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Home » Ametsuchi Design Co., Ltd. Started operation of “cocodake” service, which provides “experiential e-com merce” that links customer service DX, “product experience” and “EC” at “Yomogihira Onsen Izumiya” in Naga oka City, Niigata Prefecture

Ametsuchi Design Co., Ltd. Started operation of “cocodake” service, which provides “experiential e-com merce” that links customer service DX, “product experience” and “EC” at “Yomogihira Onsen Izumiya” in Naga oka City, Niigata Prefecture

Ametsuchi Design Co., Ltd.
“cocodake” service begins operation at “Yomogihira Onsen Izumiya” in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, providing “experiential e-commerce” that links customer service DX, “product experience” and “EC” ……
Ametsuchi Design Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Koichi Shimotake, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Ametsuchi Design”), which promotes regional revitalization using customer experience design and digital technology, is based in Niigata Prefecture. We have introduced the regional revitalization commerce platform “cocodake” to the hot spring inn “Yomogihira Onsen Izumiya” in Nagaoka City.
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“cocodake” is a unique service that not only promotes in-house DX but also allows you to take home the “experience” you had at the accommodation.
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Cocodake was started with the desire to “deliver discoveries, surprises, and moving experiences that touch the five senses that can only be experienced here, in this region, and in this country.” Tourism innovation service for.
The main features include an information function that promotes in-house DX, which allows you to disseminate regional and tourist information and check the status of bathroom usage, as well as make effective use of vacant spaces in accommodation facilities as “showrooms,” making it a local gem. We provide an “experiential e-commerce” service that allows you to interact with all five senses. This will help generate new revenue for accommodation facilities and local manufacturing businesses. Furthermore, by having guests become fans of the facility and the local area, we will increase the number of people involved and contribute to the development of the travel industry and regional revitalization.
In addition, we have released a service with multilingual
functionality, taking into account the market trend of inbound demand that has been increasing in recent years. By adding a function that allows for smooth information dissemination to foreign customers, we have further enhanced the functionality to be able to communicate the appeal of the inn and the appeal of the products in “Experience E-commerce”.
This has created a system in which not only domestic customers but also overseas customers can become fans of the inn.
[Introducing Izumiya, a place where people gather in harmony] Yomogihira Onsen Izumiya is located in a quiet place in the mountains surrounded by the rich nature and mountain streams of Echigo-Nagaoka, and boasts a long history dating back to 1896.
This place is a place where the legend of the dragon god has been passed down since ancient times, and it has attracted many people as a hot spring spa for worshipers visiting Takaryu Shrine, which enshrines the dragon god.
In addition, the thick and smooth quality of the spring water is known as the “Beauty Hot Spring,” and you can enjoy a variety of hot springs with different tastes, including indoor baths, open-air baths, sleeping baths, and private baths.
The appeal of such an inn is that you can experience detailed and warm hospitality from a female perspective. During their stay, guests will be able to experience and feel the sensitive hospitality of the three sisters at every turn.
The name “Izumiya” seems to reflect the desire to “make it a place where people can gather in harmony,” and the inn conveys the sincerity of wanting to be a place that embodies this.
From now on, it seems that the inn is planning interesting events such as events in the hotel as a “base for disseminating the charm of my hometown,” and I’m looking forward to the inn’s future initiatives.
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Official website:
Aiming to create an inn where active adult women can relax, discover new things, and meet new people.
~From Izumiya proprietress Hisako Tasaki~
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In order to deliver the charm of our hometown, Nagaoka, Izumiya has begun full-scale reform of our lodging, with the concept of “a lodging where you can experience the charm of the region.”
Behind this is the belief that our hotel exists because of the support of local people, as well as the sudden change in our customer base over the past few years. A symbolic event occurred in the wake of the coronavirus, which saw a major change in customer base from
traditional group customers to individual customers.
Furthermore, compared to group customers, individual customers are more likely to be active and curious women who come with a strong interest in the area and say, “I want to know more about Nagaoka!” , now clearly visible.
In order to respond to these changes in customer base and needs, we offer a variety of events, including a “Japanese Sake Drinking Comparison Experience” where you can taste sake from all Nagaoka’s sake breweries, as well as sutra copying and zazen by inviting a locally famous American chief priest. We are planning and implementing an event.
With the start of operation of cocodake, we will actively deliver in-house events and local information, and utilize experiential e-commerce to deliver a variety of experiential value to customers that can only be found at Izumiya. I think so.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction I’ll get from active and sensitive female customers.
~From Ametsuchi Design Representative Koichi Shimotake~
[Image 5:×908.png ]
Izumiya is a famous inn with a history of over 150 years, having been founded in 1869.
Inheriting the teachings of their predecessors, the proprietors of the three sisters have always cherished the belief that “employees are family, and local people are relatives,” and have overcome many hardships, including the Chuetsu Earthquake, to this day.
This high level of hospitality is reflected in everything from the interior design to the staff’s behavior and hospitality, and has earned us the support of many repeat customers.
We are very happy that you have chosen Cocodake as a digital tool to “convey the feelings of the inn” and as a tool to “experience the best of the region.”
We would like to work hard to promote the appeal of Izumiya, Niigata, and Nagaoka.
~Introducing products adopted for trial e-commerce~
[Image 6:×320.png ]
▲“Health Hinoki Pillow” by Hida Forest
For cocodake’s “Experience E-commerce” service, we conducted thorough interviews with accommodation facilities based on our desire to value the philosophy and concept that has been cherished since our founding, as well as the “local character” of lodging facilities. Above is the selection of trial products.
When creating the experience corner, Izumiya requested, “Since we have many female customers, we wanted to create an interesting device using scents,” so we selected and proposed Hinoki pillows from among the many products available. I was allowed to.
At first, they were considering installing aroma diffusers and scented bags, but they realized that the pillow, which has a pleasant cypress scent, is a unique product that combines scent with a relaxing effect for sleep. We decided to introduce it.
In the future, we have been told that we would like to introduce good things from Niigata as experiential products and energize the local area.
About Ametsuchi Design
“For a vibrant Japan where regions shine through tourism design” Japan is currently experiencing a declining birthrate and aging population at an unprecedented rate. Furthermore, the excessive concentration of population in urban areas continues to advance, and it has been pointed out that if this trend continues, the local economy and healthy lifestyles may become unsustainable.
Much of the brilliance that Japan has cultivated, cherished and inherited is found in the nature and people’s lives in rural areas. Ametsuchi Design Co., Ltd., led by Shimotake, who has extensive experience in marketing and CX design, will work on regional revitalization using customer experience design and digital technology that focuses on humans and the environment.
We will transform local tourism by disseminating the various charms of each region of Japan, such as the beautiful nature, deep culture, inherited traditions, and craftsmanship skills, both domestically and internationally, from a position other than that of an inn or region. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Ametsuchi Design Co., Ltd.
Address: Resona Kudan Building 5F KS Floor, 1-5-6 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074
Representative: Koichi Shimotake, Representative Director and CEO Business content: Tourism design business through customer experience improvement consulting, regional revitalization experience commerce business
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