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Home » YKK AP Co., Ltd. Released the large-opening sliding triple-glazed wooden window “APW 651” that uses domest ic wood, a renewable resource, and combines high-quality design and high insulation performance.

YKK AP Co., Ltd. Released the large-opening sliding triple-glazed wooden window “APW 651” that uses domest ic wood, a renewable resource, and combines high-quality design and high insulation performance.

[YKK AP Co., Ltd.] APW is a triple-glazed wooden window that uses domestic wood, a renewable resource, and combines high-quality design and high thermal insulation performance.
651” large opening sliding released.

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Press release: June 4, 2024
Release of large-opening sliding triple-glazed wooden window “APW 651”, which uses domestic wood, a renewable resource, and combines high-quality design and high insulation performance.
*Simultaneous release for non-wooden buildings such as single-family wooden houses and apartment complexes*
YKK AP Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Uozu As part of the window business brand “APW” series, Akira) has launched a new triple-glazed wooden window “APW” that uses Japanese cypress laminated wood.
651 (Loppyaku Gojuichi)” large opening sliding will be on sale from July 22nd.

Using domestic wood, a renewable resource, the detached house combines the high-quality design unique to wood with the high thermal insulation performance of triple glass, as well as having wind pressure resistance of S-5 grade and water tightness of W-5 grade. We have released wooden windows with specifications that can be used in non-wooden buildings such as wooden houses and apartment complexes. By using it together with resin windows, we aim to further improve the design and insulation of homes.
“APW 651” large opening sliding construction image
Toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the residential sector toward the realization of decarbonization and carbon neutrality, YKK AP has been promoting highly insulated openings for 15 years since the release of the “APW” resin window series. The proportion of resin windows in Japan has continued to grow over the past 15 years, reaching 22% (*1) by material. Furthermore, in 2022, insulation performance grades 5, 6, and 7 (*3) will be newly established in the housing performance display system (*2), and in Japan, insulation performance grade 5 is scheduled to become mandatory in 2030. Homes are becoming more highly insulated. As a new challenge to respond to these movements, we have undertaken the development of wooden windows.

Wooden windows have the same high thermal insulation performance as resin windows, and people like the unique texture of wood, so they are used in many homes in countries around the world where the insulation standards for homes are high. On the other hand, in Japan, it is not very popular due to the high price and difficult maintenance of the wood. However, in recent years, wooden buildings have been attracting attention due to the need for the texture of wood, the fact that it is a renewable and sustainable resource, and the movement to promote the use of domestically produced materials.Additionally, due to the increasing demand for highly insulated windows, etc. , interest in wooden windows is increasing.

Therefore, in order to meet the needs for wooden windows and solve the problems of the past, we adopted an aluminum clad structure in which the indoor side is made of laminated Japanese cypress and the outdoor side is covered with aluminum.The price is about twice that of resin windows. (*4) We have developed a product that is as low as 100%. Heat transmission coefficient 0.99W/(square meter
・Products with high insulation performance of K) (*5), prevent rotting and fading due to rain and sunlight, and are easy to maintain, will be released as the “APW” series, which comes with a 10-year warranty (*6) ).
Domestic production takes advantage of the window-making technology we have cultivated over the years, resulting in stable quality, and a high-design large-opening sliding window (maximum size) that can be used as interior decoration for living rooms and bedrooms.
Width 3,000mm x height 2,540mm). We respond to the need for
residential windows to have a high quality feel similar to furniture, as well as the recent demand for large-opening windows that are open and offer excellent views. In addition, with its wind resistance rating of S-5 and water tightness rating of W-5, it can be used not only for general single-family wooden houses but also for non-wooden buildings such as apartment complexes.

AP is contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting high insulation in homes by popularizing wooden windows in Japanese homes and expanding the number of newly installed
high-insulation windows that are compatible with higher insulation grades.
* -Main product features-*
* ● Consideration for weather resistance and maintainability due to aluminum clad structure *
* ● High-quality design of Japanese cypress*
* ● Top-class insulation performance with triple glass specifications* * ● Support for non-wooden buildings*
* ● Safe and secure design using functional parts*
* [Product Features] *
* ■Consideration for weather resistance and maintainability due to aluminum clad structure *
The outdoor side, which is affected by rain and UV rays, has an aluminum clad structure that is coated with aluminum and has excellent weather and water resistance. Furthermore, when painting the interior wood, we use impregnated paint coloring as an undercoat, and then apply two layers of clear coat on top of that to make the wood grain look beautiful, making it less likely to get scratched and protected from UV rays and moisture. Protect the wood.
In addition, in order to ensure that you can use the product for a long time with peace of mind, we not only guarantee our products with the APW 10-year warranty (*6), but also provide professional repair services (*7) to repair scratches, dents, fading, etc. that are unique to wood. Provided for a fee.
* ■High-quality design of domestic Japanese cypress *
The highly durable paint finish brings out the beautiful grain of domestic Japanese cypress, creating a high-quality space.
Color variations include four paint colors for the interior wooden parts that are easy to match with the interior, and four colors for the exterior exterior, including an anodized finish and four wood-like laminate finishes (two colors scheduled to be released in October). Masu.
* ■Top-class insulation performance with triple glass specification * Adopts double Low-E triple glass with a total thickness of 45 mm filled with argon gas with two hollow layers increased to 18 mm, and has a heat transmission rate of 0.99 W/(square meter).
・Achieved top-class insulation performance of K) (*5).
* ■Compatibility with non-wooden buildings *
Specialized components are available for non-wooden buildings such as RC structures. Due to its wind resistance S-5 (2,400 Pa) and water tightness W-5 (500 Pa), it can be used in non-wooden buildings with a height of about 10 to 15 stories (*8). Utilizing the texture of materials that harmonize with spaces that make use of nature and wood, we have created new spaces with high insulation properties and the warmth of natural wood for common areas such as kids’ rooms and guest rooms in apartment complexes, living rooms in living areas, and accommodation facilities. We propose added value.

