa. Even as we experience repeated changes, we continue to refine our worldview by connecting our own interests, those of our customers, and those of society. We would like to continue to be passionate about CoNCa until its worldview is implemented in society and has an impact.

*CoNCa Co., Ltd.*
Address: Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 6F, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 Representative: Representative Director Hiroyuki Ito
Established: June 3, 2024
Business details: Operation of SOCO, an online recovery and body shaping service for postpartum women
Management of postpartum recovery guide certification courses, provision of return-to-work programs for companies, and programs for pregnant women

*GOB Incubation Partners Co., Ltd.*
Address: Kida Building 201, 2-14-9 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0061 Representative: Yasuhito Takaoka, Representative Director, President and CEO Established: August 19, 2014
Business content: Business support for companies (research,
consulting, workshops, acceleration), start-up support service business (education/business creation), startup investment business Capital: 10 million yen
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