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Gig Works Co., Ltd. Japan Direct Sales becomes Seiko Global Brand Core Shop

Gig Works Co., Ltd.
Japan direct sales become Seiko global brand core shop
We deliver carefully selected watch collections to each customer. ……
Nippon Direct Sales Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of Gig Works Co., Ltd. (TSE Standard 2375) Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Representative: Minehito Murata) will be established in May 2024 as a company loved by people all over the world with its innovative technology and sophisticated design. It has become the Seiko global brand core shop of Seiko (Seiko Watch Co., Ltd.). As a Seiko brand dealer, we will continue to provide high quality products to our customers.
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Japan Direct Sales has been selling Seiko’s watch collection for many years and has been patronized by customers. Since its founding in 1881, Seiko has adhered to its founder’s creed of “always being one step ahead of the times,” and has continued to release innovative products one after another, including the first domestically produced wristwatch and the world’s first quartz watch. I did.
In order to enable more customers to choose and experience the best products that meet their individual needs, Japan Direct Sales has become a Seiko global brand core shop, and now sells products that include advertising models for Shohei Otani.
In the future, we will continue to offer a more complete collection of Seiko watches.
■ Seiko Global Brand Core Shop
This store has a wide selection of Seiko watches’ main collections, such as Astron, Prospex, and Presage, which are sold globally. Some products can only be purchased at the Seiko Global Brand Core Shop. Our staff with extensive product knowledge and extensive product lineup will tell you about the appeal of the Seiko global brand. ■ Seiko main products:
Shohei Otani advertising model is also on sale.
・Official feature site: ■ Japan direct sales official website:
・Official website:
[Gig Works Co., Ltd.]
Trade name: Gig Works Co., Ltd.
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Business management of subsidiaries (on-demand economy, system solutions, sharing economy, digital marketing business)
Corporate site:
With the corporate vision of “Becoming Japan’s No. 1 Gig Economy platformer and revolutionizing the labor market!”, we will build a Gig Economy trade area through direct matching, as well as provide BPO services such as various system development, on-site, and contact centers. , a group that provides coworking spaces. We will continue to take on the challenge of flexible working styles and create a better future for the domestic labor market.
[Nihon Chohan Co., Ltd.]
Trade name: Nippon Chohan Co., Ltd.
Location: Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Business content: General mail order business
Corporate site:
Mail order site:
With a corporate vision of “delivering happiness and joy,” we operate two brands, “Nippon Direct Sales” and “Yuyu Seikatsu,” which are well-established mail order companies. We respond to the changing times and deliver products and services that satisfy our customers every day.
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