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Cookieless compatible Web behavior analysis tool QA ZERO 2.0 released to automate data analysis

[Cookieless compatible] Web behavior analysis tool QA ZERO 2.0 released to automate data analysis

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Press release: June 4, 2024
[Cookieless compatible] Web behavior analysis tool QA ZERO 2.0 released to automate data analysis
*Newly equipped with an automatic advisory function “Brains” that can be used even by people who are not good at data. QA that allows accurate web behavior analysis even in a cookieless environment Released ZERO2.0*
WebJobs Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative Director: Koji Maruyama) is a web behavior analysis tool “QA” that is compatible with the cookieless era.
ZERO” latest version “QA ZERO
2.0″ has been released. This version is equipped with a new automatic advisory function, “Brains,” which allows users without specialized knowledge of data analysis to easily perform advanced web behavior analysis.
Three features of the new feature “Brains”
Screen of the new feature “Brains”. You can choose any advisor to receive advice.
The newly installed “Brains” is an advisory function that supports users’ data analysis based on the knowledge of experts and AI. This allows even users who are not good with data to operate intuitively and obtain concrete action plans. “Brains” has the following features. 1. Easy to understand conversational user interface
Brains has a conversational interface. By receiving explanations from an advisor in a conversational format, anyone can understand which data to look at and where to make decisions, and can operate independently to understand and make full use of the data.
2.Comprehensive advice can be provided using content viewing data QA
ZERO comes standard with all-page heatmaps and all-page session replay functions, and holds detailed data on content viewing behavior on all pages. Using this data, Brains can provide more sophisticated advice. 3. You can freely add and customize your advisor Brain.
“Brains” is QA
Not only is it included as a standard feature of ZERO, but it is also easy to add and customize as an extension. This allows for flexible customization according to the needs of the team, such as automating web analysis tasks that have traditionally concentrated the burden on a few people.
Features of QA ZERO
Compatible with automatic analysis in the cookieless era
In response to the trend of strengthening privacy protection in recent years, data collection methods that do not rely on cookies are required. QA ZERO
2.0 employs technology that enables accurate web behavior analysis and automatic analysis even in a cookieless environment. This enables highly accurate data analysis while emphasizing privacy.
Cookieless and easy-to-use analytics screen (screen shows customer acquisition report)
All-page heatmap and all-page session replay included as standard High-performance heat maps such as attention maps and session replays are included as standard on all pages. Everything is automatically measured just by attaching a tag, so there is no need for any troublesome initial settings. Additionally, analytics tools and heat map tools are generally provided as separate tools, making it difficult to integrate them for analysis. QA
All data is stored in one place, allowing for integrated analysis. Integrated analytics and heatmap functionality allows you to view heatmaps directly from all landing pages
Full page heatmap
Full page session replay
flexible pricing
Monthly plans and one-time purchase plans are available depending on the maximum number of monthly PVs. You can choose either one depending on your request.

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Company Profile
WebJobs Co., Ltd. provides data solutions for website management issues from enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our mission is to provide data-centered advice and privacy-friendly, easy-to-use products.

Company name: Webjobs Co., Ltd.
Address: 425 Design Creative Center Kobe, 1-4 Onohama-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Representative Director: Koji Maruyama
Established: July 2, 2012
Company website:
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