* ■Safe and secure design using functional parts *
The stopper automatically operates when the shoji is opened, and is equipped as standard with a “finger pinch prevention stopper” that prevents fingers from being pinched when the shoji is closed carelessly. In addition, when opening the window, a special door roller is used that releases the contact between the shoji and the frame when the handle is tilted 90 degrees, and when the handle is pushed down further, the parts of the door edge push against the frame, allowing even large shoji to start moving smoothly. Adopts a “support handle with door lock” that allows the door to be locked. Even with the large opening size, opening and closing operations are light and easy to use.

* 【Product Summary】*
Product name “APW 651” large opening sliding
Structure Shoji: Aluminum/wood / Frame: Aluminum/wood
Window type Single sliding window (eccentric/equal), FIX window *Terrace size only
Basic performance Wind pressure resistance S-5, airtightness A-4, watertightness W-5, sound insulation grade 3
*Wind pressure resistance and sound insulation properties vary depending on the glass specifications and size.
Maximum size Single sliding window: Width (W) 3,000mm x Height (H) 2,540mm FIX window: Width (W) 2,000mm x Height (H) 2,540mm
*For the largest size, the wind pressure resistance will be S-2 or S-1 grade. *Maximum size of wind pressure resistant S-5 (2,400Pa) uniform type: Width (W) 3,000mm x Height (H) 2,030mm
Glass specifications Double Low-E triple glass with argon gas (blue, bronze, neutral, clear)
Color variations -Exterior color (*9)-
・Aluminum color: Silky white, platinum stainless steel, brown, calm black ・Wood color: vanilla walnut, natural oak, dry teak, stained walnut -Interior color-
Wood coating: white wood, light wood, medium wood, dark wood Options: Screen door, split frame shutter (non-fireproof/fireproof), parting material (wood)
Suggested retail price
(*10) ・Single sliding window (eccentric type)
Width (W) 2,600mm × Height (H) 2,430mm,…* 1,550,800 yen *
・FIX window
Width (W) 1,690mm × Height (H) 2,430mm,…* 892,900 yen *
*For frame knockdown, aluminum color exterior
*For non-wooden buildings, non-wooden fitting parts will be added separately. Sales area Nationwide
Release date: July 22, 2024
Sales target amount 2028: 5.7 billion yen
*1: 2024 YKK AP research
*2: This is an evaluation and display system based on the Act on Promotion of Housing Quality Assurance, in which a third-party organization evaluates and displays the performance of housing based on common rules established by the government (optional use). *3: “Insulation Performance Grade” is a standard under the Housing Performance Indication System that indicates the degree of measures such as insulation taken to prevent heat loss through external walls, windows, etc.
*4: Comparing the 25624 size of APW 651 large opening sliding eccentric type [frame knockdown] and APW 431 large opening sliding *5: Calculated value based on JIS A 2102-1: Single sliding window [W2,600mm x H1,530mm]/Double Low-E triple glass
Solar shielding type blue, bronze, solar gain type clear/argon gas filled resin spacer
*6: A system that guarantees products for 10 years so that owners can use them with peace of mind. Regarding our “APW”, we promise to provide a product warranty within the warranty period and warranty contents listed in the catalog. (For details, please refer to the product catalog of each window series.)
*7: For maintenance, we have set up a contact point at our company and will receive repair services from our affiliated companies for a fee. Maintenance call center: *8: Varies depending on region, location conditions, and building shape. *9: Laminate-colored dry teak and stained walnut are scheduled to be released in October.
*10: The reference price does not include consumption tax, on-site delivery costs, assembly construction costs, etc.

* -Reference-*
* What is “APW” *
This is the window business brand of YKK AP, which aims to realize window production from the consumer’s perspective. YKK
AP takes responsibility as the “window” for delivery. We guarantee the performance and quality of our products through easy-to-understand window performance display and pricing, a 10-year quality guarantee, and a safe and reliable after-sales service system based on serial number management that allows you to trace window manufacturing records and installers. We guarantee.

[Contact information for inquiries from customers regarding this matter] YKK AP Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office
General customers TEL: 0120-20-4134
For those involved in architecture and design TEL: 0120-72-4134
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