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Rakuki Co., Ltd. A VR tourism video distribution site has appeared where you can experience sightseeing around the world at home!

[Rakuki Co., Ltd.] A VR tourism video distribution site has appeared where you can experience sightseeing around the world at home!
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Press release: June 4, 2024
A VR tourism video distribution site has appeared where you can experience sightseeing around the world at home!
*“HappyHoliday”, which makes group travel fun everyday, has finally been released*
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Rakuki Co., Ltd. (Head office: Mine City, Prefecture, President and CEO: Yoshida
Ryuji) has started the service of the VR group sightseeing video distribution site “HappyHoliday” from 17:00 on June 1st.
The feature of “HappyHoliday” is that you can experience sightseeing trips around the world with multiple people at any time you like, regardless of location, such as your home or office.

▼Service features
The biggest feature of this video distribution service is that each person can travel in a group from their home.
1. Synchronization function
This feature allows multiple viewers to watch the same video at the same time as if they were watching the same video.
2. Conversation function
This is a function that allows viewers participating in synchronous viewing to talk to each other using the microphones and speakers of their smartphones.
3. Warp function
It’s like a playlist, with a feature that allows you to play one video continuously and then another.

Use scene
Scheduled to be implemented soon
4. 2-shot function
You can download the system-prepared avatar body part and the viewer’s thumbnail as an image wherever you like. Group photos can also be taken.
5. Shopping function
We are planning a mall format in which manufacturers from each region will set up stores selling local specialties.

▼Service details
This service currently has five membership types.
The difference between each member is the number of times the synchronization function can be used and the number of people.

Membership type Number of synchronizations/month Number of synchronizations Fee (tax included)/monthly
Beginner 1 2 330 yen
Entry 3 2 550 yen
Economy 5 3 880 yen
Standard 15 5 1210 yen
Business 20 20 2200 yen
All members can use credit cards and Paypay for a fixed monthly fee. *Paypay can be used from 2 months after release.
▼“Development background”
Our company is originally a very analog company that sells souvenirs, but in order to revitalize the tourism industry, which has been exhausted by the decline in domestic tourism and the coronavirus, we have decided to start a virtual tourism video distribution business as a new business format. I did.
Our 72-year-old president is currently taking on a challenge in a completely different industry in order to keep the company and industry devastated by the coronavirus.
President image
Therefore, virtual tourism is not in conflict with real tourism. Once you experience this immersive trip, you will be more motivated to go on a real trip. This VR tourism video distribution site will be enjoyed by many people in the sense that the real and virtual complement each other.
Above all, it is also a site to spread the word about the charms of regions around the world. We currently have over 2,000 videos, including videos that only locals know about, and have uploaded over 1,000 videos. We will continue to add more videos in the future.

【Product Summary】
■Service name: HappyHoliday
*Trademark rights acquired (No. 6728819), patent rights acquired (Patent No. 7406759)
■Viewing device: smartphone, PC, tablet
■Required environment: Internet environment, viewing via wifi recommended ■Required equipment: VR goggles are required for viewing on a smartphone

[Open campaign]
1. As a special campaign at the time of opening, you can watch all videos for 10 days from the release date without becoming a member. *However, synchronization and conversation functions cannot be used. 2. You can join from 99 yen (tax included), 70% off all membership fees for the first two months.
*2. Campaign may be stopped without notice.
[About Rakuki Co., Ltd.]
Our company was founded in 1945 and currently our main business is souvenir planning and wholesale. We began full-scale online sales around 1997, and currently operate our own site and two other sites. Our business area is centered around Prefecture, and part of Shimane Prefecture, and we specialize in developing unique souvenirs. ■Company overview
[Trade name] Rakuki Co., Ltd.
[Business location] 454-1 Mana, Bito-cho, Mine City, Prefecture, 754-0122
[Company profile URL]
[Product URL]
[Capital] 17.29 million yen
[Representative] Ryuji Yoshida
[Business details] Planning and wholesale of tourist souvenirs, distribution of VR sightseeing videos, planning and sales of our own products
■Contact information regarding this release
Rakuki Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Ryuji Yoshida
Personal mobile phone 090-7134-2019
President’s blog
Tiktok Instagram
TEL: 08396-5-0014
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