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Atomitec Co., Ltd. VendorTrustLink starts providing consulting services to support outsourcing risk management

[Atomitec Co., Ltd.] VendorTrustLink starts providing consulting services to support outsourcing risk management

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Press release: June 4, 2024
VendorTrustLink begins providing consulting services to support outsourcing risk management
*Business support from outsourced risk management professionals. We provide peace of mind with our professional consulting services. * On June 3, Atomitec Co., Ltd., which provides the vendor risk management service “VendorTrustLink,” began providing consulting services to support the introduction and operation of vendor risk management. We support the identification of subcontractor/business partner risks, consideration of risk response methods, and formulation of risk management policies.
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■Service content
There is no end to incidents at outsourcing companies and business partners, such as leaks of personal information and confidential information entrusted to outsourcing companies, compliance violations at outsourcing companies, and impacts on the company’s business due to accidents at outsourcing companies, and outsourcing risk Management has become essential for businesses.
Atomitec has started providing consulting services for those who want to start managing outsourced risks but don’t know how to do so or whether their company’s response is sufficient.
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■Contractor risk management process and scope of consulting services ■Features
1. Promote effective risk management in accordance with ISO31000 We provide consulting in accordance with the international guideline ISO31000.

2. Preparation for incident management after trouble occurs
We provide support not only on preventive measures, but also on how to deal with problems when they occur.
*Emergency response is not covered.

3. Risk advisor provides escort support
A risk advisor familiar with subcontractor risk management will accompany the project.
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■What is VendorTrustLink?
Atomitec provides “VendorTrustLink”, a service that centralizes and automates risk management related to outsourcees and business partners. It can be easily introduced even by those without prior knowledge, leading to reductions in human costs and errors.
Automate the process from sending the check sheet to the contractor to confirming the results.
If you are concerned about labor shortages or improving operational efficiency, please feel free to contact us.
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■Survey on the actual status of outsourced risk management is now available We have published the results of a survey of 300 people in charge. We clarified the reality of how other companies manage their
subcontractors and what challenges they face.
– Download the fact-finding survey on subcontractor risk management

■Company overview
Company name: Atomitec Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman: Koji Matsumoto
Representative Director and President: Yasutaka Nakanishi
Established: July 1, 2004
Tokyo Head Office: 3rd floor, Ark Hills South Tower, 1-4-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
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