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Classes for high school students by comedian September will begin this year

Classes for high school students by comedian September will begin this year
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Press release: June 4, 2024
Classes for high school students by comedian September will begin this year *What is the stage-like class in which the entertainer September attracts and involves students? *
Loohcs Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yuki Minei Head Office Location: Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku) is pleased to announce that a class by instructor “Kugatsu” has been held at “Loohcs High School,” a correspondence high school operated by the company.

Starting this year, comedian September has started teaching classes at Loohcs High School as a part-time instructor.
September is a multi-talented entertainer who performs live in various regions, posts videos on YouTube, and writes, and currently has 36,730 followers on X (formerly Twitter). I am.

YouTube: Kugatsu Theater Twitter: Kugatsu
Books: Running Clown, Floating Daily Life

What is the September class that is “like a stage”?
September’s class can be summed up in one word: “stage.” His lessons visually and audibly immerse students, making them feel like they are part of the stage.

* Eye-catching class *
His voice is very clear and his dynamic movements, such as jumping, jumping, and running around the classroom, attract the attention of students during class. There are also sudden mode changes and strange voices to keep the students entertained. In addition, the writing on the board is surprisingly beautiful, and that gap is one of its charms.

*Easy to understand explanation*
By explaining lessons using familiar topics, students develop their thinking skills. As a specific example, we held a class on the theme of “gifts and exchanges,” which brought up the luxury of udon noodles and had students think about the role of giri chocolate culture. These creative questions naturally make it easier for students to participate in the discussion.

In addition, his classes carefully deal with words that are common in everyday life.
When the word “practical” comes up in class, students are asked about the antonyms and English translations of “practical,” and by explaining the details in detail, they can develop their ability to think and understand.
The quality of individual instruction is also high, with students checking each sentence of their English composition and providing specific feedback. He takes more than 30 minutes to write down English grammar problems in detail and suggests ideas for repeating the study.

September is a part-time instructor who sincerely focuses on student learning while conducting classes that resemble a stage play. He makes a living as a part-time lecturer while also writing as a freelance entertainer, making him a rare figure among Loohcs faculty.

If you are a junior high school student or general public who is interested in his classes after viewing this release, please feel free to contact Loohcs High School.

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Loohcs Co., Ltd. has a vision of “making everyone the main character,” and our two pillars are liberal arts learning that anticipates the university education level, and project learning where you can practically learn skills that can be used in society.We aim to help children transform. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we are developing a business that creates a place where people can talk about their lives as “beautiful stories.” The word “Lukes” was coined by reading the English word “school” backwards, expressing the desire to be a supplement to existing schools.

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