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WDRAC Support for Ukraine Open call for support recipients “Unsung Hero Fund starts”!

[Support for Ukraine] Open call for support recipients “Unsung Hero Fund starts”!
The purpose is to support a wide range of activities for war damage reconstruction.
The War Disaster Reconstruction Support Center (abbreviation: WDRAC) has started the “Unsung Hero Fund” from June 3, 2024 (Monday), a public recruitment campaign for unsung heroes who are eligible for support from this organization. This is our organization’s first attempt to recruit support recipients through public recruitment. The recruitment period is scheduled to be approximately one month from June 3, 2024 to June 30, 2024.
Under the theme of “Supporting those we support,” WDRAC supports individuals and organizations that support the recovery and
reconstruction of areas damaged by international conflicts and those who have evacuated from those areas. This is a citizen community that provides direct support from Japan.
[Image 1:×670.jpg] Unsung heroes supported by WDRAC
Unsung hero, unsung hero
At WDRAC, we call the activists we support Unsung Heroes. In the English-speaking world, this term refers to “heroes whose
achievements are never sung or praised.”
To date, WDRAC has supported six people, including Unsung Heroes, who run shelters for displaced people, and Unsung Heroes, who deliver relief supplies to Ukraine.
Public recruitment begins to support a wide range of activities towards recovery The unsung heroes that WDRAC has supported so far have met through support activities. However, as the war continues to drag on and local needs change, we want to respond to those needs and support
reconstruction efforts, so we have decided to launch the Unsung Hero Fund, which is a public call for Unsung Heroes. I did.
We will select individuals and organizations that have specific plans and visions for recovery, and provide support of 100,000 yen for each project. The area in which we operate does not matter as long as it is any area affected by war or conflict, or a place that accepts displaced persons.
Unsung Hero Fund details page: Application Requirements
The Unsung Hero Fund supports individuals and organizations that meet the following conditions.
1. Having concrete ideas and visions for reconstruction
This fund is not intended for those who participate in volunteer activities in disaster-stricken areas, but for those who have concrete plans and prospects for recovery and are engaged in support
Example: In addition to accepting refugees, we provide treatment and rehabilitation support, and take steps to help them return to their normal lives.
*Past achievements are not required for screening.
2. Must be able to sympathize with WDRAC’s philosophy and engage in repeated dialogue.
We are looking for someone who understands and sympathizes with WDRAC’s manifesto and code of conduct.
We are also continuing to communicate with the Unsung Heroes we are currently supporting, building trust and relationships with them as we continue to provide support.
By continuing to have dialogue with newly targeted people
(organizations), we hope to build a partnership where we can discuss and exchange opinions while maintaining an equal relationship. Please note that this time the support will only be 100,000 yen, but by building a relationship through the process described above, there is a possibility that the support will continue.
3.About the activity area
It doesn’t matter where you work. The program is open to individuals and organizations working on reconstruction efforts in any region affected by war or conflict, or hosting displaced persons.
◆Recruitment period: From Monday, June 3, 2024 to Sunday, June 30, 2024 ◆Support details: 100,000 yen per project
Selection process
1. entry
Please apply by filling out the required information in the
application form linked below.
・Application form:
The application form includes the WDRAC web page and manifesto. Please check them first and apply after agreeing with our ideas.
2. Document screening
We will notify you of the selection results via email within one week after the entry deadline.
3. interview
We will have an interview with WDRAC members. *Planned to be held online. Rather than having a formal conversation, I would like to use this as an opportunity to learn more about the project and yourself. Four. decision notification
After the interview, you will be notified of the results by email within one week. We will continue to support the project by
communicating with those (organizations) for whom we have been selected to support the project, as necessary.
War Disaster Reconstruction Support Center (abbreviation: WDRAC)
[Image 2:×512.png ]
Established on March 25, 2022. The theme of the activity is
“Supporting those who need help.” The aim is to provide direct support to individuals and organizations that support the recovery and reconstruction of damage caused by international conflicts and support for evacuees.
Official website:
About donations
You can donate by credit card etc. from the donation page on the WDRAC website. Approximately 7% of donations are used for operating expenses, and everything else is delivered to the recipients of support.
In addition to this crowdfunding style, donations to WDRAC can be made as a one-time donation or as a subscription donation for ongoing support. We also have information on our website about how to support with actions rather than money, called “0 yen donation.” Since WDRAC emphasizes flexible support that meets local needs, we will focus on supporting the activities of supporters in the form of funding rather than providing supplies.
Possibility to provide local information/interview with support recipients You can provide photos and videos taken by people supported by WDRAC. It is also possible to interview support recipients. (Depending on the location or the person in question, it may not be possible to conduct an interview.)
WDRAC Representative Director Akira Nagao
[Image 3:×1415.jpg] The representative director of WDRAC is Akira Nagao. As an
organizational development facilitator, I work on building
organizations through business development, service development, and cross-sectional projects both inside and outside the company. Concurrently serves as representative director of Nagao Komuten Co., Ltd., chairman of Project Yui Consortium, and director of Mogi Gakuen Ohinata Elementary School. He is the author of “Space Brothers: We Don’t Need the Perfect Leader” anymore. ” “Space Brothers: A story about a team that succeeds with its current members” (Gakken Plus). In March 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Ishinomaki City launched “Everyday Support,” which aims to create spaces for children to learn and play after school, and “Extraordinary Support,” which plans and holds events to energize children and local residents. As the chairman of the “Project Yui Consortium,” which provides “support,” he has been engaged in reconstruction support activities for 10 years. Additionally, from April 2012 to March 2016, he contributed to the government’s reconstruction support as a policy researcher and policy advisor at the Reconstruction Agency.
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