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Home » SIOS Technology SIOS Technology “Gluegent Flow” received three awards including “Good Service” in th e “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” workflow system category

SIOS Technology SIOS Technology “Gluegent Flow” received three awards including “Good Service” in th e “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” workflow system category

SIOS Technology
SIOS Technology “Gluegent Flow” wins three awards including “Good Service” in the workflow system category of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024”
SIOS Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Nobuo Kita, hereinafter referred to as SIOS Technology) is the workflow system division of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” sponsored by Smart Camp Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Smart Camp). We would like to inform you that “Gluegent Flow” has been selected as “Good Service”, “No. 1 in usefulness”, and “No. 1 in functional satisfaction”. This is the seventh consecutive year that we have received the “Good Service” award.
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[Overview of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD”] This is an event where Smart Camp, which operates the SaaS*1 comparison site “BOXIL SaaS,” reviews, selects, and awards outstanding SaaS. This time, “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” will examine approximately 18,000 newly posted reviews over the one year period from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. For details on “BOXIL SaaS AWARD Summer 2024” and selection criteria, please visit the official website below. Official website [About the title of “BOXIL SaaS AWARD”] “Good Service” is the overall rating in each category for reviews posted on “BOXIL SaaS”. This is a title given by Smart Camp to services with high scores. “No. 1 in ease of use,” “No. 1 in usefulness,” “No. 1 in customizability,” “No. 1 in functional satisfaction,” “No. 1 in service stability,” “No. 1 impression from sales staff,” and ” “No. 1 in quality of support,” “No. 1 in ease of initial setup,” and “No. 1 in price validity” are based on nine items of “word-of-mouth service evaluation” posted on “BOXIL SaaS”. This is a title given by Smart Camp to the service that achieves the highest average score after meeting certain criteria in each category and item. [Reasons why “Gluegent Flow” was selected] We believe that the following three points are the main reasons for the high evaluation and support from customers. ●Please see below for details on point linkage that can be used for various business processes including approval applications by linking with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Google Workspace 365●Notify approvers and related parties It has a rich “automatic processing” function that automatically outputs data to the specified drive.For details on automatic processing, please see below.●We provide
comprehensive support such as “Customer Success” that supports customers from installation to operation and utilization phase without additional cost, and “Cloud Concierge” for product support. For details on the support system available to you, please see below. Excerpt from actual reviews (sic) Multiple forms can be prepared, and employees can complete the application/approval flow simply by filling in the necessary information based on them. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from stamping application forms to lending devices to applying for business cards. Source: Smart Camp, BOXIL SaaS, ● Contributes to streamlined business flow Collaboration function with MS365, flexibility in settings, quick penetration within the company It is outstanding among workflow tools due to its easy operation and intuitive operation. Actually, this is my third company to use this service. Source: Smart Camp, BOXIL SaaS,●Customization for business applications is relatively easy.Many templates are provided, so create a flow first. It takes less time to prepare. You can also customize the flow. It also has a link function with Google Workspace, so user management is easy. Source: Smart Camp, BOXIL SaaS, details on the reputation and reviews of “Gluegent Flow”, see / Please refer to the. We will continue to contribute to the digitalization and operational efficiency of companies through product development and service improvements that value customer feedback. *1 Abbreviation for SaaS Software as a Service, meaning software as a service. Functions that were traditionally provided as packaged software are now provided as a cloud service ■About “Gluegent Flow” A cloud-based workflow system that supports a series of tasks such as application, approval, and approval. Since its launch in 2011, when the cloud was in its infancy, it has been adopted by many companies as a service that is simple to use and can be easily used by anyone. The main features are that application forms and approval routes can be designed flexibly, that it is compatible with multiple devices such as mobile terminals as well as PCs, and that it can be linked with groupware such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 to manage accounts and automate
processing. Here are some things you can do. Furthermore, it is possible to link with various external systems. “Gluegent Flow” helps companies improve their productivity and contributes to creating an environment where everyone can work comfortably. For more information, please visit ■About SIOS Technology SIOS Technology has its roots in system integration using open source software such as Linux, and sells and services in-house developed software and SaaS products. Recently, we have been focusing on the cloud and other DX technology areas, providing new products and services that support the next generation. We will continue to pursue innovative software technology, become an influential presence in the global IT industry, create value, and contribute to the development of society. For more information, please visit ■Customer inquiries (please use this for article publication) SIOS Technology Co., Ltd. Gluegent Service Line Person in charge: Onoue Email: Inquiry form: https://go.
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